Are you a die-hard fan of the P-Valley television series? Is Uncle Clifford Sayles, as portrayed by Nicco Annan, your favourite character?

Didn’t Nicco just nail the proprietor’s personality? Yes, he just won over a lot of people by acting as a non-binary person.

Thus, his love interest for Lil Murda was heart-warming but those two didn’t have a happy ending.

Uncle Clifford couldn’t marry his love of life, but has the real Nicco Annan married his love of life? Who is that? To know the answer, the reader has to read the full article.

Who is Nicco Annan?

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Nicco Annan is a popular American actor, dancer, and choreographer who rose to fame by acting in the television series “P Valley.”

He started his career as a dance choreographer and theatrical artist.

He struggled a lot in his career, but the P-Valley project was the ultimate reward for his efforts.

But the real truth is that Nicco Annan’s acting skills escalated the popularity level of that series.

And Uncle Clifford helped him get nominated for many prestigious awards like the Antonyo Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, NAACP Image Awards, etc.

Who is Nicco Annan Wife?

Nicci Annan is currently single, and there is no information about his married life. Another thing is that Nicco Annan is gay, so he used to be more attracted to males only.

He has proudly come out as gay, and in an interview, Nicco shared that he felt very happy to play the gay role of Uncle Clifford. And he saw it as an excellent opportunity to depict the lives of members of the black LGBTQ community.

And he did a great job.

Nicco is the type of person who is open about his sexual orientation.

Nicco Annan Rumoured Boyfriend

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He is rumoured to be dating Alphonso Nicholson, who played the character of Lil’ Murda in the Pleasant Valley series.

Uncle Clifford’s love interest is Lil Murda. As a result, rumours are spreading that Alphonso is dating Nico, at least in real life.

But it remains a rumour, and only Nicco and Nicholson have to clear up this rumor.

Who is Uncle Clifford married to?

Uncle Clifford is not just a television series character; he is a dynamic character for all his viewers, so we would like to associate him with his real life.

Uncle Clifford loved Lil Murda; even rapper Lil Murda showed some interest in Clifford, but he hesitated to open up about his feelings for Clifford, thinking about the taboos around the LGBTQ community.

And the rapper married Nafeesha Nicholson, and they gave birth to a baby.

Even in the television series, Nicco is a single person, but there are chances that the relationship status may change in season 3. Well, let us hope for the best in season 3 of P valley!

How old is Uncle Clifford in Real Life?

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Nicco Annan played the role of Uncle Clifford, and it was a senior role, so people were more intrigued to know about his real age.

Nicco Annan’s real age is only 34, as he was born on May 7, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan. His astrological sign is Taurus.

Who are the parents of Uncle Clifford in real life?

Nicco Annan’s mother was African American, and his father was Ghanaian; he has three siblings.

His mother’s name is Sandra, and she was the former supervisor of Blue Cross Blue Shield. And his mother and father are divorced.

He has three siblings, one of whom is her older sister, Kellee Stewart.

Thus, his ethnic roots are in America and Africa. And adheres to the Christian faith.

How tall is Nicco Annan?

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Nicco Annan is very tall; he is about 6 feet 2 inches, 188 cm, or 1.88 meters.

That’s why our uncle Clifford looks so tall in the P-Valley series.

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What is the net worth of Nicco Annan?

Nicco Aran’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million as of 2023. He is a famous actor who earns a lot of money as an actor, dancer, and choreographer.

Nico’s net worth more than doubled after appearing in the P-Valley series.

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The article explains the relationship status and sexual orientation of Nicco Annan, and it is an admirable one that Nicco has come up with confidently and boldly.

And about his wife or partner, it is purely Nicco’s choice to choose his partner, so let us all wait for his official announcement regarding his relationship.

The end!

Do you guys like the character “Uncle Clifford” from the series? Comment on it.

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