Daniel Laurie (born in 1995) is a well-known young actor who is widely popular for his skills. Although he was born with Down’s Syndrome, a state in which a person has an extra chromosome.

In this article, we learn about Daniel Laurie, his age, net worth, his parents, Down syndrome, and some facts related to him.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Daniel Laurie
  • Birth Date: 1995
  • Birth Place: England, United Kingdom
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Height: 5 feet and 8 inches (1.732m)
  • Net Worth: £500k-£700k
  • Profession: Actor
  • School: Local High School
  • Education: Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism
  • Father: Leslie Michael Grantham
  • Mother: Jane Laurie
  • Siblings: Spike Grantham and Jake Grantham
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Nationality: British
  • Residence: London, England, United Kingdom

Who is Daniel Laurie?

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Daniel Laurie is a British-based actor who is from London, England, United Kingdom.

His career skyrocketed and he got limelight after his performance in one of the dramas which was based on the historical-themed show ‘ Call the Midwife’.

He plays the most important role as a character of Reggie Jackson from the year 2017 to 2021.

Another reason for Daniel Laurel’s popularity is that his father was an English Actor so due to having a background in the Acting field more people knew him and that’s why his fan base broadened and he gained popularity.

Early Life of Daniel Laurel

Daniel Laurel was born in 1995 in the UK. The information regarding the birth date is exactly unknown. We are searching for that and we will update it as soon as we find it.

He has suffered from Down syndrome since his birth.

In his childhood, he liked the place Kensington, London that’s why he spent most of his time there.

Due to Down Syndrome, he got an education in a special school where other students suffering from disabilities and Down syndrome get their education.

Due to his Down syndrome, he faced a lot of difficulties, but due to his strong dedication to his life, he overcame these difficulties.

Some people in his society ironically smile at his disability and due to this he is deeply hurt, but due to the support from his family and from his friends and teachers.

He got engaged in searching for his special talent and he knew that he could be an actor his syndrome played an effective role and became his strength, not his weakness.

Daniel Laurel Age

Daniel Laurie is 28 years old as of 2023 as he was born in 1995. He is a well-known young actor who is widely popular for his skills.

He was born with Down’s Syndrome, a condition in which a person has an extra chromosome, and he has made a remarkable impact in the entertainment industry.

Career of Daniel Laurel

He started his career by playing a support role in the comedy-drama which was released in the year 2016 named Stella created by Ruth Jones.

In this comedy show, he was seen performing as the character of Jamie along with Karen Paullada, Ruth Jones, and Craig Gallivan. He was seen in 1 to 6 episodes of this show aired in 2016.

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But this show didn’t skyrocket his career. He continues his hard work in his field. He was fully dedicated to his profession.

After many attempts in various shows, finally he got a drama which skyrocketed his career to new peaks.

He became famous and recognized internationally after becoming part of the TV series Call the Midwife as the character of Reggie Jackson.

He shared his views regarding his work in that serial on Twitter. He said that he had really enjoyed working on that show, and due to this, his skills got enhanced.

Later on, he worked in another TV serial named Vera, where he performed the role of Adam Beecher in the episode titled The Escape Turn.

This show aired in the year 2020.

In the present year, Laurie is also seen in another show, which is named Finding Alice as Zack.

Daniel Laurie Down syndrome

Daniel suffered from Down syndrome, but he never thought of it as his weakness.

During one of his interviews, an interviewer asked a question regarding his Down syndrome. In response, he said that it was very cool for him to have this syndrome.

After the divorce of his parents, he decided to change his surname and take his mother’s name as his surname.

Daniel doesn’t like crowded places. He likes to spend his time in natural beauty.

Daniel Laurie image

He came to know that his parents didn’t plan his birth. He was shocked, but later on, he consolidated himself.

His mother loves him a lot. When doctors said that her third child has Down syndrome, he said that he would accept him in every condition.

Due to Daniel’s Down syndrome, his father started to raise funds for the Down Syndrome Association.

Daniel Laurel Net Worth

Daniel Laurel has a net worth of £500k to £700k. He gained this through his acting career.

Due to Call of Midwife, he gained popularity, and it also caused a potential increment in his wealth.

He also did some of his projects at the present time. So, there might be a probability that his net worth might increase.

Another source of income is through advertisements. Due to his Down syndrome, he has become popular among people, so that’s why some companies like to advertise their products by using him.

Social Media Appearance of Daniel Laurie

He is not very socially active, but he uses Twitter to express himself to the audience. He has over 7,000 followers on the social media site Twitter. He tries to keep himself away from the spotlight.

Possibly, he doesn’t like to be in the limelight every time and thereby avoids the experience of being in trend.

Whatever it is, Daniel Laurie is a successful actor.

Daniel Laurie Facts to Know

  • Daniel Laurie, a British actor born in 1995, gained recognition for his role as Reggie Jackson in the TV series “Call the Midwife.”
  • Despite being born with Down’s Syndrome, Daniel pursued a career in acting and became a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.
  • He was educated in a special school for individuals with disabilities, where he discovered his passion for acting.
  • Growing up in Kensington, London, Daniel faced challenges due to his condition but was supported by his family, friends, and teachers.
  • Daniel Laurie is currently 28 years old as of 2023.
  • His father is Leslie Michael Grantham, an English actor known for his role as “Dirty” Den Watts in the soap opera “EastEnders.”
  • Daniel has two siblings, Spike Grantham and Jake Grantham.
  • He began his acting career with a supporting role in the comedy-drama “Stella” in 2016.
  • Daniel Laurie’s breakthrough came when he played Reggie Jackson in “Call the Midwife,” which garnered international recognition.
  • Despite facing challenges due to his condition, Daniel has a net worth estimated between £500,000 to £700,000 and continues to pursue his passion for acting, with appearances in various TV shows.

I hope you enjoyed reading his biography and were entertained at some points. Let’s share your feedback with us.

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