Anneliese Judge is an American actress, model, social media personality, and entrepreneur. She gained popularity for her role in the Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias.”

Anneliese has acted in only two big projects, but still, she has created a great spot in the acting industry.

There are so many important details waiting for you. Let us dive into the topic.

Who is Anneliese Judge?

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Anneliese Judge is an American actress, model, social media celebrity, and entrepreneur. She rose to fame by acting in the Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias.”

That series was a blockbuster hit; thus, Sweet Magnolias season 2 was released recently. It eventually spread to all four corners of the globe.

And Annaliese gained global recognition by acting in that series. Moreover, the couple Ty and Anne have also been trending everywhere on the internet; their cosy, sweet romantic scenes made everyone jealous.

We must thank Anneliese Judge and Carson Rowland for giving such an excellent performance.

But do you know what happened to Anne and Ty’s relationship? If not, you can find out by reading our trivia facts.

Anneliese Judge Age

Anneliese Judge is 22 years old as of 2023, having been born on December 17, 2001, in Pinehurst, NC, under the sign of Sagittarius.

In her early twenties, Anneliese has already made a name for herself as a talented TV actress.

Early Childhood Life of Anneliese Judge

Anneliese Judge was born in Pinehurst, North Carolina, on December 17, 2001. Thus, the age of Anneliese Judge as of 2023 is 22. Her ethnicity is also American. She was born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Her father’s name is Mike Judge, and he seems to be doing business in his local town, and her mother, Andrea L. Judge, is a working woman.

Anneliese Judge has a younger brother named William Judge. He is a professional judo player. Recently, her brother won the black belt in judo, and Anne and her whole family attended the event.

This shows that Anne is closer to her family.

Anneliese studied at Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines, NC. She will graduate from high school in 2020. Unfortunately, it was the COVID pandemic period, and we hoped that she might have finished all her studies through the online classes.

Then, the same year, she joined the University of Carolina, Greensboro, where Anneliese had chosen the marketing and international business course as her major.

Anne will most likely have her degree by 2023 or 2024. Since childhood, Anneliese has had a great interest in the entertainment industry, and her parents have supported her dreams.

Anneliese Judge Career

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Anneliese Judge started her career by modeling and working in one of the many famous brands. And modeling assisted her in obtaining numerous commercial offers.

If a person gets a commercial offer, many people start to recognize her. A talent agency identified her hidden skills and advised her to focus her career on acting.

Anneliese Judge seriously thought about that, so she enrolled in the in-studio acting classes.

From there, she learned all the nuances of acting. And she has signed her contract with the Luber Roklin Entertainment agency.

In the year 2021. Anneliese made her debut in a short film titled “Untitled Sam Ashby.”

The following year, Anneliese Judge landed a role in the horror film “Where’s Rose?” where she played Jessica Waters, the film’s lead character.

The movie revolves around the little girl Rose; suddenly, she goes missing, and everyone finds her, but after she arrives at the house, her elder brother absorbs the evil force in his home, and how they removed that evil force is the plotline of the story.

Acting in a horror movie was tough because we always had to keep a panicked face and scream all the time.

But Anneliese brilliantly did her job, and even the movie’s director, John Mathis, appreciated her acting performance.

Moreover, she got to share the screen with prominent actors and actresses like Ty Simpkins, Kathy Searle, Cara Ann Marie, etc.

In 2022, Anneliese got an excellent opportunity to join the Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias.” It’s a heartwarming story about the three friends’ love lives and careers.

The series was started in the year 2020, but it currently focuses on the three friends’ children. And our Anneliese played Dana Sue Sullivan’s daughter, Annie Sullivan.

She got the chance to work with a crew of leading actors and actresses like Carson Rowland, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, Heather Headley, Logan Allen, and many more. And the “Sweet Magnolias” series has become one of Netflix’s most popular.

Anneliese Judge Sweet Magnolias

Anneliese Judge played the character of Annie Sullivan, and her role is that of a creative, intelligent, and respectful girl. And Annie has a crush on her best friend, Ty.

She is the girl who suffered a lot from her parent’s divorce, yet she is caring and protective towards her mom.

This is the plot line of her character Annie Sullivan, and in between, she meets many new friends and eventually falls for them. But in the end, Annie marries Ty.

Personal Life of Anneliese Judge

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Anneliese Judge is single now, but many of her fans speculated that she might have fallen in love with Carson Rowland. Because of the hot chemistry.

But they were just good friends. Thus, as of now, we can’t provide details about Anneliese Judge’s boyfriend.

Love Rumours

Many rumours have circulated that Anneliese is dating her co-star, but this appears to be the case. Anneliese is currently focusing solely on acting in films and television series.

Of course, she will fall in love with someone, but until then, we have to wait for the official news.

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What is Annaliese Judge’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Annaliese Judge’s net worth is around $2 million by 2023. She has been earning since childhood; earlier, she earned her money from modeling jobs and now she got many acting offers.

Anneliese is cast in the famous Netflix series, and her popularity is at its peak; thus, she has been getting many brand promotions, collaborations, sponsorships, etc.

Moreover, Anneliese is a social media star who has amassed 109K followers. Annaliese’s net worth for the year 2022 is $ 1.5 million, and her annual salary is around 50,000 USD.

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Annaliese Judge Age and Height

Annaliese Judge is 22 years old and has a charming, beautiful, subtle appearance.

She’s wearing a lot of makeup; we can see her in more casual clothing, and Anneliese still looks stunning even in her simple attire.

She is tall, about 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm or 1.7 meters, and weighs around 55 kg, or 123 lbs. Annaliese has lengthy black hair and black eyes.

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