Zhenya Kotova (born on 4 July 2007) is a little girl who is no less than an inspiration. Despite being in her teens, she is doing whatever a mature person cannot. She is inspiring the coming generation, the youngsters, and ultimately the whole world.

Her story is enough to motivate you in a good manner. So, begin her amazing biography below and learn some new life lessons.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Zhenya Kotova
  • Birth Date: 4 July 2007
  • Birth Place: Russia
  • Age: 16 Years
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Net Worth: $500,000 USD
  • Profession: Model, Ballet Dancer, and Instagram Star
  • Education: Going on
  • Father: Murchik Kotova
  • Mother: Olga Kotova
  • Siblings: Hector (bro) and Sasha (sis)
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Relationship: Single
  • Nationality: Russian

Who is Zhenya Kotova?

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Zhenya Kotova is a famous teenage model, ballet dancer, and Instagram star. As of 2003, she is just 16 years old and despite this, she has achieved massive successes in her life. Actually, this is just a trailer of her career, the picture is still waiting to be released in the world.

The statement means that Zhenya is going to do more bigger than this. She is still learning more and doing her studies. After being out of these things, she would be seen on big stages, collaborating with popular models.

Zhenya began her modeling career at the age of 8. Her parents supported her at every stage of her life. This encourages and motivates her to do more and more. She has also been featured in a lot of magazine covers, including Vogue Russia. Moreover, she is a trained ballet dancer and often participates in some competitions.

Early Life of Zhenya Kotova

Zhenya Kotova was born on 4 July 2007 in Russia. Her father, Murchik Kotova is a businessman by profession, and her mother, Olga Kotova is a professional makeup artist. Zhenya belongs to a well-developed family as seen clearly with her parent’s occupations.

She has two siblings, a sister named Sasha Kotova and a brother whose name is Hector Kotova. Zhenya grew up along with her two siblings who seem to be very close to her. Moreover, she holds Russian nationality and follows Christianity.

Zhenya Kotova image

Like many stars, Zhenya also keeps some of her personal things away from public attention. This is because she has not revealed much of her childhood information, including her educational background.

Her Modeling Career

Zhenya has always wanted to become a model since her childhood. Talking about her young life, she was out of the limelight and was living a simple life. But her hard work and dedication helped her all the way in reaching her dream.

Since a young age, Zhenya is following her passion, which was modeling, which later resulted in her profession. Now, today she is known for being a supermodel and that’s what she wanted all the time.

Sources claim that when Zhenya was just eight years old, she was found by some modeling scouts who helped her reach the stage. Further, she has appeared in various magazines and has worked for several modeling agencies.

Zhenya Kotova image

In October 2015, Zhenya got an opportunity to be featured on the cover of Vogue Russia. Not that much, but she sure earned a lot of popularity with this appearance and people eventually found her amazing. With this success, she then got various projects.

Rise to Fame

Zhenya further did some commercial ads for Miss Grant, Aoki LesGamins, Monna Lisa, and many more. Her next-level talent then led her to sign a contract with the popular modeling agency Alessandro Borelli Milano.

With her modeling success, Zhenya followed the path to being the fittest girl by being involved in gymnastics classes. Also, it has been considered as the main reason for her flexibility. With her fitness, she has titled many prizes in her name.

Currently, Zhenya is leading all the way of her life and is being managed by Number Management by Nik Lavrov. In the end, she has achieved unstoppable success till now. And the most interesting thing is that she is still in her teenage. Even in late 2020, she was featured on the cover of Instyle magazine.

So, we can see her achieving greater success in the coming years. Or in other words, this is just a trailer of her life and the picture would be seen in the next 5 to 10 years.

Zhenya Kotova Personal Life

Zhenya Kotova is currently in her teenage and thereby it is certain that she is unmarried. Talking about her relationship, she is single and has no boyfriend as of now. She is focusing on her career and trying all the possible ways that could be the reason for her next achievement.

Additionally, Zhenya is an adventurous person who loves to explore new places across the world. She has explored Dubai and Pisa and has uploaded its pictures on her social media handles.

In 2017, Zhenya along with her mom did a ramp walk for the Barvikha Luxury Village Fashion Show. Further, her Instagram account is managed by her mom.

Zhenya Kotova Net Worth

Zhenya Kotova’s estimated net worth is $500,000 USD as of 2023. She has achieved this financial success at a very young age. However, this is another thing that she had to put her day and night efforts into pursuing this goal.

In her initial days, Zhenya was not earning a good amount. But with her persistence, she focused on her work which led her to the peak of her success. As a result, she got a lot of opportunities in various projects and she ultimately earned a lot.

She has mostly earned through the modeling agencies and as well as through the magazine companies. Besides this, she can also earn by doing brand promotions and paid advertisements on her social media handles.

She holds a massive number of followers on her social media handles. As of now, she has more than 194K followers on her Instagram handle. Her Instagram appearance has become one of the major sources of her earnings.

She inspired a lot through her financial success at such a young age. While in her teenage, she could touch the million peak and could be a millionaire before her 20s.

Facts About Zhenya Kotova

  • Zhenya Kotova is a 16-year-old Russian model, ballet dancer, and Instagram star.
  • She started her modeling career at the age of 8 and was supported by her parents.
  • Zhenya has appeared on the cover of Vogue Russia in October 2015, gaining popularity.
  • She has done commercial ads for brands like Miss Grant, Aoki LesGamins, and Monna Lisa.
  • Zhenya signed a contract with the modeling agency Alessandro Borelli Milano.
  • She is also involved in gymnastics, which contributes to her flexibility and success.
  • Currently managed by Number Management, she continues to achieve success in her teenage years.
  • Zhenya Kotova is unmarried and focused on her career, not currently in a relationship.
  • She enjoys traveling and has explored places like Dubai and Pisa.
  • Zhenya’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $500,000 USD, mainly earned through modeling and social media promotions.

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