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Who We Are?

NextBiography is a platform that provides motivational content, stories of success, and other inspirational materials. NextBiography believes in the power of storytelling to inspire people to be better versions of themselves.

Founded by a team of passionate professionals, NextBiography has become the go-to destination for those who are looking to know more about their favorite celebrities.

From actors and actresses to politicians or even sportspersons, nextbiography covers them all in an insightful manner with data and figures gathered from reliable sources.

The company strives on providing quality content that would inspire its readers and help give them a better understanding of the person they are reading about.

More than 180,000 readers are visiting our platform every month and spending their valuable time reading our stunning stories.

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Our Mission

Through its inspirational articles, NextBiography relies on the power of stories to inspire people all around the world. We want to close the gap by providing inspiration and goals because successful stories are necessary for one’s life to be complete.

This is the only method that can encourage anybody to make better use of their present days.

Our objective is to provide our audience with a unique experience in which they may see how big-name celebrities have gotten to their heights and succeeded in their respective industries.

Many successful people have shared their ideas, thoughts, and life’s hard lessons. All we have to do is take those key moments of their journey and apply them to our own.

This is what today’s company executives are doing, and it’s how they’ve been able to accomplish so much in such a short time.

“Mistakes might be beneficial, but making irreversible mistakes is dangerous.”

We don’t know what’s good and what isn’t. The only way to figure out which decisions are correct is to learn from people who have succeeded in the past. Their tale will show you the proper steps as well as the ones that will take you astray.

Men Behind NextBiography


shoaib akram and rehan raza ceo and co founder of next biographyShoaib Akram & Rehan Raza – the two tech enthusiasts backed this amazing biographical platform in 2020, on the 4th of May. Their vision was very clear as it seems. The two have a keen interest in inspiring the world through motivational biographies & stories.

Shoaib Akram is basically a professional Entrepreneur and Co-Founder & CEO of a global fashion hub Queen Emara. He has discovered various fields that match his interests. Such fields comprise Digital Marketing, Data Research, Market Analysis, and so on.

Shoaib has developed various creative & revolutionary ideas that can have a great effect on his opted market. He has been involved in the Tech-World for the last 13 years and has worked on various projects. Thus, Shoaib has immense experience in this field and that’s why he is leading his life.

Contact Shoaib: [email protected]

Rehan Raza is a young Writer (Biographer), Author, and Graphic Designer. He got involved in the tech world with his teenage entry. He first got attracted to programming languages, and with this step, he got to know about Cyber World, about hacking and its terms.

Later, he tried to pursue the Digital Marketing world, where he learned about SEO, SMM, and Content Writing. Since then, he produced the vision to have an appreciable life in this rising digital world. Around this period, he along with his work-partner Shoaib Akram discussed the ideas of inspiring the world through life-changing biographies. And the rest is in front of you.

Contact Rehan: [email protected]


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