Amarah Dean (born on 13 November 1989) is a well-known American figure who received immense fame and the spotlight after being born into a celebrity family.

Amarah Dean is well known for being the daughter of Alex Martin. Dean’s mother is a renowned American actress and film producer known for her roles in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

In this article, we learn about Amarah Dean, her age, height, net worth, and some facts related to her.

Who is Amarah Dean? 

Amarah Dean
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Amarah Dean is well-known for being the daughter of American actress Alex Martin, renowned for being Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter.

Amarah Dean is a television personality, actress, and comedian. Apart from that, Amara is a happily married woman with a daughter.

Early Life of Amarah Dean 

Amarah Dean was born on November 13, 1989. She is 34 years old as of the year 2023. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Amarah Dean was born in the United States of America. Thus she holds an American nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnic group.

Amarah Dean was born to Alex Martin, who is her mother, and Gary Bernard Dean, her father. Both her parents are producers by profession.

Amarah Dean is also known as Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, a well-known actress, comedian, and TV personality.

However, she is not her parent’s only child, Amarah Dean has two more siblings, Jerzy and Mason Dean. Amarah, along with her siblings was raised in a Christian family and they are all followers of Christianity

As far as her educational background is concerned, it can be said that she may have attended a local high school. However, whether she is a college graduate or not is not surely known.

Amarah Dean Age and Height 

Amarah Dean the 34-year-old celebrity daughter is 5 feet 11 inches or 1.80 meters or 180 cm in height. She weighs around 70 kg or 154 lbs.

Amarah Dean is a pretty lady with dark brown eyes and black hair and has a beautiful face. Though she is a gorgeous person, she is known especially for her kind and attractive personality.

Amarah Dean Career 

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Amarah is currently playing the role of a mother and is entirely committed to raising her children. There is nothing known related to her profession.

Amarah Dean is not employed anywhere that we know of. Amarah Dean rose to prominence as the daughter of Alexandra Dean, a well-known American actress and film producer.

Amarah Dean is most famous for being a celebrity kid due to her mother’s fame.

Alexandra Dean began her acting career in 1993 when she was cast as Classroom Kid in “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit,” an American musical comedy film.

In the 1993 film “Quest of the Delta Knight,” she played Mannerjay. She went on to play Hugh in Paige Taylor’s satirical comedy “American Intellectuals” in 1999.

In 2001, Amarah Dean’s mother starred in the Christmas comedy film “Call Me Claus,” which was filmed for television in the United States.

She went on to play Maria in the 2003 film “Strange as Angels.” She also starred in the 2008 film “Descendants,” and from 2015 to 2018, she worked on the American talk show “The View.”

In 2018, she also starred in the short film “Sensitive Men.”

Amarah Dean is best known for being the daughter of Alex Martin, a famous American actress and film producer.

Amarah Dean Husband

Amarah Dean-images
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Amarah Dean is a happily married woman as of December 2022. She is married to her long-time boyfriend named Chris.

In the year of 2013, the pair married in a little wedding ceremony. The couple met in 2012 and began dating after getting to know each other for a while.

Initially, the couple married a year later, with their family and friends in attendance. The couple was gifted with a daughter named Charlie Rose after their marriage. Charlie was born in the month of March of the year 2014.

She is 8 years old as of now.

Both her father, Chris, and her mother, Amarah take great care of her needs and are raising her well.


Amarah Dean was allegedly said to have given birth to her daughter without knowing who her daughter’s father was. She does, however, put a stop to the suspicions by exposing her husband’s identity.

Amarah then expressed her displeasure with the rumors.

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What is Amarah Dean’s Net Worth? 

Amarah Dean’s net worth is not available on the public forum. It is because nothing of her profession is known to us.

As far as sources suggest, she lives the life of a mother, completely devoted to raising her children in her household. So she is not employed as of yet, and her net worth is not known.

Amarah Dean may have made a lot of money during her career. However, little is known about her professional background. She is also a well-known celebrity child, therefore she must be living a rich lifestyle.

Her grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg, has a net worth of $45 Million. She is an actress, comedian, and television personality from the United States.

Whoopi Goldberg is also notable for being the second black woman to win an Academy Award for acting.

Amarah’ mother, Alex has a net worth of $4 Million as of November 2023.

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Amarah Dean Facts to Know

  • Amarah Dean is a well-known American figure born on November 13, 1989, into a celebrity family.
  • She is the daughter of American actress Alex Martin, famous for her role in “Sister Act 2.”
  • Amarah is 34 years old as of 2023 and has a Scorpio zodiac sign.
  • She is 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall and weighs about 70 kg (154 lbs).
  • Amarah is primarily known as Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter.
  • She is a television personality, actress, and comedian, but her current profession is undisclosed.
  • Amarah is happily married to Chris, and they have a daughter named Charlie Rose, born in 2014.
  • There were rumors about the identity of Charlie Rose’s father, but Amarah clarified it was her husband.
  • Amarah’s net worth is unknown as she is primarily focused on being a mother.
  • Her mother, Alex Martin, has a net worth of $4 million, and her grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg, has a net worth of $45 million.

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