Are you guys getting daily updates about Elon Musk? Elon Musk is indeed the real Iron Man of this century.

He is one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world despite several controversies surrounding Elon Musk.

No one can deny that Elon Musk is the most intelligent person in the world. Even if we chose to describe Elon Musk’s fame and popularity, this article would be thousands of words long.

Thus, we have chosen only one topic: Elon Musk’s IQ level.

Let us dig into it without any fuss.

What is Elon Musk IQ?

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Elon Musk’s IG level is estimated to be around 155, but there is no authentic test result to prove his IG score.

Thus, this is an expected and estimated IQ score for him.

And according to the established online sources, there is a syndrome called Asperger’s syndrome. It is the kind of autism disorder that sometimes makes the brain function in a super-fast manner.

This syndrome was shared by many famous gifted individuals, including Einstein, Isaac Newton, Henry Cavendish, and Albert Einstein.

Thus, there are chances that Elon Musk has Asperger’s syndrome because the average IQ level of a human being is only 140.

And, if we categorise humans based on their IQ level, a person with an IQ score greater than 145 is a true genius.

Elon Musk has around 155, which is indeed a high level, and he belongs to an intelligent group of people.

And some people will specialise in one field and develop their businesses around it.

Still, Elon Musk specialised in various fields like artificial intelligence, rocket science, tunnelling, engineering, physics, and solar energy. Electrical energy and space science

And he blended everything, and he is excelling in all industries.

Elon Musk is the founder of companies such as SpaceX (which has revolutionised the space industry), Tesla (needless to say, no introduction! ), Neuralink (which is related to artificial intelligence), and The Boring Company (which is also revolutionising the transportation industry).

What makes Elon Musk the Most Intelligent Human Being?

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A Thirst for New Knowledge

Since childhood, Elon Musk used to read two books daily, and he can read the Britannica encyclopaedia.

And he began to learn programming skills, and he learned all of this rocket science from notable books and audio notes from industry experts.

Then he started to read more books about various sectors. It helped to gather more knowledge than other entrepreneurs.

Sturdy Goals

Elon Musk is a goal-oriented person and has been very ambitious since he was a little boy. And his interest in space was deep-rooted, and he was determined to invent something related to space.

Thus, during his teenage days, he developed a space game called Blastar. And he successfully sold it as well.

In this way, though he faced lots of criticism for opening his SpaceX and Tesla companies, Elon Musk finally did that and won the hearts of billions of people.

Innovative Ideas

We want to share the breathtaking ideas of Elon Musk.

  • As depicted in Hollywood films, humans will become a multi-planetary species by 2029.
  • Creating democratisation of artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence brain chips
  • Electric jets

No wonder Elon Musk can also make everything possible.

Some people even ridiculed him for his Tesla cars. On the other hand, Tesla electric vehicles have recently become a source of national pride!

The Greatest Higher-IQ Person In the World

People are more intrigued to compare Elon Musk’s IQ with that of various great people, so here it is.

Elon Musk vs Albert Einstein IQ

Albert Einstein was a great scientist; his IG score is 160, while Elon Musk IG score is around 155.

He only missed by a few points.

Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos IQ

Jeff is Amazon’s founder, and his IG score is 150, lower than Elon Musk’s.

Elon Musk vs Bill Gates IQ

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft companies, and his OQ score is around 160!

He is indeed an intelligent person.

Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg IQ

No, we are not talking about their Twitter issues!

Mark is the founder of Facebook and Twitter, and recently, Elon Musk has brightened up Twitter by buying it!

Anyway, let’s get back to our topic. Mark Zuckerberg’s IQ score is around 152, nearer Elon’s.

Bottom Line

As a result, we compared the IQ values of great personalities with those of Elon Musk. Hence, we proved that Elon Musk is one of the most intelligent people in the world.

But recently, many controversies have revolved around him, and he is still the real Iron Man!

Trivia fact: With a score of 198, Evangelos Katsioulis, MD, MSc, MA, PhD, has the highest tested IQ in the world, according to the World Genius Directory.

I hope you liked this article.

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