Brendan Kavanagh is one of the best pianists in England these days. Peoples are becoming his fans, shortly after watching his performances. Every piano enthusiast is now in his search to know about his history.

And sure, they would find about him as he has a very inspiring and suspicious life story. Thousands of peoples have influenced by his story and are doing well in their life.

So, you also read this inspirational biography of Brendan Kavanagh and reach your dream.

Brendan Kavanagh Pianist Biography, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height, Marriage & More
NameBrendan Kavanagh
Nick NameDr. K
Birth Date1967
Birth PlaceLondon, England
Age53 Years
Height5'6'' feet
Net Worth$1 Million
ProfessionPianist and YouTuber
CollegeSt. Aloysius College
University College Lubin
UniversityMiddlesex University
University College Cork
EducationBachelor of Arts (BA) with Honours
Master of Arts (MA)
PhD in English Literature

ParentsFather (Plasterer)
Mother (Housewife)
Marital Status (Rumor)Married
Marriage Date (Rumor)10 July 2010
Daughter (Rumor)Zoe
ResidenceLondon, England

Who is Brendan Kavanagh?

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Brendan Kavanagh is a contemporary British pianist and piano mentor of Irish descent. He is also known as “Dr. K” as he has a Philosopher of Doctorate degree.

He is widely known in England and in overseas countries for his amazing piano tunes. Brendan has specialized in playing the boogie-woogie genre.

He is a regular piano performer who mainly targets an open crowded venue like stations and airports.

Despite boogie-woogie, he also plays genres including classical music, Rock and Roll, Blues, Jazz, and Irish traditional music. Let you see below the full biography of this great pianist Brendan Kavanagh.

Early Life of Brendan Kavanagh

Brendan Kavanagh was born in 1967 in London, England. His late parents had Irish ethnicity. Brendan’s father was a plasterer from Country Cork. However, Brendan never wanted to spend his life as a builder.

He gravitated towards toy pianos from his childhood and his first baby attempts at writing include quavers, semiquavers, and treble clefs.

Besides this, he was also a bookish boy from his early life as he preferred to be alone with a book rather than playing football in the park.

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When Brendan turned seven, his father moved to the family residence and brought a piano together which he found omitted on a building site.

The piano was almost 100 years old and was very heavy. This became a problem for Brendon’s father to lift the piano up four flights of stairs to the family’s small two-bedroom flat.

Now, Brendan had a real piano and thereby he started taking its formal lessons with a local teacher. He further learned that how the piano works and how to read music.

Education of Brendan Kavanagh

Brendan Kavanagh begins his elementary schooling at a local school in his native place. He was a very studious and smart student in his school.

Despite being an interest in piano, he has shown an early propensity towards academic studies. He then enrolled in St Aloysius College in 1986 to pursue his further education.

Brendan then joined the Middlesex University in 1994 where he studied English literature and graduated with a B. A (Hons) degree.

He later earned a Master of Art’s (MA) degree in Anglo Irish Studies at University College Dublin. However, he didn’t stop his studies here. But, looked for a Ph.D. in English Literature so he enrolled in University College Cork.

Brendan Boogie Woggie Career

Brendan Kavanagh learned piano completely from the famous international concert pianist name Nelly Ben-Or. She is a piano professor who taught at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in the UK.

Brendan credits her for his success as she was the role model of his career. He also said in the fun that she didn’t mind me playing a bit of boogie-woogie on her Steinway.

Brenden aware of the boogie-woogie when he turned sixteen by looking at Jools Holland playing the genre on Channel 4’s ‘The Tube’.

He then played numerous bands around London and shortly introduced to legendary Woogie player Hammy Howell. He taught Brendan a total of four boogie-woogie lessons at different locations.

He also taught him ‘Hammy’s Boogie which Dr. K later copied in the Badass Boogie Bundles.

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He debuts his career as an English and Latin teacher at the start. He continued his job for the consecutive few years and then got bored of it. Therefore, he decided to leave his teaching job.

Brenden wrote a book in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with modern education and entitled “Toxic Teaching which can still be found on Amazon”.

Brendan on the Way of Success

In 2007, Brendan founded an online piano platform and named Dr. K Media Limited. The motive of this foundation was to focus on online teaching, selling, performing, and promoting piano music and mainly targeting the boogie-woogie style.

Brendan started performing in open public venues. In fact, he still used to perform in crowded areas like railway stations, airports, and markets. He mostly used to do everything within London and rarely out of it.

Brendan got a lot of fame as he performed himself in few places. Looking at this he decided to come on YouTube.

He created his YouTube channel on 4 June 2012 and titled his name. He started uploading piano music videos where he also teaches about it.

Even he also used to record the moments when he performs in an open venue and then upload them on his channel.

Brendan achieved the mark of 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel around December 2019. So, he also got the Gold creator award for this achievement.

Currently, he has more than 1.40 million subscribers and has uploaded over 1.4k videos on his YouTube channel. Besides this, more than 600 million peoples have watched his videos.

Personal Life of Brendan Kavanagh

Brendan Kavanagh married her loving one on 10 July 2010 as of his Facebook account’s relationship status. Although, there is no clarification about his girlfriend or wife.

Peoples have never looked at anyone with him who can be considered as his partner. However, many peoples believe that Brendan Kavanagh is married and has a daughter named Zoe.

Brendan has great affection for animals and that’s why he is breeding a dog for many years. His dog’s name is Rex which became about one year old on 9 January 2021.

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Brendan is an adventurous type of person as he always seen in new places. Further, he is a great teacher as he always guides the peoples to playing the piano.

Net Worth of Brendan Kavanagh

Brendan Kavanagh estimated net worth is $1 million. He has numerous sources of his earning. However, Brendan majorly earns through teaching and YouTube.

In the comparison of these both, Brendan mostly adds his wealth from YouTube. Despite this, he can also earn through promotions and advertisement. Anyway, he has not such conceptions to be a rich person.

Rather than, he likes to engage with his audience and to earn their love.

Social Media Appearance

Brendan Kavanagh has a major appearance on social media platforms. He has a bunch of followers on his accounts. And obviously, it should be as he regularly used to entertain his followers.

Currently, he has more than 11.2k followers on his Instagram and over 1.47k followers on his Twitter account. Apart from these, Brenden has more than 75k followers on his Facebook page and more than 6k followers on his Facebook profile. And we already know that he has about 1.40 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The Bottom Line

Brendan Kavanagh is one of the famous Londoner pianists. He had a very bad start to his life which led him to face several troubles.

He was neither a rich man and had no luxurious life during his childhood. Bit, he takes it as a motivation and turned it into an opportunity.

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He further tried and tried and succeeded in his life. And rest is in history. I hope you enjoyed reading the biography of Brendan Kavanagh. Let you share your feedback below about his life story.

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    Dr. Kavenagh is most fortunate! He does not suffer a lack of talent, rather stands bored listening to slow playing of dull music. while he stands near by showing his rendition of Jimmy Stewarts “index finger wave”! n I am 80 years old and disabled. Iget tired just sucking my oxygen in! But hisboogie woogie brings listening excitment to my hearing aids! Thanks Doc signed Ted Sawallesh, Colorado.USA

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