Bre Tiesi is trending on the internet because she has welcomed her first son into this world. It was indeed an excellent moment for every woman in this world.

Another significant development is that Bre has been chosen to participate in the Sunset-selling Netflix show.

In addition, that baby was the 11th child of the famous actor Nick Cannon, and there have been many controversies revolving around her boyfriend and his polygamous behavior.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss Bre’s life journey and who is bravely handling all of the criticism directed at her and her boyfriend, Nick.

Who is Bre Tiesi?

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Bre Tiesi is a model, television personality, real estate agent, fashion connoisseur, fitness coach, and actress, and her real name is Breana Moran.

She rose to fame by participating in Netflix’s famous reality show, “Selling Sunset.” It is a show for real estate agents across the country.

And Bre was able to appear in season 6 of the show. It was indeed a proud moment for Bre because, a few years ago, only Bre had chosen this real estate career.

She previously worked in the entertainment industry. She is a travel enthusiast with a keen interest in architecture. And that interest helped her become a licensed real estate agent.

But her fame and popularity escalated further by becoming the mother of Nick Canon. But why is this the case? To know all these answers, readers have to read the full article.

Early Childhood Days of Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi was born on May 4, 1991, in Calabasas, California. Thus, their age of Breana is 32 as of 2023.

She belongs to the American nationality, and her ethnicity is also based in the United States. She was born under the sign of Taurus.

Her father is an MMA fighter. Thus, Breana spent most of her childhood in his gym, and her mother is a nutritionist.

Bre Tiesi has a sister who is a dance choreographer; unfortunately, she didn’t share the names of her family. If any of the readers get to know about that, please kindly comment on it.

Thus, all her family members are fitness enthusiasts, so naturally, Bre has been interested in being a fitness freak since childhood.

Bre Tiesi Teenage Love

When Bre Tiesi was 16 years old, she dated a guy and one time she met her boyfriend’s mother. And she advised Bre to do modeling, as she had the perfect body for that.

However, she explained that her ambition was to become a surgical technician. Her boyfriend’s mother, on the other hand, encouraged her to pursue modeling.

Well, she has to impress her boyfriend’s mother, indeed. And she gave it a shot at modeling, and then she became a great model while studying.

But later, she couldn’t balance modeling and studies, so she quit the modeling industry and finished her studies at Agoura High School.

Bre Tiesi Career

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Bre Tiesi began her modeling career as a teenager. She became a famous model and even won the title “Little Miss Hawaiian Tropic.”

Her modeling career opened the door to the entertainment industry. Bre started to appear in many commercials, television shows, and movies.

Bre Tiesi has appeared on Cannon’s Wild n’ Out on MTV, WAGS on E!, and Love & Listings on VH1.In the meantime, Bre Tiesi acted in the television series “Lie to Me,” and her character name was Ms Oregon.

Then she appeared in the television series “MMAthletics.” And in 2015, Bre Tiesi appeared in the movie “Knight of Cups.”

In addition, Bre Tiesi is conducting the fitness program “Body by Bre,” where she helps people stay fit and lose extra weight.

She is also a social media influencer who has garnered thousands of followers.

Bre Tiesi in Selling Sunset

Bre Tiezzi is a certified real estate agent who works for Oppenheim Group; before that, she worked at Keller Williams Beverly Hills.

Now that Netflix is streaming the Selling Sunset series, Bre Tiesi will participate as an Oppenheim Group candidate. And during the COVID period, Breana started to learn about brokerages and real estate.

And she learned all the real estate skills, and her quick transition from entrepreneur to real estate agent made everyone in awe of her.

Bre Tiesi Personal Life

Bre Tiesi imgg
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Bre Tiesi is in a relationship with the American Host and actor Nick Cannon. They had known each other for a longer time. But they had recently been in a relationship.

And last year, Bre Tiesi revealed that she was expecting Nick Canon’s child, which surprised everyone.

He has many wives and girlfriends because Nick Canon practices polygamy. As a result, Bre Tiesi’s decision has piqued people’s interest.

But she explained to everyone that Nick is a very good, friendly, and trustworthy person, and she felt that Nick might be a great father to her son, “the legendary Love Canon.”

Legendary Love Canon was born on July 20, 2022, via home birth. And Bretiesi wants to deliver her son at home, which she carefully did; she even posted her labor journey on her YouTube channel.

Legendary Love is the first child for Bre and the 11th child for Nick Canon. Even after the birth of the legendary, he welcomed his 12th daughter.

Bre Tiesi and Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manzel is the ex-husband of professional football player Bre Tiesi, with whom he married in 2018 and divorced in 2019.

Because Johnny was cheating on Bre and talking to many girls behind Bre’s back.

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What is Bre Tiesi’s Net Worth?

Bre Tiesi’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2023. She is a talented and successful real estate agent. And she has been in the entertainment industry for many years. As a result, she saved a significant amount of money.

For the year 2022, her net worth is 800,000 USD. Her yearly salary is 20,000 USD.

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Bre Tiesi Age and Height

Bre Tiesi’s age is 32, and she is the most physically fit mother. Because after giving birth to a child, every mom will put on weight. Due to breastfeeding, their breasts will be slagged.

But even then, Bre Tiesi has maintained her body as it was in her earlier modeling days.

Bre Tiesi stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm or 1.7 meters tall and weighs approximately 56 kg (123 lbs). Her hair color is black, and her eyes are black as well.

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