Are you a fan of watching country-themed videos? Then do you love and enjoy watching Rodeo Times or rancher videos like Dale Brisby?

Have you started to imagine a cowboy with the perfect hat and leather jacket? Even our hero in this article is a famous cowboy who makes everyone jealous of him for leading a country rancher’s life.

We are talking about Netflix star and YouTuber Dale Brisby and his mysterious personal life.

We have heard many of Dale’s opinions on dating rumors, but he is a married man; who is his wife?

Readers must read the full article to know the answers to this question.

Who is Dale Brisby?

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Dale Brisby is the rancher and rodeo star who rose to fame by appearing in the Netflix show “How to Be a Cowboy.” It is a documented series that shows the lives of American cowboys.

That show brought Dale a lot of success because it depicted the true ability of cowboys.

In most films, cowboys are glorified as muscular heroes, but most of us are unaware of their true abilities.

Henceforth, Dale’s fame multiplied four times after the release of that series. Even before the release of the series, Dale Brisby successfully ran his own YouTube channel and performed various rodeo acts.

In addition to that, Dale is very energetic and courageous; he can grasp a person’s attention easily, so people are more intrigued to know about his personal life.

Let us see through it!

Who is Dale Brisby Wife?

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Dale Brisby’s wife is Macy Hoping, and the pair married in 2014. And both of them met during their university days, and they fell in love with each other.

Unfortunately, this is the only information that has been leaked from the official source.

Dale Brisby is occasionally questioned about his crushes and ex-girlfriend stories, but he appears to be extremely private about his wife.

This shows that he wants to protect his wife’s image from the general public. As a result, we can see that while Dale Brisby appears cool and tough on the outside, he is a very sentimental and emotional guy on the inside.

Dale Brisby Previous Relationships

Dale Brisby admitted to dating Fallon Taylor in 2017 but later clarified that he was joking and that she was one of her colleagues with whom he collaborated on a series.

And later, in 2021, Dale Brisby told people that Miss Rodeo California, Kadee Coffman, was his ex-girlfriend.

But even that seemed to be a rumour circulated by Dale himself.

Thus, let us see more interesting details about Dale Brisby.

Dale Brisby Age and Educational Background

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Dale Brisby was born on May 21, 1987, in Texas, United States of America, and his real name is Clint Hoping.

Thus, the age of Dale Brisby as of 2023 is 36. And his zodiac sign is Gemini.

Since childhood, Brisby has had a lot of interest in animals, and he loved doing rodeo at a young age. He used to rodeo with sheep.

And he decided to make agriculture his career after pursuing his dreams.

He earned a master’s degree in agriculture at Texas A&M University.

What is Dale Brisby Father Name?

Dale Brisby was always grateful to his father for encouraging his interest in ranching, rodeo, and other sports.

Thus, people are more intrigued to learn about the man behind the successful life of Dale Brisby, and yes, that is his father.

Even Dale Brisby’s father is a rancher and member of the professional rodeo cowboy association. Thus, they are brilliant genes!

Does Leroy Gibbons and Dale Brisby are Brothers?

Leroy Gibbons used to appear in the Netflix show “How to Be a Cowboy,” and Dale Brisby introduced him as his brother. And that is the truth.

Leroy Gibbons and Dale Brisby are real brothers, but their surnames differ. Because Dale Brisby’s surname is “Hopping,” but he goes by “Gibbon.” There are chances that he might be his stepbrother, or Leroy might have a different real name.

What does Dale Brisby do for a living?

Dale Brisby is the ranch manager at Radiator Ranch Cattle Company, which is situated in Winnebago, Texas. and he’s been employed at that ranch since 2004.

And this ranch was displayed in that Netflix series.

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Dale Brisby Social Media Accounts

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Dale Brisby has his own self-titled YouTube channel, “Dale Brisby,” and his YouTube channel ID is @DaleBrisbyBullRider. He has around 423K subscribers.

And we’d like to share Dale Brisby’s intriguing description.

You think to yourself, “You play too much!” But it is funny. And you’re good-looking. And I want to name my child after you. And you’re a legend.

And I want you to kiss my wife on the mouth!” Well, that guy is me! Sometimes, when I open my mouth, I don’t even know if what I’m about to say is credible, so I can’t do it.

Up until now, he has posted 979 videos.

In addition, he has two Instagram accounts, one for personal use and one for professional use.

His Instagram personal account, @dalebrisby, has around 957k followers, and his @rodeotime account has around 340k followers.

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What is the Net Worth of Dale Brisby?

Dale Brisby’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2023. Because he has his own successful YouTube channel, a good professional job, and a successful merchandise shop named Dale Brisby,

Dale Brisby sells rodeo and cowboy-themed products to our customers in the Dale Merchandise Shop.

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