Are you guys great fans of indie pop and bluesy continental music? Then do you know about the songs of Claire Rosinkranz? 

If so, you’ve most likely heard her “Backyard Boy” song. Can you believe a 19-year-old kid created that magnificent song?

Claire claims that music knows no age limit or gender, but she grew up in a musical environment, which aided her in developing an interest in her surroundings.

There are so many interesting facts awaiting our readers in the upcoming sections. Stay tuned with us.

Who is Claire Rosinkranz?

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Claire Rosinkranz is a singer and songwriter from the United States.

Indie pop, indie pop, and indie rock songs. She makes use of the video-sharing social media platform to popularise her songs. Since childhood, Claire has had a great interest in writing songs.

She used to post her songs on TikTok, and the songs would reach more people.

The quarantine period helped her to recognise her skills further; Claire posted a video of her song “Tough Guy,” which went viral, and many people urged her to record the song.

Only she recorded and released that song at that time. In this way, Claire has released three songs.

Her “Backyard Boy” song recently received millions of views, and record labels began to recognise her talent. And Claire has worked with label companies like Purple Monkey Records, Universal Music Group, and Republic Records.

Claire has also emerged as a social media star and currently, she has done many concerts across the United States.

Early Childhood Life of Claire Rosinkranz

Claire Elise Boucher
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Claire Rosinkranz was born on January 4, 2004, in California, USA. She belongs to the American Nation. But she has mixed ethnic roots.

Because her father is of Icelandic descent and her mother is from America. Clarice Rosinkranza’s ethnic roots are thus spread across these two countries.

And she was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. If we see the personality traits of Capricorn people, they are most talented, kind, courageous, and ambitious. Surprisingly, all of these characteristics are matched Claire’s characteristics.

Claire Rosinkranza Age

Claire Rosinkranz is 19 years old as of 2023, born on January 2, 2004, under the sign of Capricorn in California.

At this age, she has achieved remarkable success as a pop singer, captivating audiences with her unique musical style.

Claire Rosinkranza Family Details

Claire Rosinkranza’s father’s name is Ragar, and he is a music composer. He used to play background music for commercials, movies, and TV shows.

He has composed the music for movies like Harvey, Eyes of Fire, and many more. Ragar married his best friend 25 years ago.

Clarie’s mother teaches the students how to play the piano. And her maternal grandfather used to write songs for the kids.

Claire’s paternal grandmother is an Icelandic opera singer. Thus, all her family members are from a musical background.

According to the online sources, Claire Rosinkranza has one older sister, Elise.

However, our team searched for Claire’s mother’s name but could not find it; however, we did find Ragar’s wedding anniversary post.

In that post, he mentioned that Ragar’s wife is the mother of four kids. Yes, he mentioned “4 kids.” It shows that Claire Rosinkranza has three siblings.

There is a chance that two of them are her half-siblings, but this has not been confirmed.

Claire Rosinkranza Career

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Claire Rosinkranza started her songwriting career at a very young age. She used to write many songs when she got bored, and we can see many of her poems and songs in her school notebook.

Claire decided to turn her passion into a profession during the COVID lockdown period when she posted her first song, “Tough Guy,” as a video and then officially released that song.

And along with that song, Claire released these two songs: “Sugar Water” and “Best Friend.”

In the same year, she released an album called Beverly Hills Boys; in that album, there is a song named “Backyard Boys,” which has nearly 100 million views on the internet.

And it has occupied a significant position in the peak music chart positions in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

And it was the only song to occupy the peak chart positions.

Then, in 2021, Claire released her next album, “6 of a Billion,” even though that album was a major hit. And it helped me get a chance to sing in the movie “The Hating System,” and the song name was “Don’t Miss Me.”

Claire Rosinkranza’s latest song, “123,” is going viral on the internet. Readers can listen to that song on her YouTube channel or in the Spotify application.

In addition, Claire decided to start her concert tour around the United States. People can get the tickets on the website Her upcoming shows are scheduled in Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and many more places.

Claire Rosinkranza Songs

Claire Elise Boucher,
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  • Best Friend
  • Sugar Water
  • Backyard Boy
  • Alter your mind.
  • Real Life
  • Frankenstein
  • In a Billion Years
  • Don’t miss me.
  • I’m sorry that I still feel sorry for you.
  • clinging to us
  • I’m too pretty for this.
  • 123

Claire Rosinkranza Social Media Accounts

Instagram: Claire Rosinkranza Her Instagram ID is @clairerosinkranza, and she has around 217k followers.

Youtube: Claire has her own YouTube channel and around 307K subscribers.

Twitter: Her Twitter ID is @clairerosinkraz and she has amassed over 10K followers.

Spotify: Claire is a verified Spotify artist with nearly 3 million monthly listeners.

Claire Rosinkranza Personal Life

Claire Elise Boucher.-
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Claire Rosinkranza is single, and she is not currently dating anyone. But the majority of her songs are about boyfriends and guys. Thus, people thought Claire was dating someone. But unfortunately, it is a big no.

Claire Rosinkranza Love Controversy

Till Date, Claire is not caught up in love scandals or controversies. She needs a brilliant girl who knows how to tackle her personal and professional lives.

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What is Claire Rosinkranza’s Net Worth?

Claire Rosinkranza’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million by 2023. Moreover, she is a very successful singer and a social media personality.

Last year alone, Claire earned $400,000 from her YouTube channel. In addition to that, she will get sponsors for her Instagram account.

And Spotify’s audio streaming services will also pay her monthly payments, and she is also running her merchandise account.

Claire’s net worth for 2022 was 500,000 USD, but now it has climbed to one million dollars. And her annual salary will be around 500,000 USD.

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Claire Rosinkranza Age and Height

Claire Rosinkranza’s age is 19 as of 2023, and she has a slim body and a charming face. Her blonde hair, sharp nose, and grey-colored eyes add an extra touch of beauty to Claire.

Her height measurements are 5 feet 6 inches, 167 cm, or 1.67 meters, and she weighs about 45 kg or 99 lbs.

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