Eric Stoltz, one of the most active performers in cinema, is a favorite of indie directors who has a very talented and beautiful daughter Catalina Stoltz.

She has been popular because of her father who is a famous actor and producer, but she is in the process of achieving great fame in her career. Catalina used to watch her father’s films and shows and used to mimic his acting in front of the screen. They both share a very close father-daughter bond.

In this article, we are going to have a thorough read about Catalina Stoltz’s biography including her early life, career, and her personal life.

Catalina Stoltz Profile Summary
NameCatalina Stoltz
Birth PlaceWhittier, California
FatherEric Stoltz
MotherBernadette Moley
Marital StatusSingle

Who is Catalina Stoltz?

catalina stoltz

Catalina Stoltz is the daughter of a very famous American actor, director, and producer Eric Stoltz.

She is passionate about music and instruments and often plays an assortment of instruments. However, she is not as famous as her father but she is getting there.

Catalina has enthusiasm for doing yoga, playing outside, painting, understanding books, playing outdoor games, and going to the exercise center.

Unfortunately, there is no valid image of Catalina is available on the internet.

Soon, we will see a whole beautiful butterfly ready to take its wings out and fly.

Early Life of Catalina Stoltz

Catalina Stoltz’s birth date is not known for now. She was born in Whittier, California, United States belongs to the White ethnicity, and follows the Christian religion.

Talking about her parents, her father as mentioned above is Eric Stoltz who is a very famous American actor, producer, and director and her mother is Bernadette Moley who is from Ireland and is a singer and former animator for Disney.

Now let’s also talk about Catalina’s grandparents, her grandfather is Jack Stoltz who was an elementary school teacher, and her grandmother is Evelyn Vawter, who was a violinist and a school teacher.

Speaking of Catalina’s siblings, she is the only child of her parents  We will update the article if we happen to receive any other information about her early life.

If you guys happen to have any information regarding Catalina’s early life please feel free to share it in the comment section down below.

Physical Appearance

Catalina Stoltz is a beautiful young woman with a resemblance to her father Eric Stoltz and her mother Bernadette Moley.

She has curly brown hair just like her Bernadette Moley and has a beautiful smile.

Talking about her height and weight there’s no information available about it as of now. Thank you for reading this article about Catalina Stoltz. We hope you found this post interesting.

Catalina Stoltz Career

eric stoltz image
Eric Stoltz (Photo from Wikipedia)

Catalina Stoltz’s career is not outlined as of now. Although she is working on her skills and hobbies to brighten her overall skills and personality.

The star child, a young lady who is the daughter of a well-known artist, is enthusiastic about music and instruments.

Catalina enjoys playing many different instruments. Even though she isn’t recognized as her father.

She is still developing, though, and soon people will recognize her for her exceptional abilities.

Star child, Catalina enjoys moving, listening to music, practicing yoga, playing outside, painting, understanding literature, playing outdoor activities, and going to the gym in her spare time.

She also enjoys traveling to new places and contemplating the beauty of nature. She also treasures spending time with her loved ones.

Stoltz is currently not engaging in online entertainment since she seizes every opportunity to live her life away from the spotlight and the media.

She has 4k followers on Instagram, although she rarely posts anything there. However, she has kept his official Instagram account hidden.

Catalina has become well-known for being a non-shady persona. She hasn’t yet debated any arguments that have grabbed the attention of the media.

She enjoys how he keeps the details of his personal life private. It’s the perfect justification for her unquestioning attitude.

Catalina Stoltz Personal Life

Catalina is currently single. She has not yet revealed any information regarding her relationships or endeavors through virtual entertainment.

She hasn’t disclosed her dating status because she prefers to remain anonymous.

However, if we happen to receive anything surrounding her personal life we will update you guys.

And if by any chance you guys have any information about Catalina’s dating life please share the information in the below comment section. We will appreciate it.

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Catalina Stoltz Net Worth

Catalina Stoltz’s net worth is insufficient to be regarded as distinct. On the other hand, his father is a well-known American actor with a $5 million fortune.

He has access to a lot of money because of his successful acting career. He doesn’t have a business of his own or any other means of support.

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Catalina Stolz Facts to Know

  • Catalina Stoltz is the daughter of famous actor Eric Stoltz.
  • She’s known for her passion for music and playing various instruments.
  • Catalina enjoys activities like yoga, painting, reading, and outdoor games.
  • There are no available images of her on the internet.
  • Her birthdate and age are undisclosed.
  • Her father, Eric Stoltz, is a renowned American actor, producer, and director.
  • Her mother, Bernadette Moley, is from Ireland and is a singer and former Disney animator.
  • Catalina’s grandparents include Jack Stoltz, an elementary school teacher, and Evelyn Vawter, a violinist and school teacher.
  • She is the only child of her parents.
  • Catalina’s career details are not mentioned, but she’s working on developing her skills and hobbies.

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