Charles Pol is a renowned American actor and producer famous for his role in The Incredible Dr. Pol, which is now mostly in its 21st season.

The TV show revolves around Dr. Jan and his family as they try to save sick and injured animals besides helping other farmers.

Charles Pol is extremely famous on the big screen and even has a lot of fan following. 

He has spent many years of his life acting and producing. 

Let us find out more about him and see what is so intriguing about him. 

Charles Pol Profile Summary
NameCharles Pol
Birth Date6 March 1979
Birth PlaceMichigan, USA
Age43 Years Old
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Net Worth$2.1 Million
ProfessionActor, Producer
UniversityUniversity Of Miami
FatherDr. Jan
MotherDiane Pol
SisterKathy Pol, Diane Jr.
Marital StatusMarried
WifeBeth Oakes

Who is Charles Pol? 

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Charles Pol is a famous producer and an actor who has given Hollywood many successful hits. 

The interesting thing about his life is that he was adopted at a very young age along with his biological sister. 

His adoptive parents gave him tremendous support and he became a marvel in his career. 

Some of his famous acting and producing endeavors are: Nightcap with Dr.Pol(2018) as self, Calling Dr.Pol (2014-2016): Actor and Executive Producer, and The Legend of Sheriff Guss Skinner(2013) as producer. 

Early Life of Charles Pol

Charles Pol was born on 6th March 1979 in the state of Michigan, the United States. 

He is 43 years old as of now in the year 2022. He is a Pisces by birth. 

He has American nationality and is of Latin ethnicity. He follows the religion of Christianity so do his parents. 

His biological parents’ names are not known. However, he was adopted by Dr.Jan and his wife Diane Pol. 

They also adopted his biological sister named Kathy Pol and had a step-sister named Diane jr. 

All their three children grew up together in a happy family. They learned to care for animals in his adoptive father’s animal clinic. 

Charles Pol completed his primary and high schooling in his native place. The actor then joined the University of Miami in the year 2003 with a major in communications and mass media. 

After he graduated from Michigan he moved on to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for acting and producing. 

Charles Pol Career 

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Charles Pol is an actor and producer by profession. Soon after leaving Michigan, He landed an internship role in production and acting.

His stay in Los Angeles gave him work as an intern at numerous reputable companies such as Paramount Pictures, Mirage Enterprises, and Parkway Production. He even got to work under the late Hollywood legend Sydney Pollack. 

In 2011, Charles had relocated back to his hometown and became one of the executive producers for his father’s television show.

The idea to create The Incredible Dr. Pol was actually Charles’. Today, the show airs on the National Geographic channel and is in its 21st season. 

Some of his famous acting and producing endeavors are Nightcap with Dr. Pol (2018), Calling Dr. Pol (2014-2016), The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner (2013), Drunk & Disorderly (2012) as Guy Cop The Incredible Dr. Pol (2011-present).

Charles Pol Personal Life 

Charles Pol is married to his long-time girlfriend Beth Oakes.  They got married in the year 2018. 

There had been rumors in the past about Charles being gay as he was not seen with any women around. 

But soon these rumors were made false when he decided to get engaged to Beth Oakes, marking a new and responsible phase in his life. 

The two were childhood friends and knew each other for a long time. Thus their marriage was not really a surprise to the audience. 

They are still married. In 2019, the couple welcomed their first baby, a daughter named Abigail.

Charles Pol’s baby, Abigail Pol can be regularly seen on her father’s and grandfather’s social media posts. The couple Charles and Beth only have one child together as of now. 

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Charles Pol Net Worth 

Charles Pol’s net worth is alleged to be nearly $ 2.1 million as of now in the year 2022. 

According to a particular media house, the actor receives around $ 20,000 per episode of The Incredible Dr.Pol. 

His current figures are based on his earnings both as an actor and as an executive director. 

However, he himself never disclosed his net worth. 

He does use social media and is sometimes active on Instagram but his income from social media is nearly nil. 

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Physical Appearance 

Charles Pol stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 168 centimeters. He has a weight of 81 kilograms or 179 pounds. 

He has brown eyes along with short brown hair. He even keeps a stubble which is also brown in color. 

He is a very witty person who can captivate the audience very easily. He is also one of the main reasons for the success of The Incredible Dr. Pol. 

You can find him on Instagram as @charles_pol123 where even pictures of his daughter can be seen. 

His father Dr.Jan Pol can be found at @thedrpol. 

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