Ben Lawson is a famous Australian actor who is better known for doing various popular Netflix series like 13 Reasons Why, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, False Profits, and Doubt.

Well, Ben’s professional life is often in discussion but more than his professional life, Ben is known for his personal life.

Additionally, the eagerly asked question about him is, who is Ben’s wife, Is Ben married or not? this article aims to unveil the mystery and provide insights into the woman who may hold the key to his heart.

Who is Ben Lawson?

Ben Lawson Image

Ben Lawson is an accomplished Australian actor who has established his mark in Hollywood with notable television roles.

From early appearances in “Bones” and “Covert Affairs” to later ventures in “Modern Family” and “2 Broke Girls,” Lawson’s small-screen journey has been diverse.

Moreover, his talent extended to film, featuring in “No Strings Attached” with a spectrum ranging from comedies to dramas, Lawson continues to captivate audiences, most recently in “Mulaney.”

Is Ben Lawson Married?

Ben Lawson is a most-eligible bachelor and an Australian actor who is not dating any woman as of now.

However, he loves dogs and also has a little puppy whom he adores most as his brother Josh Lawson.

Since the Australian actor is not dating anyone presently, he has no wife and his current marital status is Single.

Furthermore, as a pet a few reports suggested that he was seriously dating Melissa and Mailie at some point but the actor didn’t confirm the rumours at that time too.

Ben Lawson Wife

Ben Lawson is currently in his 40s and still single despite dating several girls, steering clear of marriage and wife.

However, the accomplished actor finds contentment in his vibrant career and navigates life without the constraints of a long-term commitment.

Moreover, reflecting on diverse romantic encounters, Lawson revels in the liberty of being unattached dedicating himself to career success and cherishing the autonomy that defines his unique journey.

Ben Lawson and Sarah Chalke

Ben Lawson, known for his discretion regarding personal affairs confirmed his single status when queried about his love life.

Despite his openness about professional endeavours on social media, the actor rarely divulges details about his romantic relationships.

In addition, Speculations about his dating history include associations with women like Kate Mularkey (played by Sarah Chalke).

However, In contrast to his on-screen drama, Ben Lawson’s off-screen narrative remains a well-guarded secret, leaving fans curious and intrigued about the elusive facets of his personal life.

Ben Lawson and Melissa

Ben Lawson and Melissa have been dating each other for a long time and It is alleged that Melissa was Ben’s first serious girlfriend.

Furthermore, Ben went to the University of Southern Queensland and he started working at a Brisbane restaurant where he first met Melissa.

Even though it was love at first sight for Ben it wasn’t the case for Melissa, who was already in another relationship.

Later, Ben left for an article clerkship job at a London law firm where the couple kept exchanging emails for close to one year until he requested to fly and meet her.

Moreover, Ben visited London and confessed his love to Melissa and they lived together for four months before traveling back to Australia.

Later, he joined the National Institute of Dramatic Art hence they couldn’t see each other for months.

However, Melissa came back to meet Ben and the spark of their love was no longer there.

Eventually, the couple broke up and later Melissa moved on and has a family of her own.

Ben Lawson and Maile Mildrexler

Malie Mildrexler, Ben Lawson's Ex-Girlfriend Image
Malie Mildrexler, Ben Lawson’s Ex-Girlfriend

Ben got broke up with Melissa and shortly found love with Hawaiian partner Maile Mildrexler who is a notable tattoo artist.

In addition, Ben Lawson and Maile first crossed paths in 2016 during the filming of the Grimm series in Portland, Oregon.

Furthermore, their connection was immediate and led to cohabitation in Los Angeles after Maile’s place was sold.

Despite three years together, the couple amicably parted ways in 2019.

Maile has since moved on and is currently in a relationship with Robbie, a talented tattoo artist and model.

Ben Lawson and Harriet Dyer

Harriet Dyer, Ben Lawson's ex-Girlfriend Image
Harriet Dyer, Ben Lawson’s ex-Girlfriend

Ben Lawson’s past romance rumored with acclaimed Australian actress Harriet Dyer who is best known for her roles in Love Child (2014-2017) and No Activity (2015-2018).

Additionally, In December 2015, Harriet dispelled speculations during her return to Sydney, denying any visit to Ben Lawson in California.

Though neither confirmed nor denied their relationship, it’s believed they were an item for several months.

Moreover, social media snapshots, since removed, hinted at their connection.

Presently, Harriet is happily married to No Activity co-star Patrick Brammall.

The couple wed in March 2021, swiftly followed by the adoption of their first child, a newborn daughter, marking the joyful culmination of their journey towards family life.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Ben Lawson, the Australian actor, keeps his personal life private. Despite past relationships, he remains single, focusing on his successful career and personal fulfillment.

However, Kindly share your thoughts and queries in the comments below. Wishing everyone a thoughtful Thanksgiving!

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