Chantal Compagnon (born in 1945) is a French woman primarily known for her association with Charles Sobhraj, a notorious French serial killer and fraudster, as his wife.

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Chantal Compagnon Profile Summary
NameChantal Compagnon
Birth PlaceParis, France
Age78 Years Old
HeightFeet & Inches: 5'6
Centimeter: 171
Meter: 1.71
Net Worth $1 million
ProfessionTeacher, Philanthropist
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandCharles Sobhraj
ChildrenUsha Sobhraj

Who is Chantal Compagnon?

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Chantal Compagnon is a French lady popular for being the wife of  Charles Sobhraj, the French serial killer and Fraudster

Despite their separation, the woman is known for her relationship with Charles only.

All her fame and name came from being the wife of this fraudster, Charles, with whom she even had a daughter, Usha Sobhraj.

Chantal Compagnon Age

As of 2023, Chantal Compagnon is around 78 years old, born in 1945.

Her public identity and recognition primarily stem from her marriage to Charles Sobhraj, and their union brought forth a daughter named Usha Sobhraj.

Despite their separation, she remains recognized for her relationship with the infamous individual.

Early Life of Chantal Compagnon 

Chantal Compagnon was born during the year 1945. She was born in a conservative catholic family in Paris, France.

Chantal was of French origin and held French nationality. She belonged to the white ethnic group.

Her faith was in the orthodox Christian religion as she was born and brought up in a Christian family.

Nothing much is known about her family or her parents. They were a well-settled family in France who made sure that their daughter was well-educated.

Also, it is not known whether she has any siblings or not. She currently resides in France along with her daughter.

As far as her education is concerned, she has completed her schooling and college at a local university in France.

Chantal Compagnon Career 


Chantal Compagnon was an educated lady who worked as a teacher in a public school and a philanthropist.

Nothing much is known about her as she has not disclosed anything about herself on the public forum.

However, the lady had her own well-settled career before she gained fame as the wife of the famous French serial killer and scam artist, Charles Sobhraj.

At present, the 77-year-old lives a very secluded life away from social media.

Her fame dies with the arrest of her husband who was subjected to 29 years of hard prison in one of the jails of France for the crimes of murder and looting.

Chantal Compagnon Personal Life 

Chantal Compagnon is the wife of Charles Sobhraj, the famous scam artist.

The life of Chantal has been quite interesting. Chantal Compagnon’s husband was the famous fraudster Charles Sobhraj.

Chantal Compagnon met Charles in 1969 at a party, who told her of his adventures in the Orient and Dakar and his fictitious wealthy family back in Saigon.

At that time, Charles was dating Chantal Desnoyers. He broke up with Desnoyers to marry Compagnon.

She met him during a party in 1969 and she was impressed by his fictitious family background from Saigon. Charles was dating another woman at that time and he broke away with her to marry Chantal.

Charles proposed to Chantal but her parents were against this marriage. Charles convinced the family of the marriage by showcasing his wealth which he had accumulated by conducting many scams.

Later, when he got released from jail for a scam in 1969, the couple got married.

Their Daughter Usha Sobhraj

The name of Chantal Compagnon’s daughter is Usha Sobhraj. When in 1970, Chantal was pregnant with Usha, the couple left France using fake documents.

The couple moved to Mumbai and Charles pledged that he would be away from the life of crime. However, he could not do so for long and soon got involved in car theft cases.

When Usha Sobhraj was born, Chantal sent her to France so that she could live with her parents.

In 1971, the couple fled to Kabul and got into weapon smuggling.

Later they moved to many places and during an unsuccessful jewelry loot attempt at Ashoka Hotel in Delhi, he was arrested.

Here also he drugged the guards when he was taken to hospital from Tihar Jail. The couple once again fled to Kabul.

Chantal was equally guilty and the couple was into looting and drugging people all over Asia and Europe.

Both of them were later arrested in Kabul but again Charles managed to escape to France and somehow brought his daughter. When he came back, he was arrested again.

However, on this release he escaped to Iran and Chantal went to France again with her daughter never to see Charles again in her life.

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Chantal Compagnon Net Worth 

Chantal Compagnon has an estimated net worth of around $1 million as of 2023.

All her major sources of income are her savings which she accumulated as a teacher and philanthropist.

Also, her fame and money gained a notorious boost due to her marriage with the scam artist, Charles who made huge amounts of money by forgery.

Chantal Compagnon lives a good and comfortable life with her daughter and family in France and stays away from the media limelight.

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Physical Appearance 

Chantal Compagnon was quite a beautiful-looking person during her prime time. She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches or around 171 centimeters and her current weight cannot be known.

However, when she was young she had gorgeous red hair and blue eyes. She had a pretty face and an elegant body.

No wonder the fraudster Charles fell for her on their first meeting.

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