There are a lot of people in this world who are popular globally for their profession. However, there are also some people who are not famous for their profession, but for their relationship with any popular celebrity.

Here David Sanov is among those people who came into the limelight after he married the famous actress Alison Sweeney. Let’s have a look at his biography and know how it all happened.

Who is David Sanov?

David Sanov with Alison

David Sanov is a Patrol police officer by profession. But he is widely famous for being the husband of the very famous actress Alison Sweeney. The couple has made a great impact on people, especially on her fans.

They have proved what love is really by holding their relationship tightly, despite belonging from different fields. Not so, there are very least actors and actresses who could be seen like this.

David came to the limelight after people found him as the partner of this famous actress. Since then, he is earning huge fame across the world. He has also made a small appearance in a TV show where her wife plays a leading role.

Early Life and Childhood

David Sanov was born in the 1970s in Los Angeles, California, United State of America. He has not revealed his exact birth date and that’s why we’re here without it. However, various sources claim different dates of his birth, despite knowing the fact that he has not disclosed it.

Also, it seems that David is a secretive person as he hasn’t disclosed any information about his childhood, including his parents’ names. Anyway, it is clear that he attended Oakland School where he completed his primary education in 1990.

Later, David joined the University of California for pursuing his further education. In 1994, he completed his graduation. In his schooling days, he was highly interested in sports and was also a part of his school’s basketball team.

Besides this, he participated in many other games. He was fascinated with cops and authority people from a young age. Thus, he decided to pursue his career in this field.

David Sanov Professional Career

David is known for being a Highway Patrol police officer in California. From a very early age, he was passionate about it and chose to be a police officer. Initially, after graduating from the University of California, he ran away for this job and shortly achieved it.

But he is not that famous as a Patrol police officer. He came to the spotlight after he got engaged to the famous actress Alison Sweeney. This is the actual reason why David is famous across the world.

David Sanov family picture

Further, David has also made his small appearance in the show Days of Our Lives as a police officer. This is the show in which his wife has made her greatest appearance. Coming to the point, he achieved his dream and is now enjoying his life as a Patrol police officer.

David Sanov and Alison Sweeney Relationship

David Sanov married his long-time girlfriend Alison Sweeney on 8 July 2000. Sweeney is a renowned American actress. The couple met first in the 1990s and came closed and then fell in love.

The duo then decided to hold their hands forever and that is what they are doing today. David and Alison have a strong relationship despite being an uncommon profession. This is the strength of their love that helps them to continue further.

David Sanov wedding

On her 15th anniversary, she described in an interview that every year on their anniversary, they have a dinner date and talk about how their relationship is going. Further, her statement was:

“e sort of giving each other work evaluations, which sounds a bit humiliating! We discuss our three favorite aspects of the other person, followed by three areas where we could improve.”

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David Sanov Children with Alison Sweeney

David Sanov family

David and Alison welcomed their first child, a son on 25 February 2005 named Benjamin. His wife once stated that her first-time motherhood experience was remarkable. She stated:

“With Ben, I got four weeks off. It was awesome for a first-time mom. I took advantage of every minute.”

Back on January 12, 2009, the couple was blessed with their second child, this time a daughter named Megan. Being a joyful mother of two children, she told to Closer Weekly that one of the most wonderful aspects of parenting is “seeing your kids bloom” and keeping an eye on them to see if they are doing well or not.

Additionally, Alison stated, “My son is super active with tennis and he loves it.” This means that their son Benjamin is highly attracted to tennis. The family of four-person is currently living their lives in Los Angeles, California.

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David Sanov Net Worth

David Sanov is sure not from an immense background, but he would be proud of being what he is. Without any money enthusiasm, he has generated a good amount in his life.

As of 2021, the estimated net worth of David Sanov is $300,000 USD. This seems less for such a popular person. But again, reminding you that he is not from a big field that pays him hugely. But he is from a field where he serves the people of his country.

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He never feels bad holding such a profession, but always felt proud of himself. This is also what his fans needs. Anyway, his wife Alison has earned a lot of money in her life.

I hope you enjoyed going through the biography of David Sanov. Let you share your feedback and opinions regarding this article. We highly appreciate your comments.

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