Have you guys binge-watched the thriller series “In the Dark”? Are you a big fan of the lesbian character Jess?

Then you must wonder what happened to Jessica and whether she is alive in the series.

And then we will reveal a happy spoiler for all Jess fans: Jess is alive!

But how?

We will thoroughly discuss it in the following section, and we hope everyone has seen the past four seasons. So do we!

But some of you might be waiting for season 5 as well. Sadly, there won’t be a season 5 of the series.

Without further delay, let us get back to our topic by seeing a short introduction to the series.

Plot of the “In the Dark” series

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In the Dark is a crime thriller series created by Corinne Kingsbury for The CW channel. The series revolves around a blind woman named Murphy, played by Perry Mattfeld, who finds out who killed her best friend, Tyson, along with her lesbian friend Jess and her boyfriend, Max.

The show was divided into four seasons. The finale was televised last year, and there were many disappointments in the show at the same time while it created a lot of hype among the public.

But here in this article, we will discuss only the iconic character, Jess Damon.

Who is Jess Damon?

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Jess Damon is the best friend of the Murphys; they have shared an extraordinary friendship since childhood, and they used to live together as friends.

Brooke Markham played the role of Jessica in the series.

In one season, Jessica killed a person named Nia Bailey to save her best friend, Murphy.

And she is a lesbian who has previously dated Vanessa and Sterling. In addition, Jess worked as a veterinarian in a guiding hope pet store.

In addition, Jessica helps Murphy discover the mystery behind their friend Tyson’s death.

What happened to Jess in the dark?

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In The Dark Season 3, the filmmakers show Jessica being kidnapped by an unknown person and dying during the season.

But during the season finale, the scene elaborates, and here is what happened to Jess.

Jess was not dead at the time; instead, she posed as a deceased person to avoid arrest in connection with Nia’s murder.

We were all confused about whether Jessica had died after seeing that scene; she was alive, and Jessica also passed the information to Murphy.

On the other hand, Jessica decided to stay off Murphy’s criminal trail by starting work at a local pet shop.

And in the last season, Jessica’s appearance was minimal.

But unfortunately, someone died in the series very unexpectedly. Who is that person?

Did Murphy find out about Jess?

Yes, Murphy got the information about Jessica in the season of madness and shenanigans. But still, Murphy felt sad that her friend decided to stay in the local area.

But Jess’ decision appeared to be sound as well. Otherwise, she may be imprisoned for the murder of Nia.

Is Jessica Damon still alive in the dark?

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Yes, Jessica is alive in the series, and she faked her death in front of the police, and that’s it. But there is not much information about the person who dragged Jessica somewhere.

Who is the people’s favorite person who died at the finale?

Max, Murphy’s boyfriend, was the person who died in the finale. They were in a kind of on-and-off relationship.

Max tried to escape to the elevator after saving Murphy from the bad guys, but he was shot and died after being admitted to the hospital.

Max’s character has won the hearts of many people, and the Murphy and Max pair was also a significant hit.

But Max was killed, leaving his fans in great agony.

What happened to Murphy at the end of the series?

Murphy went to prison but didn’t stay there longer due to safety and health issues. And the series ended when Murphy took her pet pretzel for a walk to find the mystery behind the killing of her boyfriend, Max.

And she pays tribute to Max and Murphy with her next journey.

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Bottom Line

Thus, we have discussed the finale moments of the “In the Dark” series: Jessica and Murphy’s friendship is indeed appreciable.

Jess was always there for Murphy, and fans are looking forward to season 5 of the “In the Dark” series, but the premiere was canceled due to channel viewership issues.

But all four seasons have many happy and sad moments, and it was a roller coaster ride for all of us.

The end of the article

Do you guys need another “In the Dark” series season? Declare your desire in the comments section.

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