Becky Hillyard is the beloved US-based Instagram influencer who captivates followers with her flair for fashion and home décor.

Being a dedicated wife and mother, Becky finds joy in family moments while curating inspiring content for her Instagram community.

Moreover, her infectious enthusiasm serves as a beacon of inspiration for all who follow her journey, making her a cherished source of creativity and positivity.

In this article, we’ll explore facets of her life, including age, Husband, Career, height, weight, house, kitchen, and her flourishing net worth.

Profile Summary
NameBecky Hillyard
Birth DateBorn on 14 October 1982
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac SignLibra
Age41 years old as of 2023
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5′ 4″
In Centimeter: 162 cm
In Meter: 1. 62 m
WeightIn Kilogram: 60 kg
In pounds: 132 lbs
Net Worth$10 million as of 2023
ProfessionInstagram influencer
Martial StatusMarried
HusbandMichael Hillyard
ChildrenThree Kids

Who is Becky Hillyard?

Becky Hillyard is the adored US-based Instagram influencer who captivates with her passion for fashion and home décor.

As a devoted wife and mother, Becky treasured family moments, infusing her Instagram with inspiring content.

Moreover, her contagious enthusiasm serves as a beacon of inspiration.

In addition, she resonated with followers and established herself as a cherished source of creativity and positivity on their journeys.

Early Life of Becky Hillyard

Becky Hillyard was born on 14 October 1982, in the United States to her anonymous parents.

While her exact birth date is not publicized she celebrated her 40s birthday on October 14, 2022, sharing a reflective post on Instagram.

Moreover, embracing age as a gift, she conveyed gratitude for life’s journey.

As an American by nationality and a Christian by faith, details about her ethnicity and parents remain private.

In addition, she was raised in South Dakota and later earned a degree in psychology with a minor in business from the University of Nebraska.

Moreover, Her academic background contributes to her multifaceted approach to sharing insights on fashion, home décor, and family through her inspiring Instagram presence.

Becky Hillyard Age

Becky Hillyard is 41 years old as of 2023 because she was born on 14 October 1982, in the United States.

Moreover, her zodiac sign is Libra and these individuals are known for their Balanced, diplomatic, charming, and social and seek harmony, value partnerships, artistic flair and grace.

Becky Hillyard Husband and Kids

Becky Hillyard Husbad and Kids Pic

Becky Hillyard is married to Michael Hillyard and the duo is blessed with three kids.

She met her husband, Michael, in Omaha, where his work in laundry textiles led them to Kansas City.

Despite Michael’s extensive travel, the couple decided to call Kansas City home.

However, while Michael’s job keeps him on the road, he doesn’t handle the laundry at home.

Cella Jane is a family affair; Becky not only showcases their son Sutton but also relies on Michael, her chief photographer, for capturing moments.

Becky Hillyard Career

Becky Hillyard entered the marketing field specializing in social media for various companies after college.

Later, she was inspired by this exposure and transitioned into personal storytelling through blogging.

Combining her passions for fitness and style, she transformed her hobby into a burgeoning business, expanding from sharing daily routines to lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content.

Notably, Nordstrom Rack recognized Becky’s blogging prowess during her early days.

Thus, the marketing department sought her expertise to promote a store opening in Iowa.

Moreover, this recognition led to a meeting in San Francisco, where Becky collaborated with influential bloggers nationwide.

Following, solidifies her presence in the dynamic world of fashion and lifestyle blogging.

Becky Hillyard Instagram

Becky Hillyard engages 882,000 followers while following 1,280 accounts with 7,813 posts as of 2023.

As she is the creative force behind “Cella Jane,” shares her journey as a digital creator, blogger, wife, and mom with a vibrant Instagram presence.

Residing in Kansas City, Becky invites connection and collaboration through [email protected], epitomizing the essence of a multifaceted lifestyle influencer.

Becky Hillyard New House

Becky Hillyard New House Image

Becky Hillyard excitedly shares updates on the construction of her new home and marks the first chapter of Hillyard Home.

The journey began over a year ago, unexpectedly transitioning from seeking a perfect spot to building from the ground up with Starr Homes.

With framing complete, windows installed, and plumbing underway, the pace is rapid. In collaboration with her designer, Becky navigates the intricate process of selecting finishes, cabinets, and plumbing fixtures.

The home build unfolds as a multifaceted endeavour, and she eagerly anticipates documenting the entire transformative journey.

Becky Hillyard Kitchen

Becky Hillyard's Kitchen Image
Photo credit: Nate Sheets

Becky Hillyard is often renowned for her décor prowess and she is the founder of the Cella Jane blog.

Following, collaborated with designer Laura McCroskey to create a stunning 328-square-foot kitchen in her new home.

Despite her Instagram followers advising against marble due to potential staining, Becky, drawn to its aesthetic, opted for an Italian-sourced marble with a mushroom-grey veining.

Moreover, McCroskey, confident in the right sealer’s efficacy, convinced Becky.

The result perfectly mirrors Becky’s fashion-forward style with warm neutral tones, showcasing her knack for blending practicality with aesthetics.

Becky Hillyard Cella Jane

Becky Hillyard is a beloved Instagram influencer, who is just not only showcases her love for fashion but home décor too.

Following, she shares glimpses of her cherished family moments through Cella Jane.

Additionally, the vibrant online space is curated by the inspiring Becky Hillyard.

The blog, named in honour of her beloved grandmother, aims to inspire confidence and joy.

Becky’s passion for creating a beautiful life shines through her posts, offering a blend of fashion, décor, recipes, and family anecdotes.

Join her on this journey, as she transforms her home into a source of inspiration for all.

Becky Hillyard Kansas City

Becky started Cella Jane eight years ago and relocated to Kansas City six years later due to her husband’s job.

Later, Inspired by her passion for fashion and healthy living, she started the blog as a hobby, initially sharing a healthy taco recipe.

Despite friends’ initial confusion, the move to Kansas City prompted her to devote more time to the blog.

However, as brands showed interest, it evolved from a hobby into a thriving venture.

Moreover, fueled by Becky’s dedication and growing connections in the blogging community.

Becky Hillyard’s Net Worth

Becky Hillyard has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2023 as she is a prominent design blogger, and has carved a notable niche, boasting an impressive annual income of $400,000 USD.

Similarly, her monthly earnings stand at $38,000 USD, translating to a daily income of approximately $1,200 USD.

In addition, this substantial salary reflects her unwavering dedication and hard work in cultivating a successful blog.

Becky’s remarkable financial achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring bloggers, showcasing the potential rewards attainable through passion and commitment in the dynamic world of design blogging.

Final Thought

In Conclusion, Becky Hillyard is a well-known US-based Instagram influencer, blogger, and digital creator, who captivates with her passion for fashion, home décor, and family moments.

From her Kansas City home, she inspires confidence and joy through Cella Jane, blending lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

So, see you soon readers, with another face to dive into them till then take care and kindly share your thoughts and queries in the comments below.

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