Cory Gruter Andrew (born on 1 September 2001) is a Canadian actor and famed star. She is best known for portraying Cole Mackenzie in Anne with an E.

His talent extends to various films and television productions, including Past the Sun, The Show, Fargo, My Sweet Audrina, This Is Your Death, and Summer of 84.

Let’s take a look at this article to know about his age, height, net worth, career and a lot of other things.

Who is Cory Gruter Andrew?

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Cory Gruter Andrew is a Canadian actor and famed star. Cory Gruter-Andrew, best known for playing Cole Mackenzie in Anne with an E, became well-known for his work on the wildly successful science fiction and riddle series “The 100.”

Other films and television productions in which Cory Gruter-Andrew has appeared include Past the Sun, The Show, Fargo, My Sweet Audrina, This Is Your Death, and Summer of 84.

Early Life of Cory Gruter Andrew

Cory Gruter-Andrew was born on 1 September 2001 in Canada. He was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and holds Canadian citizenship. Similarly, he is Caucasian by ethnicity and follows Christianity.

In the media, not much is known about his family history. He is also very careful about giving the media access to his private information.

The media also doesn’t mention anything about his parents or siblings.

Likewise, he began acting when he was just 13 years old. His mother thought he would enjoy a week-long acting camp, so she decided to sign him up for it during his summer break.

Similar to how he liked it, much to his mother’s surprise, he asked to enroll in a class for professional actors. After that, he entered the renowned “Arts Umbrella.”

Similar to that, he requested an agent after completing six months of training and was given Trudy Aronson of Premiere Talent Management.

In terms of his educational background, he also has a high school diploma. However, there is no information available regarding the school in which he is currently enrolled.

Cory Gruter Andrew Age

Cory Gruter Andrew is currently 22 years old as of 2023, having been born on 1st September 2001.

At such a young age, he has already made a mark in the entertainment industry with his notable roles.

Cory Gruter Andrew career

Cory gruter andrew-
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Cory also went to his first audition after getting a manager and nailed it.

In the same way, he made his acting debut in the 2014 crime, drama, and thriller series Fargo.

He was inspired to continue pursuing his acting career by the success and acclaim of this popular and critically acclaimed series. After that, he took a plane to Calgary where he signed his very first lines.

He was given the part of Arden, an 11-year-old boy when he got back. In the mystery/thriller film “My Sweet Audrina,” William Moseley played a character who was younger than this one.

In 2014, he was given the recurring role of Aden in the well-known series “The 100.” He had to use his training in medieval combat, which made this a difficult role for him to play.

Along with a group of young martial artists with brown and black belts, he was using swordplay.

As Troy Johnson in “Van Helsing,” Eliot in “Supernatural,” Henry Iver in “The Man in the High Castle,” and Cole Mackenzie in “Anne with an E,” he has also appeared in numerous television series.

Additionally, he appeared as a guest on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” in 2016.

He was cast in the movie as a young Per Degaton, which was an exciting role for him. In a similar vein, he played one of the evilest supervillains.

His Movies Appearance

Cory Gruter Andrew has also delivered standout performances in movies in addition to television series. He has also appeared in films like “Manny Dearest.”

The television movie from 2017 in which he played Brett Blainesfeld is this. Similar to this, he has also appeared in other films such as “The Show,” “Beyond the Sun,” and “Elliot Okja” as Tom.

Additionally, he made his film debut in the 2018 film “Summer of 84.” He portrayed Curtis Farraday in the critically acclaimed film in which it was released.

Cory Gruter Andrew Girlfriend

Cory Gruter Andrew is presently not dating anyone as he is still too young to be involved in relationships.

The young Canadian actor has decided to stay single because he is currently concentrating on his acting career.

Since a few years ago, Cory Gruter’s fans have become curious about his sexuality. Cory announced on Instagram in March 2022 that he had been chosen to serve as “the ambassador of the @gavalierssociety nft project.”

Due to this, many of his supporters started to think Cory was gay. Cory didn’t confirm or deny it, though.

Social Media

Regarding his online activities, Cory is active on Twitter and Instagram. Likewise, he has 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account, @corygruter.

Similar to this, Cory has a Twitter account with the handle @corygruter. He started the channel in April 2013 and currently has 46.2k subscribers.

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Cory Gruter Andrew Net Worth

Cory Gruter Andrew has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023. In his acting career, he has been able to amass impressive earnings.

Furthermore, Cory Gruter consequently lives a lavish lifestyle and has recently made a number of pricey purchases thanks to his rising net worth.

Cory posted a picture of a 1983 Honda vintage car that the gifted actor recently acquired.

As of 2022, his net worth was around $700,000 USD. He earns fairly well at an average of 50,000 USD a month.

So, judging by his present financial growth he can hit the $2 million mark in 3-4 years.

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Cory Gruter Andrew Physical Appearance

Young and attractive actor Cory is approximately 62 kg (5 feet 11 inches) tall and 71 inches in height (136 lbs.).

He also has the Mesomorph body type and vital measurements of 38-30-13 inches.

The charismatic persona is fair-skinned, has captivating blue eyes, and has blonde hair. In addition, he doesn’t have any body piercings or tattoos.

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