Beth Ann Santos (born on 8 September 1957) is widely known as the ex-wife of Paul Teutul.

People have shown immense curiosity to know about this lady because of her late relationship with this famous man.

Let’s also take a look at her biography and learn about the reasons behind her popularity.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Beth Ann Santos
  • Birth Date: 8 September 1957
  • Birth Place: California, United States
  • Age: 66 Years Old
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Husbands: Burton Dillon (m. 1975 – 1990), Paul Teutul Sr. (m. 2007 – 2015)
  • Children: 4 (with Burton Dillon)
  • Nationality: American

Who is Beth Ann Santos?

beth ann santos and husband

Beth Ann Santos is a popular American woman. She is best recognized for being the ex-wife of Paul Teutul, founder of Orange County Choppers.

Their relationship is still in the spotlight despite being separated in 2015. They tied their knot in 2007 in a public ceremony.

Beth came to know after she engaged with this famous man. Otherwise, she was living a normal life. Let’s get into her biography and know the full story of this lady.

Early Life of Beth Ann Santos

Beth Ann Santos was born on 8 September 1957 in California, United States to her mysterious parents.

The lady has never come out publicly with her childhood information and family background.

She seems secretive in both cases, whether it’s her family or her own. However, this came to light that Santos got married to Paul Teutul Sr, an actor, producer, and founder of Orange County Choppers.

She even came into the limelight after she got engaged to this famous man. Earlier, Santos was living a normal life and was away from the spotlight.

Let’s see her marriage life and know her full story.

Beth Ann Santos Age

Beth Ann Santos, born on 8 September 1957, is 66 years old as of 2023. She is primarily recognized as the ex-wife of Paul Teutul.

Her age indicates the passage of time since her association with Paul Teutul.

Beth Ann Santos Marriage Life

Beth Ann Santos married her ex-husband Paul Teutul Sr. on 29 July 2007 in Montgomery, New York.

During the time of their marriage, she was 8 years younger than her husband.

The couple invited more than 130 guests to their wedding ceremony and allowed his fans to take photo shoots of them.

The bride was donned in a white strapless ball gown and the groom wore a customized, sleeveless tuxedo.

Santos and Paul enjoyed their marriage life at another level and made the best moments of their lives.

But sadly, some unfortunate things made a wall in their relationship which ended with their separation in 2015.

Thus, the couple managed to live only 8 years together and they divorced in mid-2015 without citing the reasons.

Earlier Relationship of Beth Ann Santos

Beth Santos was also engaged earlier with a man. He was her long-time boyfriend Burton Dillon with whom she married on August 30, 1975 in a private ceremony.

The couple was blessed with two children, name Burton Dillon III and Brent Dillon.

One of her children is a screenwriter who recently wrote a thriller movie, Night Teeth with the help of filmmaker Adam Randall.

However, the duo broke up their relationship in 1990 for some undisclosed reasons and Beth got custody of her children.

After the divorce, she met Paul, and further, we know what happened. Beth tries to keep herself far from the media attention.

That’s why she also doesn’t appear on social media platforms.

Right now, she is single and might always be. Anyway, the lady is enjoying her own company and giving time to her loving ones.

Who is Beth Ann Santos Ex-Husband Paul?

Paul Teutul is the man because of whom she is famous today. He is a popular actor, and producer and has produced the famous TV series American Chopper.

He was bone-in Yonkers, New York, and raised in Pearl River, New York.

He sailed as a member of the United States Merchant Marine during the Vietnam War. Apart from being a producer, he is also a motorcycle designer and builder.

Before Beth Ann Santos, Paul was married to her wife Paula Teutul. The duo married in 1969 in a private ceremony.

They have been blessed with four children name, Christin Teutul, Dan Teutul, Paul Teutul Jr. (on 2 October 1974), and Michael Teutul (on 26 November 1978).

After their birth, the couple decided to end their relationship following a divorce in 1995. Also, he got the responsibility to take care of his four children.

The Bottom Line

Beth Ann Santos is now enjoying her life alone in the United State of America.

There was a time when she was living her life like this, but some unfortunate things led her into the world of popularity. Although, everything ended now with some memories.

She is also rich now and holds the potential for a luxurious life.

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All, Beth is doing good in her life and living away from the spotlight. I hope you enjoyed reading her biography and know everything about her.

Let you share your feedback about her and about her story.

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