David Sanov may not come from a wealthy background, but he is proud of what he has accomplished. Despite not having financial privilege, he has been able to achieve a significant amount of wealth.

As of 2023, the estimated net worth of David Sanov is $500,000 USD. Although this may seem low for a person of his public standing, it should be noted that he is not in a field that pays a high salary.

However, he is in a profession where he serves his country and he takes pride in it.

His fans appreciate this as well. Additionally, his wife Alison Sweeney has accumulated a significant amount of wealth in her career.

In 2022, his net worth was around $300,000 USD, which would suggest his annual salary is around $200,000 USD, though this may fluctuate depending on various factors.

David Sanov Net Worth & Earning Stats
NameDavid Sanov
Net Worth (2022)$500,000 USD
Net Worth (2021)$300,000 USD
Salary (Yearly)$200,000 USD
Primary Earning SourcePatrol Officer Job

David Sanov works as a Highway Patrol police officer in California for his living. Other than this, he has not any professional occupation.

This is also the cause why his wealth is low. However, he and his family have no financial issue because of his wife who is a renowned actress and keeps millions of dollars.

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