Alexis Maas (born on 15 July 1952) is an American successor and socialite. She was wedded to Johnny Carson, a famous talk show host.

So, let’s open the wonderful page of Johnny’s life, Alexis, in detail. It will include all the possible information about her life, So stay tuned till the end of this article.

Alexis Maas Profile Summary
NameAlexis Maas
Birth DateBorn on 15 July 1952
Birth PlacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Age71 Years Old
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Net Worth$300 Million
ProfessionSuccessor, Socialite
Marital StatusMarried
Husband Late Johnny Carson
ChildrenCory Carson, Richard Wolcott Carson, & Christopher Carson

Who is Alexis Maas?

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Alexis Maas is an American successor and socialite. She was wedded to Johnny Carson, a famous talk show host.

She was the fourth wife of the famous talk show host and is best realized for her marriage to television host Johnny Carson.

Her late husband rose to prestige as the host of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, which became powerful for prospective late-night programming over three decades in the late 1900s.

Early Life of Alexis Maas

Alexis Maas, the retired stockbroker, was born on 15 July 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Alexis Maas is 71 years old as of 2023.

The beautiful wife belongs to the white ethnicity and wields American nationality.

Family and Siblings

There is no detailed evidence regarding the other facts about the woman. It comprises information on her parents and siblings.

Educational Background

The behavior of protecting things secret has made it hard to know about childhood, Educational background, and many more.

Likewise, the popular lady spent most of her childhood in Pittsburgh and received her education there.

As most of the readers may not know, the artist worked in a commodity brokerage company like Jordan Belfort.

Alexis Maas Career

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There is not much of a job to discuss this American lady. Most people may be familiar with her being the wife of Johnny Carson.

As mentioned above, there are rumors of Maas functioning as a stockbroker. Apart from all those, there is no evidence of the career.

The secretive nature has made it tough to get a nut hold of what specifically the lady is doing to meet the daily demands.

However, According to some sources, there were tales that she worked at a stock brokerage firm before meeting the outstanding late-night host.

Alexis Maas worked at a stock brokerage firm

One of her only television manifestations was in the documentary entitled “Johnny Carson: King of Late Night”.

Which followed the life of her spouse and was created by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Peter Jones.

The show aired on PBC as a portion of the “American Masters” series and was hosted by Kevin Spacey.

The most she’s done publicly after that is her contributions and subsidies to the John W.

Carson Foundation, which aims to benefit education, children, and health services.

Alexis Mass Persona Life

One of the lead and most significant reasons for Alexis Maas’s being in the limelight is all thanks to her prominent husband. As mentioned above, Alexis was wedded to actor Johnny Carson.

However, Johnny was already married to lots of women before than married, Alexis.

First Marriage with Jody Wolcott

For starters, Carson was firstly married to Jody Wolcott in 1948. The relationship didn’t go that well, and they got separated in 1963.

Second Marriage with Joanne Copeland

The proportion of marriage didn’t stop, and he soon got concurrently with Joanne Copeland in 1963. The sharing of the promises was faithful for nine years.

The couple went on to part ways in 1972 due to some private reasons. The gods of marriage were in the right niches, and the result was another wedding.

Third Marriage with Joanna Holland

On 30 September 1972, the man on the TV got married to a model appointed Joanna Holland. Breaking out of the marriage was a common thing for outstanding men as of now.

After 11 years of marrying Joanna, they made their way in 1983. The man took a break of 4 years before the wedding the last and the most long-lasting lady.

Ultimately, he Married Alexis Maas

After four years of separating ways, Carson stepped down the aisle with Alexis’ mass on June 20, 1987.

Contrary to his other marriage, Johnny and Alexis Maas kept up far longer than anyone in his other relationships. The duo was together until the death of Johnny in 2005.

To clarify, Johhny was a huge smoker and suffered a severe heart attack at his house in Malibu, California. Finally, on January 23, 2005, Carson disappeared from emphysema.

The couple together were pretty happy with the relationship, but they concurrently had no children to show the world. Nonetheless, Carson had three children from an earlier marriage.

The children were from the first wedding, and the name of the son was Richard Carson, Cory Carson, and Christopher Carson.

Unfortunately, Alexis Maas’ lost her Husband

After her husband’s death, Alexis has stayed single, taking care of their home and children.

Unlike others, the beautiful Maas neither wedded nor dated anyone. That’s to say, she is still single and enjoying her life, engaging herself in philanthropic works.

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Alexis Maas Net Worth

Alexis is a very mysterious individual who loves to live a low profile. Before marrying Johhny, she was virtually a nobody, and the marriage bought all the spotlight.

Alternatively, the net worth of the popular comedian is $300 million as of the year 2023.

After the death of the wizard in 2005, the man’s $55 million was donated to the Johnny Carson Foundation.

Although the net worth of the lady is not known to the widespread people, the couple was living a lavish lifestyle.

The couple owned a four-acre oceanfront in Malibu. Added to this, the other properties comprise a home at Beverly Hills that stands at a 14,000 sq. foot area.

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Physical Appearance

The height of Alexis is not vulnerable, but the height of her husband is 5 Feet 10 Inches or 177 centimeters or 1.77 meters.

She is not much shorter than her husband.

Which gives rise to her fairly 5 Feet 7 Inches or 170 centimeters or 1.70 meters. As we tend to assume. Along with it, Maas has a slim figure, which looks appalling with her elegant fashion sense.

Furthermore, the beautiful lady has shining green eyes and blonde color hair to go with her fair skin complexion.

Well, We share the very talented Alexis Maas in the article. We hope you enjoyed reading her brief but amazing biography.

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