Brian Kelly is the famous head coach of Louisiana State University, recently appearing in the headlines for his divorce rumors.

Usually, his team’s achievements will appear in the newspapers, but recently his Divorce rumors spread like a forest fire, and if any of these rumors became viral, their managers or institutions usually came to save their staff.

But for Brian Kelly, his children came to his rescue and burst the truth about his divorce rumors. In this way, Brian Kelly‘s children have stolen the light from their dad.

Let’s go over those kids in greater detail.

Who is Brian Kelly?

Brian Kelly-

Brian Kelly is the head coach at Louisiana State University, having moved from the University of Notre Dame two years ago.

He is a popular coach who has coached players at universities like the University of Notre Dame, Grand Valley State University, Central Michigan University, and the University of Cincinnati.

In 2002, he assisted the Grand Valley State Lakers to win back-to-back NCAA Division II Football Championships.

Thus, he has been serving as a head coach since 1991. Brian Kelly has shed blood and sweat for more than three decades guiding American football players.

His efforts are still appreciable, but when a person attains more popularity, naturally, more rumors will surround them, and even Brian got caught in that trap.

This time there were Brian divorce rumors.

But all his children stood against those rumors and saved their father, so here in this article; we will discuss them in detail.

Who are Brian Kelly Kids?

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly has three children, and they are:

  • Partick Kelly
  • Kenzel Kelly
  • Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is the only daughter of head coach Brian. Let us see what his kids are doing in real life.

“As father like son,” here in Brian Kelly’s life, it is “as a father like sons.”

Yes, his two sons follow in their father’s footsteps, even they have entered the football field.

Let us see about them one by one.

Partick Kelly

He is the first son of Brian Kelly, and presently he is working as a recruiting analyst in the LSU football program.

Kenzel Kelly

Kenzel is a member of the GVSU football team.

Grace Kelly

Grace is a famous kid of Brian Kelly because she used to be active on her TikTok account and has managed to gather a decent number of followers.

Presently, she is studying at the University of Notre Dame, and in the year 2021, even his father was the head coach of Notre Dame University. Still, later he got transferred to LSU University.

During that period, Grace posted that her Notre Dame University wasn’t the same without her father, Brian. Her statement went viral and gathered the attention of many people.

Who is the mother of all three Brian Kelly children?

Brian Kelly’s wife’s name is Pacqui, and her real name is Francisca. She is a very supportive wife and a great mother of three kids.

Francisca is a breast cancer survivor; thus, she involved herself in creating awareness regarding breast cancer. And together with her husband, they opened a foundation named “Kelly Cares Foundation”.

Thus, the whole Kelly family is doing their best to serve others.

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Bottom Line

We have discussed more details about the kids of head coach Brian Kelly. As the kids grew up, they learned to protect their own families, and Patrick, Grace, and Kenzel did the same.

Isn’t it a great thing to witness our kids becoming real adults?

The end!

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