Anna Pavaga is well-known for the fashion, lifestyle, and modeling-related posts that she publishes on her own Instagram account.

She has worked as a child model for numerous prestigious companies, such as Pulka and Vogue.

In this post, we will discuss Anna Pavaga, including Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Dating, Facts, Relationship Records, Salary, Income, Cars, and Lifestyle.

Anna Pavaga Profile Summary
NameAnna Pavaga
Birth Date2 November 2009
Birth PlaceSt Petersburg, Russia
Age14 Years Old
Height4 Feet 1 Inches
Net Worth$5 million
MotherEkaterina Catherine Pavaga

Who is Anna Pavaga?

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Ana Pavaga is a Russian model. She is a top child model in the world

She started her modeling career at the young age of three because it came naturally to her. Her flamboyant beauty and photogenic face made it possible for her to work with companies like Pulka and Vogue.

She is a well-known model who also participated in the 2015 Aurora Fashion Week.

She recently started a YouTube channel where she posts videos demonstrating her yoga abilities. She values living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys working out.

She is a social media influencer and has over 515k followers on Instagram.

She also has a sibling whom she is often seen in her photoshoots.

Early Life of Anna Pavgaa

 Anna Pavaga was born on November 2 2009 in St Petersburg, Russia. She started off her modeling career at the age of thirteen.

 Ekaterina Catherine Pavaga, the mother of the young model, was born in 1980.

Catherine has a daughter and Michael, her oldest son. Children’s age differences are minimal. Michael is 15 years old. Catherine girl has a career in addition to an attractive appearance.

Anna’s mother actively promotes her on social media and in the modeling industry. Except for the kids, there is no information available about Catherine’s activities.

Her mother took her to a local modeling studio in St. Petersburg. She had her first photoshoot then and there and went on to be a big child model from there.

She goes to a local school.  Much isn’t revealed about her early childhood.

She is pretty popular in the school she attends as she is one of the top child models. Many celebrity children attend her school. She is also still despite a busy modeling career regular in school.

She is very good at studies and currently is in 6th grade. She does very well in academics and passes all her classes with good grades. Her busy career doesn’t hinder her education.

Anna Pavaga Age

Anna Pavaga Age is 14 years old as of 2023, she was born on November 2 2009 in St Petersburg, Russia. 

Anna Pavaga Career

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source: Instagram

Anna Pavaga started her career at the very early age of 3 Modeling was very natural to her.

The next step in Anna Pavaga’s modeling career was acting in commercials. As a result, the young woman was chosen to represent the first water park in St. Petersburg, “Waterville,” and the well-known online retailer Kideria.

She also took part in the advertising campaigns for Natalia Shumilovskaya’s “Shumi design,” a line of designer hats produced by Taller, a manufacturer and distributor of high-end kitchenware.

Later, the girl started modeling for “COCO Baby Shop” and other children’s clothing catalogs.

The secret to the child’s sparkling eyes is that despite the model’s laborious work and lengthy shoots, Anya enjoys her job and smiles sincerely.

 The young model enjoys viewing her photos in the evening and occasionally offers criticism.

Anna Pavag’s work then moved on to include video shoots for music videos. She was given the opportunity to play a small part in the music video for the song “Mood Autumn” by the St. Petersburg pop group “Marel.”

Later, the girl was given the chance to star in the multimedia exhibition “The Universe of Water” by the Museum Complex.

And in 2014, the young woman had her first acting experience after appearing in a cameo in Mikhail Kolpakhchiev’s “Cradle over the Abyss.”

Anna Pavage Personal Life

Anna hasn’t revealed yet much about her private life to the public. Like many celebrities, she doesn’t like to be too open about her life and keeps things as private as possible.

We should respect their privacy. Either way, she isn’t seen much in public too. , she also is a child.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend yet as she wants to make her career grow now and focus on it. And a relationship at the age of 13 is also a very dumb thing to do. So, she is better off single as it’s best for her.

Other than that, her mother takes care of her everything. She is more of her manager and looks after her all modeling shoots and tours.

She also manages all of Anna’s social accounts like Instagram and YouTube. All the posts and interactions are done by her mother and most of her YouTube videos are shot and uploaded and managed by her mother.

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Anna Pavaga Net Worth

 The net worth of a person or Company is all assets they own or have under them. The loans they owe, the stocks they hold, and all items from big to small they own are taken into their net worth.

Anna’s main source of income is her modeling. But she also earns by brand endorsed and sponsored content on Instagram and advertisement revenue from YouTube.

Anna is still very young as said earlier, so, realistically she has no net worth as legally all things are under her mother.

Hence, taking her mother’s net worth into account it stands around $5 million USD. Much of it must have come from Anna’s earnings. She earns around $30k per month from her modeling and YouTube videos.

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Physical Appearance

Anna Pavaga stands around 4ft 1 inches or 1,2 meters and weighs 30 kg or 66 lbs. Her height and weight are very healthy for her age.

Facts About Anna Pavaga

  • Anna Pavaga is a famous Russian model who shares fashion and lifestyle posts on her Instagram.
  • She began her modeling career at just three years old, working with prestigious brands like Pulka and Vogue.
  • Anna participated in the 2015 Aurora Fashion Week.
  • She recently started a YouTube channel showcasing her yoga skills and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Anna Pavaga has over 515k followers on Instagram and is a social media influencer.
  • She has a sibling who often appears in her photoshoots.
  • Anna Pavaga’s mother, Ekaterina Catherine Pavaga, actively supports her in the modeling industry.
  • Despite her busy modeling career, Anna is a dedicated student in the 6th grade, excelling in academics.
  • Anna Pavaga is currently 14 years old, born on November 2, 2009, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Her mother manages her career and social media accounts, and her estimated net worth is $5 million USD, with earnings from modeling and YouTube.

She has ombre hair, green eyes, and a cute childish face.

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