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Who We Are?

NextBiography is a rising Global platform that covers the biography and success story of famous personalities across the world. Those personalities, whom we cover, have sure brought any remarkable and miraculous change in their respective field, facing and braving the obstacles.

NextBiography includes numerous eminent personalities of almost every field comprising sports, entertainment, business politics, literature, science, arts, and so on.

Along with the above points, NextBiography focuses on providing the best and inspirational biographies to the people of the world. In fact, we emphases on user experience and try all the possible traditions that can really help the readers according to their needs.

More than 105000 people are visiting our platform every month and expressing their trust in us. Those people are mainly coming from America, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

nextbiography top team membersOur Mission

NextBiography has visioned to inspire the peoples of this world through its very motivational contents. It believes that one would be always incomplete without (successful stories) stories, and thereby we want to fulfill the gap with inspirations and motivations. This is the lone practice that can encourage anyone for improving their coming days.

NextBiography wants to create an environment where anyone, of any age, of any country, and of any field can inspire themselves with some 10-15 minutes read. It sounds strange though it isn’t.

Thousands of successful people have expressed their ideas, thoughts, and the hard journey of their life. And we only have to grab those very vital points of their journey, for implementing in ours. This is what today’s businesspersons are doing and this is how they’re achieving a lot in a short span of time.

Making mistakes could be quite good, but making forever mistakes could be dangerous. And we don’t know what is right and what’s not. The only way to identify the precise things is by learning from others who have already done something great. Their story will tell the right steps and also the one that will take you in the dark.

That’s why NextBiography is here for you.

Men Behind NextBiography

Nextbiography founders

Shoaib Akram & Rehan Raza – the two tech enthusiasts backed this amazing biographical platform in 2020, on the 4th of May. Their vision was very clear as it seems. The two have a keen interest in inspiring the world through motivational biographies & stories.

Shoaib Akram is basically a professional Entrepreneur and Co-Founder & CEO of a global fashion hub Queen Emara. He has discovered various fields that match his interests. Such fields comprise Digital Marketing, Data Research, Market Analysis, and so on.

Shoaib has developed various creative & revolutionary ideas that can have a great effect on his opted market. He has been involved in the Tech-World for the last 13 years and has worked on various projects. Thus, Shoaib has immense experience in this field and that’s why he is leading his life.

Contact Shoaib: [email protected]

Rehan Raza is a young Writer (Biographer), Author, and Graphic Designer. He got involved in the tech world with his teenage entry. He first got attracted to programming languages, and with this step, he got to know about Cyber World, about hacking and its terms.

Later, he tried to pursue the Digital Marketing world, where he learned about SEO, SMM, and Content Writing. Since then, he produced the vision to have an appreciable life in this rising digital world. Around this period, he along with his work-partner Shoaib Akram discussed the ideas of inspiring the world through life-changing biographies. And the rest is in front of you.

Contact Rehan: [email protected]

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