Cleo Rose Elliott (born on 17 September 1984) is an American musician and fashion model who was in the limelight during the early 2000s.

Her career had started off quite well and she was off to a good start, having her roots in an affluent family.

However, like most artists, there have been personal issues that have threatened the smooth graph of stardom, and Cleo has also had her fair share.

Unfortunately, she has not made a comeback post-2011. Let’s read more to find out what happened.

Cleo Rose Elliott Profile Summary
Name Cleo Rose Elliott
Birth Date17 September 1984
Birth Place Malibu, California, USA
Age40 Years Old
Net Worth$1.5 Million USD
Profession American Pop Star, Model
SchoolColin McEwan High School
EducationJoanne Baron/ D W Brown Acting Studio
FatherKatherine Ross
MotherSam Elliott
Marital StatusEngaged
Boyfriend Randy Christopher Bates
NationalityUnited State Of America

Who is Cleo Rose Elliot?

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Cleo Rose Elliott is the only child of Academy Award-winning actors Katherine Ross and Sam Elliott. Her grandparents, Henry Nelson Elliott and Dudley Ross are also famous personalities.

Henry Nelson Elliott is a famous American Conservationist and Dudley Ross is a famous yesteryear actor.

Cleo is popular as an American pop star and a model and is well-respected for her commendable potential for music.

 Early Life of Cleo Rose Elliott

Cleo was born on 17th September 1984. She is 40 years old as of 2023. Her place of birth is Malibu, California, United States Of America.

Post high school, she decided to pursue modeling and then later music, as a full-time occupation.

Cleo Rose Elliott Education

Cleo completed her schooling at Malibu High and then finished her high school degree at Colin McEwan High School.

She then joined Joanne Baron/D W Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica where she studied music for 4 years, from 2002-2006.

She received her training in Italian opera and the tradition of Bel Canto under the tutelage of Charity Chapman, a renowned musician.

There have been many other musicians who have mentored Cleo, other than Chapman as well.

Cleo Rose Elliott Career


Cleo landed her first job in 2003, as a model on the show SexyHair, a hair-styling reality TV series.
Post which, she has been featured in a variety of beauty magazines as a model.

She became a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, Publishers (ASCAP) where she introduced herself to a range of people like music producer Bobby Harby.

Cleo released her debut musical CD “No More Lies” in 2008, which was produced by Harby.

Other than the music industry, Cleo Rose Elliott has made her acting debut in 2020 with the movie, Murder for Dummies.

The movie was directed by Meredith Red. Cleo had played the role of the character, “Kandy Kane.”

Cleo Rose Elliott Personal Life

Cleo had been a troubled teenager, who was prone to bouts of violence, both verbal and physical.
She has had an estranged relationship with her mother, Katherine but has a quite amicable with her father, Sam.

Cleo is said to be dating Randy Christopher Bates, an artist turned pro cycling athlete since 2013.

Randy is often noted addressing Cleo as his fiancée on his social media platforms, even though there are no confirmed reports about their engagement.

 Controversy and family dispute.

In March 2, 2011, Cleo threatened Katherine with a pair of scissors and attempted serious injury.

She had stabbed her mother 6 times on the hand with the aforementioned weapon, resulting in a restraining order against her.

The order was taken back on 30th March 2011 and since then, efforts have been made to amend the mother-daughter relationship.

The Ross- Elliott family has not commented on this incident much. They had decided to resolve the matter internally, and as peacefully as possible.

Other facts about Cleo Rose Elliott

Cleo has been pretty much inactive, career-wise, since 2011 but is frequently seen making red-carpet appearances with her family.

She was seen attending the Oscars, in honor of her father’s nomination for the movie, A Star is Born (2018)

Cleo Rose Elliott is also known as a “prodigy”  of musical talents and is an excellent guitarist and a flute artist, as per her mentors and her fans.

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Cleo Rose Elliott Net Worth

As per various sources, Cleo Rose Elliott is worth approximately $1.5 million USD.
The details of assets owned by her are not privy to the public.

Cleo had made a good income with her musical career initially, but due to the discontinuation of her career, she went through a rough patch in finances back in 2013.

She is a celebrity child and is someone who is quite well off. The fact that she comes from a well-to-do family has also served to be a strong financial foundation for her.

Thus, she has been living a comfortable and good lifestyle to date.

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