Aidan Bisset (born on February 15, 2002) is an American pop singer and songwriter who became famous through his TikTok account. First, he started uploading his music on his account and it went viral, thereafter his life changed.

The beginning of this journey was on the social media platform. Once his music went viral he was signed by several music companies, and he eventually started a band called ‘Offshore’.

Read more about this young and upcoming star musician Aidan Bissett.

Profile Summary
NameAidan Bisset
Birth DateBorn on February 15, 2002
Birth PlacePortland, Oregon, USA
Zodiac SignGemini
Age21 years old as of 2023
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5′ 8″
In Centimeter: 173 cm
In Meter: 173 m
WeightIn Kilogram: 61 kg
In pounds: 134 lbs
Net Worth250,000 USD as of 2023
ProfessionPop singer and Songwriter
Martial StatusUnmarried

Who is Aidan Bissett?

Aidan Bissett pic

Aidan Bissett Is an emerging pop musician and social media star who went viral on TikTok with his stylish music. He initially became famous for his hit songs “Communication” and “Dumped”.

Aidan has a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. He largely shares his music through social media platforms which also includes a YouTube channel where he uploads them.

Since he went viral and received public attention, he has been signed by music companies and has been traveling across the United States for concerts.

Aidan Bisset is an emerging music sensation in the American industry who has accomplished a lot of attention and a fan base already in the industry.

Besides all this, he has a huge fan following on his social media accounts. He has grown beyond social media and now performing live on stages and in concerts all across the United States.

Early Life of Aidan Bissett

Aidan Bisset was born on February 15, 2002, in Portland, Oregon, USA to a good and supportive family.

He and his family shifted to Tampa when he was just 5. Aidan had his schooling in Tampa, and he did his initial studies at the Just Jesuit High School.

From the very childhood, he was highly interested in music and singing and was determined to pursue it as his goal in life.

His parents bought him an electric guitar when he was 7 years old and encouraged him to follow his interests.

Besides music playing football was his interest and he also explored whether he could make that a career.

To put it briefly, Aidan Bisset was a highly curious boy while growing up and he was also flexible to try new things.

To follow his passion and make that into a career at a very young age itself. His family was always around him backing and encouraging him through his ups and downs.

Aidan Bissett Age

Aidan Bissett

Aidan Bissett is just 21 years old as of 2023 because he was born on February 15, 2002. He has achieved quite big at this very young age and the road is open for him for more.

If he can achieve so much public recognition and fan following in a very short period, it just proves how focused he is.

Aidan has a long way to go if he can continue to stay committed to his passion and continue working.

This is also the age when there are so many distractions which can influence your life in any direction. He must be mentally strong to overcome them and stay true to his goal.

His zodiac sign is Aquarius according to astrology and he is a fine gentleman.

Aidan Bissett Height & Weight

Aidan Bisset is 5 feet and 8 inches tall which is equal to 173 cm or 1.7 meters. His weight is 61 kilograms which is equal to 134 pounds.

Aidan is a handsome young man with brown light hair and brown eyes. He has a perfect body that is elevated by his height and weight and there are so many fans for his looks as well.

As of now, Aidan Bisset is very young and there is a long way to go for him being someone who is in the public eye, he will have to maintain his looks as well.

Aidan Bissett Career

Aidan Bissett is an American pop music star who has a great fan following on social media and across the music industry.

He is a young musician but already greatly accomplished in the industry and has a big fan following.

Some of his most popular singles are “Dumped” and “Communication”. These were his initial songs which went viral and gained him the initial publicity.

He also has a huge fan following on social media accounts like Instagram and TikTok, where he began. Aidan formed his band by the name “Offshore” in 2015 with his schoolmates.

It had a lot to do with his passion and determination to make it big in the music industry. In 2020 he released a song “More than Friends” on his YouTube channel and went on to garner him recognition and fans.

“So High” and “Grocery Store Girl” are the other music videos he has released, which played a vital role in increasing his fan base. This led to him signing a deal with the music label “Capital Records”.

Aidan Bissett Girlfriend

Aidan with Claire Rosinkranz
Aidan with Claire Rosinkranz

Aidan Bissett is currently single and not in any relationship or dating anyone. When it comes to his personal life, he has maintained a fair share of privacy as well.

Also, he is intensely passionate about his music, and he is pursuing it with a lot of vigor now. He wouldn’t want that to be distracted by any relationships or dating commitments.

Moreover, he is a handsome young man, and he will not be short of any women desiring his company at any point in time.

Claire Rosinkranz has been a constant collaborator of hers and the public has been eager to link her romantically with Aidan.

But as of now, it seems like they are only working together and nothing more than that is between them.

Aidan Bissett Net Worth

Aidan Bissett has an estimated net worth of USD 250,000 as of 2023. His music is his main source of income, and he has diversified it across platforms.

Concerts, stage shows, album sales, and collaborations with other artists are all taking his reach and popularity to great lengths. These are also helping him get more opportunities for income and fame.

Recently he wrapped up a tour with Claire Rosinkranz, another emerging artist with whom he did a song called “Stuck with Us”.

He has been already popular on the social media platforms, wherein he has thousands of followers who interact with him and watch his content regularly.

At the age of 18 years, when in high school he signed with Capitol Records and worked with talented artists for his song “Communication”. It was extremely successful that summer with thousands grooving to it.

Aidan also collaborates with social media influencers and elevates and sells off his work large-scale.

Facts about Aidan Bissett

  • Aidan Bissett is an animal lover and likes cats and dogs.
  • His music single “Dumped” was viewed by more than 700,000 viewers on his YouTube channel alone.
  • Travelling is another passion of his and he travels to exotic places.
  • Aidan during his growing up years also explored football as a career.
  • He has thousands of followers on social media, and he started his music career through social media platforms.

In conclusion

Aidan Bissett has achieved and is on his way to more fame, wealth, and adulation. He has put all his energy and creativity into his music and developed it for much bigger audiences.

Aidan Bisset will soon be among the list of greatest musicians of the American pop music industry. His fans and followers are surely going to overflow into a million numbers.

Hope this article kept you hooked throughout and kept you informed. Our inspiration is your feedback, and we look forward to it in the comments section below.

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