Many people love to cook but a few consider it as their profession. Brent Owens is one of those who are passionate about cooking. Cooking is not only a method to follow for preparing a dish but it is a true art.

A person who loves cooking knows the real flavor of spices and can turn anything into a scrumptious dish.

Here we can not serve you with his delightful dishes, but we can sure show you his wonderful biography that sounds very delicious.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Brent Owens
  • Birth Date: 23 August 1989
  • Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia
  • Age: 32 Years
  • Height: 6 feet and 1 inch approximately
  • Net Worth: $5 million
  • Profession: Chef
  • School: Central Queens Academy Charter School
  • University: Canisius College, New York, United States
  • Education: Graduate
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Partner: Madison Ancrum

Who is Brent Owens?

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Brent Owens is a renowned Australian chef master and author of a book titled Dig In! He is known for being the winner of MasterChef Australia (the sixth series).

His life was not that easy. For years he worked hard and bought a house for himself.

There was a time when he worked as a driver. His continued efforts helped him to grow in a better way.

Brent continued to struggle throughout his life and finally, he is one of the most notable chefs across the world.

Early Life of Brent Owens

Brent Owens was born on the 23rd of August 1989 in Melbourne, Australia. There is no information available regarding his family background nor he has shared the names of his parents.

It looks as if he is very possessive when it comes to his personal life. He has not disclosed anything related to his childhood.

Similarly, Brent has not bothered to share information about his siblings. So, it is different to estimate anything regarding his past life.

Regarding his studies, Brent went to Central Queens Academy Charter School for his secondary education.

After his schooling, he went to Canisius College, New York, the United States for pursuing his graduation and masters.

Brent Owens Career

Before choosing his profession as a professional cook, Brent Owens started working as a driver. He started his job as a driver at 18 as he was facing financial issues around that period.

But he left this job soon due to some unknown personal reasons. At the age of 19, he bought a house for himself that made him happier as he felt really proud of himself.

Brent also owns a keen interest in football. He started playing football as a hobby but who knows that it would help him to grow his name word wide.

For Melton Bloods Football Club, Brent played Australian rules football in the Ballarat Football League where he defeated the other 23 strong players with his superb game.

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Brent again came into the limelight when he appeared in MasterChef Australia in the year 2014. It was an extremely hard competition.

Brent said, “Not for a second did I think I could win this. There was always self-doubt”. So, from here, it is estimated that it was a hard competition.

Hard work paid off when Brent was finally renowned by the title of the winner of the sixth series of MasterChef Australia.

Brent Owens Partner

Brent Owens is in a relationship with Madison Ancrum. Madison is his longtime girlfriend since they were in school.

The duo inspires the new generation of couples to be in long-term relationships.

They are happy with each other and Madison helped Brent in his weak time. While Brent was in Master Chef, Madison supported her intensively.

This shows their precious bond and concern for each other.

However, they have not shared their private information yet. Their fans are excited to know about their relationship in detail. But Brent never bothered to share anything.

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Social Media Appearance

Brent Owens is a strong influencing personality. He is stable and a man of his own words. He has been followed by thousands of people on his social media handles. Yet his Instagram is private but there are thousands of people following him over there.

Let you see his follower numbers of Brent on his two different social media handles.

  • Instagram: More than 21k followers
  • Twitter: More than 6.6k followers

Brent Owens Net Worth

Brent Owens’s net worth is $5 million approximately. He has earned it with his skillful cooking.

His topmost earning was his winning amount in MasterChef which was $250,000 prize money, out of which he gave $50,000 to his fellow contestant Emelia Jackson.

Brent and Emelia made a commitment that whosoever won the competition would give the other a cut of $50,000.

This shows that he is a man of his words. At all, Brents has sustained himself on the big stages that ultimately let him earn huge amounts on monthly basis.

The Bottom Line

Brent Owens is a strong personality whose perseverance and hard work paved his way on the road to success.

He actually knows the taste of spices and mixes and matches everything so nicely that it becomes a mouthwatering dish.

His life was not an easy-going journey but he worked hard and converted to the luxurious life that he deserves.

Thank you for reading this biography till the end. Your valuable feedback is welcome on this biography post.

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