Daisy Maskell is one of the most influential persons in England. She became the host of a morning program in commercial radio history at an age of 22 only, which made her the youngest one to do this.

Thus, achieving such a great position at this young age has influenced many people, especially the youngsters. You will not regret reading her biography if it will look in the way we have covered.

Just have a read below of her story and just became familiar to her.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Daisy Louisa Maskell
  • Birth Date: October 18, 1997
  • Birth Place: North London, England
  • Age: 26 Years Old
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Profession: TV Representor, Model and RJ
  • Status: unmarried
  • Education: High school
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: British- white
  • Residence: The United Kingdom

Who is Daisy Maskell?

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Daisy Maskell is the UK’s youngest morning program host in commercial radio history who achieved this position at the age of 22.

She has had insomnia since she was a child.

Daisy has been in the media coverage recently after the BBC documentary exhibiting her insomnia battles has gone viral.

The documentary, “Daisy Maskell: Insomnia and Me” shows how the young lady has fought against insomnia since a very young age.

She does part-time modeling photoshoots which add up to her popularity. Maskell has been interviewed by some of the world’s most famous celebrities.

Maskell tested positive for coronavirus recently.

Early Life of Daisy Maskell

Daisy was born on October 18, 1997, in the United Kingdom. Her full name is Daisy Louise Maskell. She is an English national who resides in London. She is 23 years old in 2021.

Maskell has been suffering from sleeplessness since she was nine years old. She was diagnosed at the age of nine, but she may have had symptoms as early as the age of eight.

She said in the interview that she also suffered from an eating disorder which she relates to her insomnia.

Maskell dropped out of high school to pursue a career in styling and creative directing, beginning her career in presenting through behind-the-scenes.

She has additionally been vocal about psychological well-being, and her personal expertise with going to remedy classes when she was youthful.

She has also spoken about the daily hardships she has had as a result of Insomnia.

Personal life of Daisy Maskell

Daisy Maskell has not revealed her mother’s or father’s titles. As a result, we only know that her parents are divorced and not together. 

She links her sleeping disorder to the separation of her parents at an early stage of life.

Apart from that piece of information, nothing else about her family has been revealed.

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Daisy Maskell doesn’t appear to have a boyfriend because she isn’t dating anyone.

She should be content with her single life for the time being because she hasn’t found the right companion in her life.

Maskell is putting in long hours on her re-establishment and doing a good job on her work, which will keep her occupied.

As a result, she should find it difficult to find a suitable companion.

Career of Daisy Maskell

Maskell began her career in radio in January 2018 on the UK internet radio station W! ZARD Radio Station, where she hosted a weekly radio show.

She later became a part of the KISS FM Breakfast Show.

In January of this year, she joined the show. She hosted the KISS FM show with her co-host Tom Green.

The Kiss FM DJ has performed in front of a sold-out Wembley Arena, modeled for a multinational cosmetics company, and even addressed Parliament in October 2019.

Maskell appears to have it all on the surface, but she has been suffering from acute sleeplessness behind closed doors.

When Daisy Maskell was hired to host Kiss FM’s breakfast show, she and her buddies believed it was the perfect job.

For as long as she could remember, she’d had trouble sleeping. A job that needed her to be fully awake and ready to face the day at 5 AM seemed like the ideal match.

The BBC3 digital channel in the United Kingdom has ordered a one-off documentary feature about English television and radio broadcaster Daisy Maskell’s long battle with sleeplessness.

She hosted the KISS Ibiza Pool Party, which was organized in Ibiza in June 2019. She has modeled for a number of cosmetics companies in the area.

Net Worth of Daisy Maskell

Daisy is a model as well as a popular host on a radio station. Daisy Maskell’s expected net worth is $500,000 USD.

We can state the exact figure. Similarly, “Daisy Maskell: Insomnia and Me”, her documentary, may have earned her a considerable sum of money.

Despite being a TV character, there are no details about her wages available on the internet.

We are confident that her job as a broadcaster pays well.

She can even earn first-class money from her documentary series, which can supplement her wages.

Social Media Appearance

Daisy is active on social media platforms. Her Instagram account handle is @daisylmaskell where she has 52.7k followers.

Nevertheless, she is a well-known figure on social media platforms and has a huge fan base.

There is no information on Daisy’s height. Her weight is also unknown.

However, based on the photos she has posted on social media, she is of average height and weight.

She joined Twitter in May 2012 and is now having more than 3.4K followers. Her Twitter handle is @Daisy_Maskell_. She is not available on Facebook.

Furthermore, she has got a pretty big fan following on the FM which also applies to her social media.

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