Calum Scott (born on 12 October 1988) is a renowned English singer and songwriter. Her popularity rose in 2015 when competed on the ITV talent contest Britain’s Got Talent.

Calum Scott boyfriend name has become a mystery among people and the media. And that’s why we are here today to reveal whether he is dating someone or single currently.

Who is Calum Scott Boyfriend?

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Clacum Scott is currently single and thus he has no gay boyfriend as of 2023. However, he had few relationships previously for which he always trends in the headlines.

Since he revealed himself as gay, he has been not linked to any relationship. But it would be interesting to know about his earlier partners.

Let’s check them out.

Has Calum Scott Ever Had Any Boyfriend?

Yes, Calum Scott had a boyfriend earlier. The name of his ex-boyfriend is not revealed in public due to his privacy concerns.

They broke up because Scott was unable to fulfill the communication requirement of their relationships as he used to be on tour most of the time. This led to their separation.

Along with that, Scott was attached to the famous English singer and songwriter, Sam Smith, with whom he also broke up with some undisclosed reasons.

Now, he wants to find someone who is enough mature to understand his situation.

Is Calum Scott Dating Someone?

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No, Calum Scott is currently not dating anyone and is single in terms of his relationship. But as we know, there was a time when he used to date someone.

However, due to their unbalanced relationship, they had to separate their paths. Scott has even expressed his sorrows on this incident, as his career became his relationship obstacle.

Calum Scott recently talked about his desire to become a dad.

During an interview with Guilty Pleasures, the singer revealed that he’s excited about the prospect of having children through surrogacy.

He mentioned that as he gets older, he’s starting to think more about his life, even though he’s still single.

Calum Scott Sexuality

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Calum Scott is gay in terms of his sexuality, which was officially disclosed by him during an interview with Attitude magazine in 2016. Thus, there is no doubt whether he is gay or straight.

Scott has discussed his challenges with understanding his sexuality during his early days, but he has since developed self-assurance as he entered adulthood.

When Calum Scott shared his sexuality with his friends, they rejected him. The singer has channeled this pain into a new single that he released back in 2022.

Facts to Know About Calum Scott

  • Calum Scott is a famous English singer and songwriter.
  • He gained fame in 2015 on Britain’s Got Talent by singing “Dancing on My Own.”
  • Simon Cowell gave him the Golden Buzzer during the competition.
  • His “Dancing on My Own” single reached number two on the UK Singles Chart in 2016.
  • Calum signed with Capitol and released “You Are the Reason” in 2017.
  • His debut album, “Only Human,” reached number 4 on the UK Albums Chart.
  • Calum has over one billion streams on his music.
  • He collaborated with Leona Lewis on a duet version of “You Are the Reason.”
  • Calum Scott is openly gay and shared his sexuality with the public in 2016.
  • Currently, he is single and expressed his desire to become a dad in the future.

Final Thought

Finally, we can confirm the fact that Calcum Scott is currently single and is not dating anyone. He has even claimed that he will never date any fellow celebrity, after his breakup with Sam Smith.

Overall, he is alone these days in terms of his relationship and is in search of a good life partner with whom he can make a family through surrogacy.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and got whatever you were looking for. Still, if you have any questions or feedback regarding this article, let us know in the comment section.

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