Are you guys great fans of the Cincinnati Bengals team? Then do you remember the player Joe Burrows, who used to play for the National Football League?

Joe Burrows’ quarterback plays are remarkable, and we have never missed a chance to cheer for him and his team, right?

And even his nickname is a highly popular one called, “Joe Cool” because he can manage the high gaming pressure and plays so relaxedly. That’s why he has his name.

And whenever Joe shares his life or early life, he never misses mentioning his brothers.

Thus, the internet has been intrigued to learn more about the brothers of our famous Cincinnati Bengal players, Dan Burrows and Jamie Burrows.

But here in this article, we are going to discuss his second brother, Dan Burrows.

Who is Dan Burrow?

Dan Burrow

Dan Burrows is a celebrity brother who rose to fame by being the big brother of Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Joe Burrows.

In addition, Dan Burrows is the son of the former football player and present football coach Jim Burrows, and even he is not exempt from his football family.

Dan is a great football player at the high school and university levels. Presently, he is playing for the University of Nebraska.

Joe Burrows usually shares his bond with his brother Dan, and he usually refers to him as his right hand. This shows the closeness of Joe and Dan Burrows.

What is the age of Dan Burrow?

Dan Burrow, born as Daniel C. Burrow, entered the world in Ames, Iowa, USA, in the month of September 1981.

As of now, in 2023, he is 41 years old. Growing up alongside his siblings and parents in his hometown, Dan Burrow has remained connected to his roots.

Who are the parents of Dan Burrow?

The parents of Dan Burrow are Jim and Robin Burrow; Robin Burrow is a celebrity coach who has been in the football game for more than 40 decades.

Not only is his father from a sports family, but his paternal grandfather and great-grandmother were also great sports players.

His grandmother and grandfather were great basketball players. Robin has a brother named “John Burrow,” and even John is a good football player.

Thus, the Burrow family is the whole package of a sports family.

Who are the Siblings of Dan Burrow?

Dan Burrow-

Dan Burrow is the middle child in the Burrows family; he has one elder brother named Jamie and a younger brother named Joe.

Jamie is a university-level football player who, like Dan Burrow, used to play defense.

Joe, as we all know, is a great quarterback.

Dan Burrow Education

There are no absolute educational details about Dan Burrow because he is not as famous as Joe Burrow, and during his teenage days, his family was shifted to Nebraska.

Then there are chances that Dan might have studied at Athens High School like his brother Daniel Burrow.

Dan Burrow Career

Dan Burrow started his career as an American football defense player in high school and college.

Though he didn’t shine as much as his brother Joe, Dan Burrow is also a great player who plays for the University of Nebraska.

In addition to that, we don’t know the exact career details of Dan Burrow because he might have some other side business or job.

Presently, we don’t have those details. If any other details come out, we will update this section.

Dan Burrow Wife

Dan Burrow is a married man, but he is more of a conservative, so he loves to keep things private. Thus, he didn’t share the details of his spouse.

And that’s why we have no her wife’s name. Anyhow, the couple seems happy together. 

How does Dan Burrow look?

Dan Burrow looks like his brother Joe but is shorter than his brother. Dan’s blonde, brown hair and greyish-pupil eyes resemble Joe as well.

Seeing his appearance, Dan Burrow stands tall at about 6 feet and weighs about 80kg.

Bottom line

Thus, we have discussed the biography details of the brother of the famous Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Elder brothers are like the ones who act as our fathers; Dan is not an exception. Don’t you guys think so?

The end!

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