Recently, Clint Stevens has been creating a little sensation all over the internet. People want to know who is he, what he does, and where is he from.

Having his memes, videos, and photos going viral we decided to write a complete article covering everything about him. To give a briefing about Clint Stevens, he is a social media personality and twitch streamer.

He became famous by swiftly completing “The Legend of Zelda” series games. Particularly, his streaming is available on twitch and now on YouTube.

Let’s get deep into everything about Clint Stevens further in this article. So without any further ado catch yourself a warm cuppa and let’s get started.

Who is Clint Stevens?

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Clint Stevens is an American YouTuber, social media personality, and Twitch broadcaster. He became famous by quickly playing “The Legend of Zelda” series games.

Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, two well-known Japanese video game designers, are responsible for making this game.

Twitcher has collaborated with well-known online influencers since starting his company and has worked with a network that specializes in Zelda games.

Before turning into a full-time Twitcher, Stevens occasionally uploaded content to his YouTube channel, but things changed.

Since then, his commitment to Twitching and his love for it has paid off. On his Twitch and YouTube channels, he currently has thousands of fans and subscribers.

What is Clint Stevens Real Name?

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Clint Stevens’s real name is ‘Clint Stevens. People usually confuse his real name as his nickname or his stage name.

However, we got confirmation about his official name. Stevens has just one real name which is ‘Clint Stevens’.

Understandably, his name sounds a bit casual like a nickname rather than an official name and that is the reason several people get confused.

Clint Stevens Age

Clint Stevens is 29 years of age as of 2023. He was born on 19th January 1994 in the United States and holds American nationality.

Stevens’ zodiac sign is Capricorn. He is intelligent and able to pay attention to detail because he is a Capricorn.

The Capricornian social media personality possesses the power of strength and determination. Capricorn is an earth sign and has its ruling planet Saturn.

When he was in the eighth grade, he began speedrunning. His first-speed run was on the Nintendo 64 version of the game A Bug’s Life.

Early Life of Clint Stevens


Clint Stevens was born on 19th January 1994 and is 29 years of age as of 2022. His birthplace is in the United States and holds American nationality.

He belongs to White ethnic background and follows Christianity as his belief.

Clint prefers to keep his life private and hasn’t disclosed anything about it online. Here is what is known about his early life.

Clint Stevens Sister

Clint Steven’s sister Katie, who is also a gamer and frequently appears on his streams, is his sister. Clint’s parents’ names, occupations, and other details are still unknown.

We tried to fetch information about his educational life, but couldn’t find anything. Stevens has managed to preserve his personal information quite well.

Who is Clint Stevens Girlfriend?

Clint Stevens has been wholly committed to his streaming profession from the start, and because of this, he even chose against going to college.

Given how frequently he streams, he appears too busy to be dating. He is single right now and has no intention of getting involved with anyone as of now.

How did Clint Stevens Begin His Career?

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He uploads all of his stuff on numerous web platforms as a content creator and Twitch Streamer. When he was in the eighth grade, he began speedrunning.

His first-speed run was on the Nintendo 64 version of the game A Bug’s Life. Additionally, he is the first to discover CLiNTSLYDETM, whose original meaning is a HESS.

Stevens was also the first speedrunner to figure out how to play Damme’s minigame with the heart piece.

YouTube Career

The celebrity launched his YouTube account in June 2015. In December of the same year, he posted “Ocarina of time 100% speedrun,” a movie that lasted 4 hours, 29 minutes, and 18 seconds.

There are over 13,000 views of this fantastic film. He persisted in making videos for his channel, attracting the interest of several other gamers.

Further Growth

He maintained his practice and attempted to adopt various new concepts after noticing the interest and encouragement his channel was receiving.

To increase his notoriety among gamers, he also published speed runs for games like “Outlast,” “Dark Souls 2,” “The Stanley Parable,” “The Wolf Among Us,” and many others.

Later, Clint decided to leave the YouTube platform and launch his channel on Twitch, a website for watching live video streaming.

Clint Stevens Social Media

Clint is without a doubt one of the most popular gamers on Twitch. He leverages his success to gain more followers on Twitter, which has more than 35,000 users and other social media sites.

Additionally, Clint uses the social media handle Instagram, where he has about 30,000 followers who may view the images he has published, either of himself or with his pals.

He does occasionally post a few images and videos for his admirers’ amusement.

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What is Clint Stevens Net Worth?

Clint Stevens estimated net worth is $1 million approximately as of 2023. His estimated net worth for the previous year 2023 was $500,000 USD dollar approximately.

Clint joined a tiny group since he speedruns the majority of the games and has been a successful YouTuber and Twitch streamer since starting his career.

Stevens’s wealth has increased tremendously due to his success. His estimated annual income is $500,000 USD approximately.

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Clint Stevens Height & Weight

Clint Stevens is 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm tall and weighs around 65 kg or 143 lbs. He is a charming personality with a cool skin tone and light brown hair.

Stevens has a lean muscular body which gives him a thin and tall appearance. His jawline comes out sharp due to his fat body percentage.

That was all. We hope you found this article helpful and please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the below comment section.

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