About Us

NextBiography is a Global platform that covers the biography and success story of famous personalities across the world. Those famous personalities are primarily those who have brought a remarkable and miraculous change in their respective field, facing and braving the obstacles. NextBiography includes numerous eminent personalities of almost every field comprising sports, entertainment, business politics, literature, science, arts, and many more.

Further, NextBiography focuses on providing the best and inspirational biographies to the peoples of the world. Not only about providing, but in an extended manner and ease of reading for anyone from anywhere. We are also available for biography podcast on world famous platforms.

Our Vision

NextBiography has visioned to inspire the peoples of this world through its very inspirational biographies. It believes that one would always incomplete without stories and thereby we want to fulfill the gap with inspirations and motivations. This would surely be going to help the peoples learning new stuff and enhancing them for their future.

NextBiography wants to create an environment where any age, anyone from everywhere the earth can comfortably read success stories. The biographies are not going to be entertaining only but will enhance and encourage the readers in doing something great in their life.

What Make us Unique?

Peoples can read the biographies anywhere but why one should need to read them on NextBiography only. Well! You can get this answer yourself after being engaged with its quality biographies. Anyway, below we have mentioned the 7 qualities of NextBiography which makes it different and unique.

  1. NextBiography only covers inspirational and motivational stories.
  2. It cares about the reader’s & user’s experience and then covers the biographies.
  3. The Biographies consist of real and genuine information only.
  4. Everything is in a sequence that helps in easy navigation, a good user experience.
  5. It’s every biography and story are almost up to date.
  6. It has the best visuals and appearance for the readers.
  7. nextbiography.com is an open platform where contributors, writers & authors can express their value.

Founders of NextBiography

It’s Shoaib Akram and Rehan Raza who has led this inspirational platform in front of the peoples. Shoaib Akram is an Author, Entrepreneur, & Co-founder of an international fashion hub, known as QUEENEMARA. While in another side, Rehan Raza is an Author, especially a Biographer whose conception is to help peoples with his skills.

It was 4th May 2020 when the two partners started this biographical platform. They believe that great people’s biographies can help individuals knowing what is right and what is wrong. Their intentions are not only to provide the biographies but to encourage and motivate the peoples through the great people’s biographies.