Agnes Hailstones (born on 14 June 1972) is a famous American Hollywood actress, who starred in a TV documentary show, Life Below Zero.

In this article, we will read everything about Agnes Hailstone’s age, height, weight, parents, net worth, husband, and kids.

Who is Agnes Hailstones?


Agnes Hailstones starred in a TV documentary show, Life Below Zero.

The show premiered on the National Geographic channel and celebrated an enormous fan base.

Agnes was one of the main personalities on the show and seemed like a hero considering the reserves she had and the life she made out of it.

Life Below Zero is a documentary series that pursues the daily and seasonal activities of subsistence hunters.

The show is about how these hunters live their lives in murky places in Alaska.

Similarly, two of the main characters captioned on the show were Agnes Hailstone and her husband Chip.

Early Life of Agnes Hailstone

Agnes Hailstone was born in Noorvik, Alaska USA, born on 14 June 1972; her birth sign is Gemini and she brandishes American ethnicity.

Agnes was born on the same day when Hurricane Agnes strike the US, thus her name.

She was born into a family of hunters as both her mother and father were combatting the Alaskan cold weather and were striving to live there.

Agnes learned how to hunt and set traps at a very early age, which is very significant for both girls and boys living in the Alaskan jungle.

Furthermore, she was homeschooled and obtained her high school diploma in 1990 after ratifying her tests.

Agnes Hailstone Age

Agnes Hailstone is 50 years old as of 2023, she was born on 14 June 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska USA.

Agnes Hailstone Career

agnes hailstone 1 (1)

She is a hunter and she tries to survive the best she can with what she has in Alaska.

And she has a Mosin Nagant 3-line rifle M1819 realized as the Mosin’s rifle in Russia which is a five-shot.

Bolt-action, an interior magazine military rifle expanded between 1882 and 1891.

The rifle is the most elicited in the history of wars with over 37 million units made while they are still very prominent.

She has an all-purpose knife which she named Ulu.

Agnes gained distinction on 19 May 2013, when she was cast to star in the “Life Below Zero” reality TV series which airs on National Geographic Channel.

It shows numerous people who are living in remote areas of Alaska by choice, surviving in its below-zero situations.
These people hunt for food and depend only on themselves and the reserves they have.

Some of the main characters are Sue Aikens, a 54-year-old woman and the only inhabitant of the Kavik river camp.

Agnes and her husband Chip, and Glen Villeneuve, among others.

Agnes Hailstone: Star of the series

Sue Aikens, the wizard of the series, was left alone to survive in Alaska when her mother vacated her there at the age of 12.

She often strode from place to place and is now the proud owner of the Kavik River Camp.

Which is an exploration headquarters providing accommodation. in the summer for all those who want to suffer life in the wilderness.

She is a contributor who has reserved a period in summer for impoverished children.

And those who might not be able to afford to stay at her camp.

Agnes was also an administrator in her family’s company called Caribou Arts and Adventures, which is no longer active.

Agnes Hailstone Awards

The series has won four rewards – the 68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for outstanding cinematography for a reality program in 2016.

a 69th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for excellent picture editing for an unstructured reality strategy in 2017, and a 70th and 71st Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award.

For excellent cinematography for a reality program in both 2018 and 2019.

The series so far amounts to something like 12 seasons and 147 episodes.

Agnes Hailstone Personal Life

Agnes’ first spouse was a man realized only by his surname Carter. Agnes gave birth to two of their children named Douglas Doug Carter and Jon Hailstone.

The two divorced after a duo of years of marriage, due to what occurs to be Carter’s wish to move away from Alaska.

Agnes Hailstone in a complicated personal life

Douglas has since come to be a hunter and is married to Gloria Iyatunguk with whom he has five children.

And the family is presently living in Deering, Alaska. Jon has also become a hunter and is a married man.

Agnes met Chip Hailstone (born Edward V Hailstone in 1969) in Noorvik in 1988 years, before she met and wedded her first husband.


They wedded in 1998 and have five daughters together named Iriqtaq, Quitman, Caroline, Mary, and Tinmiaq.

Iraq is 21 years old, is accompanying college, and has a son Wade who was born in 2016.

While Mary is a commander of a basketball team in her high school.


Agnes celebrates living in the wilderness, in the coldest place in the USA which is Alaska.

And she also likes the sovereignty that this kind of life provides to her.

Agnes is a big lover of animals, and although she kills them for their coats and meat.

She speculates this is just the food chain, and she constantly apologizes to the animal after she takes its life.

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth

On her chin, Agnes has tattooed stripes that represent adulthood and her reaching puberty.

It means that a woman has grown and become significant and that she shouldn’t spend much time laughing and tricking around.

Her net worth is estimated at over $400k as of the year 2023 which she has collected largely from her role in the “Life Below Zero” TV series.

However, Agnes Hailstone has an estimated $200k annual income in the bank.

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Physical Appearance

Agnes Hailstone has medium-length black hair and blue eyes is 5ft 3ins or 1.61meters, or 161 centimeters tall, and weighs around 121 lbs (55kgs).

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