Before moving to the biography of Asa Linderborg, let have a look at these lines that will help you get her exact profession and how challenging it is.

Have you ever read about any historian, writer, or columnist? If you are searching for one, then you are on the right page. A historian is concerned mostly with written history.

Historians are recognized by their training experience and publications.

It emerged as an occupation in the nineteenth century where research universities were looking in Germany and elsewhere.

Being a Historian demands complete historical analysis and investigation competing with facts and ideas to create coherence in the narratives.

The work of ancient historians remained valuable for their insights about the cultural context of times while for modern historians, such contributions are verification or dismissal of the ancient historical accounts.

If talking about writers, we come to know that writing is a person who uses different styles to communicate through written words. Writers are known for introducing different forms of literary arts and creative works such as essays, teleplays, and screenplays and reports.

The term writer is used in music and arts such as a screenwriter or songwriter but the word writer stand alone is used for written language.

Writers can produce different material through many genres, non-fictional, and fictional characters.

Nowadays modern writers use different media like illustrations and graphics and enhance their communication.

Pictures can also be used to augment writing while in some conditions music can also communicate ideas. And a columnist is a person who writes for publications to create articles.

These columns appear in newspapers, magazines, and other publications including blogs.

When these professions are combined, a single who incorporates all these professions is Asa Linderborg. Let’s read her biography to know about her.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Asa Linderborg
  • Date of Birth: 20 May 1968
  • Place of Birth: Vasteras, Sweden
  • Age: 53 years
  • Net Worth: $1.5 Million
  • Profession: Historian, Writer, and Columnist
  • University: Uppsala University
  • Education: Ph.D. (History)
  • Mother: Tanja Linderborg
  • Children: Amanda Linderborg
  • Nationality: Sweden
  • Residence: Sweden

Who is Asa Linderborg?

Asa Linderborg

Asa Linderborg is a writer, historian, and columnist. She provides services in Sweden. She has been working regularly writing for Aftonbladet, where she performed as chief executive editor.

Besides this, in 1980 she became a member of Left Party Communists and the youth wing Communist Youth.

She was appointed as ombudsman for the communist Youth in Malardalen in 1987.

Early Life of Asa Linderborg

Asa Linderborg came to this world on 20 May 1968. She was welcomed in Vasteras, Sweden. Among the family members of Asa, only her mother’s name is known.

Her mother Tanja Linderborg is a Member of Parliament for the Left Party and a former politician.

She grew up in Vasteras and her father was a metal worker. Besides, Asa graduated from Uppsala University with Ph.D. in history in 2011.

The Journey of Asa Linderborg

Asa Linderborg made her writing debut in 2007. Her debut novel was Mig ager ingen.

The novel was nominated in the list of August prizes and won great praise for the powerful and autobiographical description that how she spent living with an alcoholic father.

This become later became the story for a film with the same name starring Mikael Persbrant.

Asa provided services as the new deputy cultural editor of Aftonbladet on March 27, 2008.

Karin Magnusson worked as the chief cultural editor however, in 2009, she replaced Magnusson as chief cultural editor.

After her moving to this position, the Aftonbladet-Israel controversy arose as a result of an article published in the culture pages of Aftonbladet that alleged Israeli organ harvesting from Palestinians.

In 2017, she published the accusations of misconduct against the theatre director Benny Fredriksson under her responsibility.

She forced him to resign and subsequently led to his suicide after three months.

She wrote her second novel Aret med 13 manader-En dagbok in 2020. In this novel, she toured her readers from the autumn of 2017 to the autumn of 2018. She has won several awards in her writing career.

In 2007, she became the recipient of more than two awards including BMF and ABF awards.

Asa Linderborg Personal Life

Asa Linderborg is quiet about her personal life except for her mother, she never mentioned any member openly.

Asa Linderborg is a mother to a girl named Amanda Linderborg however, she didn’t give information about her marriage and husband.

Even, it is known whether they are living together or they have parted ways. She may be possibly single nor any news about her dating come out.

Along with other information about her personal life she has also kept her love life private.

Asa Linderborg Net Worth

Asa Linderborg is one of the richest Historians of Sweden. She is listed as one of the most popular historians According to analysis, it has been revealed that her estimated net worth of Asa is $1.5 million.

Her hard work is the reason for such a huge net worth. Being a historian is not an easy task. A historian is the one who writes and studies about past and shows authority over his writing.

Historians are concerned about research and events of the past covering the study of history in time. Among such historians, Asa is the one historian.

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