Adelfa Marr (born in 1992) is a Life Coach, actress, staff writer, and freelance writer. She is also famous for being the wife of Manny Montana.

As a life coach, she conducts live online sessions with different clients. She focuses on teaching personal care, self-love, healthy eating, exercising, and general living.

In this post, we will share lots of details about Manny Montana’s wife Adelfa Marr. Grab a seat and join us on this exciting journey.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Adelfa Marr
  • Birth Date: 1992
  • Birth Place: America
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 6inches
  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Profession: Life coach, actress, writer
  • School: Community High School
  • University: Guttman Community College
  • Education: Graduated
  • Husband: Manny Montana
  • Nationality: American
  • Residence: America

Who is Adelfa Marr?

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Adelfa Marris is a famous African-American actress, life coach, freelance writer, and staff writer

In 2019, Marr formally started her career as a life coach. Working as a life coach, she conducts various online sessions relating to life with clients worldwide.

Obscure to many people’s knowledge, Adelfa Marr has appeared as Dylan on a television show named “Good Girls (2018)” where she worked with her husband.

Furthermore, Adelfa also loves writing skincare and beauty-related blogs to meet the needs of her clients and enthusiasts all over the world.

She additionally became an established freelance writer for many years.

Early Life of Adelfa Marr

Adelfa Marr was born in 1992 in the United States of America to her anonymous parents.

Not much is known about her parents and siblings. Maybe this is because she doesn’t like to share private information and keep her family secret.

She graduated from a community High School before gaining admission to Guttman Community College. Marr studied Liberal Arts and Sciences here and graduated in 2014.

Adelfa is a member of the Multiracial Caucasian group. She is also a Christian that takes her religion very seriously.

In 2015, she posted a picture of one of her relatives that passed away on her Instagram page.

Adelfa Marr Age

Adelfa Marr, born in 1992, is 31 years old as of 2023.

In her early thirties, Adelfa has established herself as a talented life coach, actress, staff writer, and freelance writer.

Her age provides her with valuable life experiences that she can draw upon to help others as a life coach, while also continuing to pursue her creative endeavors in acting and writing.

Adelfa Marr Career

Adelfa started her career in the field of life coaching in 2019. Currently, she runs online sessions to assist clients with their everyday life and spiritual processes.

Therefore, she focuses on teaching them about self-love, personal care, exercising, healthy eating, and living style.

Also, she has made appearances on the TV series ‘Good Girl’ as Dylan. Moreover, she prepares skincare and beauty blogs for her readers.

Therefore, she established herself as a professional freelance writer in the past few years. Moreover, she aims to see that people lead and enjoy better lives.

Further, she works for ’21Ninety Publications’ as a staff writer. Likewise, Adelfa also contributes content covering several niches, including sex, race, self-care, motherhood, and many others.

adelfa marr

She has also worked with this company since 2018. A few of her works are published on, Byrdie, and The Thirty.

She is also a celebrated freelance writer. She established where Adelfa provides life coaching services and writes blogs.

Moreover, her blogs cover music playlists, skincare tips, general beauty tips, and lots more. Adelfa also worked with Clout Chasers on the 27th episode of the ‘HDIKY’ Podcast.

Adelfa Marr Husband

Adelfa Marr has been married to her husband Manny Montana since 2016. Before this, they had been dating for a while.

The loving couple has been together for almost a decade and has a great bond. During their marital journey, they welcomed a beautiful son into their lives.

However, the identity of their child remains in the dark for public display.

The couple stated that they do not want their child’s future to be influenced by his parents’ enormous name and fame.

As of now, she resides in Long Beach with her husband and son. This lovely family is having a great time together. The two often keep their pictures on their respective social media profiles.

Adelfa Marr Net Worth

Adelfa Marr has a net worth of $5 million as of 2023. Adelfa Marr’s estimated net worth is $500,000 as of 2022. She accumulated her fortune through her career. 

Speaking of her husband’s fortune, Manny has an estimated net worth of $50 Million as undoubtedly the lead role he portrays in his TV shows is praiseworthy.

Reportedly, he earns over $100,000 per episode in the TV series Good Girls.

Furthermore, he has been an essential part of numerous TV series and movies and gets paid a good remuneration.

Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Montana are enjoying their quality lives while focusing on their respective careers.

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Social Media Appearance

She is only active on Instagram. Her Instagram page ‘@adelfamarr’ has gathered more than 76.9K followers. There, she has posted over 153 posts and followed over 2K pages.

Her profession might make her earn a certain amount of money throughout her career.

However, at the moment, she has a massive net worth. Therefore, she earned her fortune from her life coaching and writing career.

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Adelfa Marr Height and Weight

Adelfa Marr stands tall at a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. Similarly, she weighs 50 kilograms.

One of her attractive points is her curly natural black hair, which she considers her identifying factor with the black race.

Also, she has a beautiful set of dark brown eyes.

Moreover, her hairstyle is deadlocked, and she has inked a rose tattoo on her right arm and neck. She has a curvy and fine body figure measuring 30-23-32 inches.

Her shoe size is 5 (UK) and her bra size is 28B.

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