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Who is Azja Pryor? Ex-Wife of Chris Tucker Biography and Story

You might have heard about people becoming successful because of their hard works and efforts. However, there are also thousands of people who became popular because of a relationship with a star.

Azja Pryor is an example of those people who is still famous as the ex-wife of Chris Tucker, a well-known actor, and comedian.

Let’s see the biography of this lady and know the story behind her life.

Who is Azja Pryor?

Azja Pryor Ex-Wife of Chris Tucker Biography and Story

Azja Pryor is an American celebrity who is best known as a health coach, former casting director, and the ex-wife of Chris Tucker.

He is a renowned American actor and comedian and is highly famous for his film series Rush Hour.

Azja has a long-time relationship with Tucker which broke up due to some unknown reasons.

Thereafter, she moved to Los Angeles to start a new chapter of her life which resulted in very better in her coming years. Let’s explore her biography and see what actually happened in her life.

Early Life of Azja Pryor

Azja Pryor was born on 28 August 1978 in Berkeley, California, United State. Her mother’s name is Deborah B. Pryor, while her father’s name is not available on the internet.

Although, this is clearly true that she is a keen lover of her parents and then of her siblings, a brother and a sister named Vivica.

She started her elementary education at Hamilton Sr. High School. She was neither a very brilliant student nor a poor one. She just liked to enjoy studying as a part of her life.

Later, she enrolled in Los Angeles Community College where she did her higher education.

Azja Pryor Career

Azja Pryor came into the limelight after she married Chris Trucker in 1997. Before her fame, she was an average lady with few professions.

She is a health coach and nutritionist. Besides this, she has been involved as a casting assistant for almost four films. This led her to earn the title of ‘Casting Director’.

She has not revealed about her past life and things related to her career. However, it came to be known that she is now a CBSW Babywearing Educator.

Further, she is just known for being the ex-wife of the Rush Hour Franchise Star Chris Tucker.

Azja is also available on various social media platforms. Talking about her Instagram and Facebook appearance, she has more than 12.4K followers and 5.4K followers respectively.

She has also joined the Twitter platform. However, she is inactive there for a long time and that’s why she only holds about 500 followers there.

Azja Pryor Marriage Life

Azja Pryor? Ex-Wife of Chris Tucker Biography

Azja has both happy and painful moments when it comes to her married life. She was married to her boyfriend Chris Trucker in 1997 who is a famous actor and comedian.

Earlier, they were dated for a long time and had shared a strong bond together.

The couple was first blessed with a son on 13 September 1998 and named Destin Christopher.

However, there was no longer and they separated each other without disclosing any hard reason. Later in 2005, Azja Pryor was found dating a famous actor and rapper named Christopher Brian Bridges.

They shortly broke up and parted ways. Azja then married Cherif A Ndiaye who is also her current husband.

Cherif shares a good relationship with her wife as he is a fitness enthusiast and life coach.

The combination really looks relevant and is amazing in terms of their mutuality.

Azja and Cherif were blessed with a daughter on 16 April 2017 and named Iman Joelle. Her son, Destin joined Oaks Christian School for his primary education.

He then moved to Atlanta for pursuing his higher education. He is following his father’s footsteps which led him to the film industry.

However, Destin is still shying while coming in front of the media. Moreover, Azja is also the mother of Cherif’s two children from his previous relationship.

Azja Pryor Net Worth

Azja Pryor estimated net worth is $800,000 USD as of the year 2022. She is still earning, but not at the speed she has shown in her earlier times. There was a profitable time when she was involved in the film industry as a casting director.

But due to some undisclosed reasons, she did not pursue it further. Otherwise, she would be a millionaire today.

Besides this, she is highly earned through her health coach profession and by being a CBWS Babywearing Educator.

Apart from this, Azja can also earn by doing paid promotions and advertisements on her social media handles.

In fact, she is earning this way as she has been seen doing these things in some of her posts. At all, she is also the mother of a popular American actor and Internet celebrity.

The Bottom Line

Azja Pryor is sure popular because of her ex-boyfriend, Chris Tucker. However, she has stabled herself strongly and has made the potential to live her life alone.

However, she is now married to a successful and loving man. They are now enjoying a peaceful life in America.

I hope you enjoyed reading the biography and life story of Azja Pryor. Let us get some feedback from you about her.

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