Dee Jay Mathis is the former wife of actor James Caan. She has come into the spotlight once again following the passing of the great actor on July 6, 2022

As people pay tribute and seek details about the iconic actor, much attention has turned to his former wife.

Let’s read her life story to know about their relationship and separation reasons.

Dee Jay Mathis Profile Summary
NameDee Jay Mathis
Birth PlaceNew York
Age80 Years Old
HeightFeet & Inches: 5'7''
Centimeter: 173cm
Meter: 1.73m
Weightkilograms: 60kg
Pounds: 132Lbs
ProfessionDancer, Actress
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandJames Caan
ChildrenTara Caan

Who is Dee Jay Mathis?

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Dee Jay Mathis is the former wife of the famous actor, James Caan.

On July 6, 2022, the great actor James Caan reached the heavens; thus, normal people are paying tribute and searching for his details on the internet.

The first thing they looked for was information about his wife. So, the media spotlight shifted to his former wife.

Among all the wives, Dee Jay Mathis was the one who was nearer in his heart.

So why did he divorce Dee Jay, you ask?

One of the popular reasons for their separation was that both Dee Jay and James Caan were very busy in their career lives, and to focus on that, they couldn’t fully focus on their love lives.

That’s why the couple got separated. Because Dee Jay was also a dancer and actress during that time.

Real love doesn’t always need a happy ending; sometimes, it will sacrifice itself for the goodness of other people.

Dee Jay Mathis Early Life

Dee Jay Mathis was born in New York in the United States. The exact date of Jay’s birth was unknown.

But we are sure she might have been born between 1940 and 1942.

Dee Jay was born into a Caucasian family and was raised in a Christian household.

There is no more information about her childhood because after she divorced James.

Dee Jay decided to lead a private life, so no information was circulated even during that period.

So, it’s getting tougher to know about her details.

But since his childhood days, Dee Jay has had a great interest in acting.

And her parents allowed her to join the acting school. Notably, there are many chances that she might have seen James at the acting school.

Dee Jay Mathis Age

Dee Jay Mathis is currently 80 years old because she was born in the 1940s. However, the data is just an assumption and not the right fact.

Dee Jay Mathis Career

Dee jay Mathis-
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Dee Jay Mathis was a great dancer and actress in the 1950s. The Mitch Miller Show (1959) brought the dancing skills of Dee Jay to the world.

Deejay was recognised as a great Dancer as a result of those shows.

But, in her younger days, she enrolled in acting classes, which helped her develop her talents. And her talent helped her to act in the theoretical play “First Impressions.”

In the first impression play, Dee Jay was the dancer and acted as the character Kitty Bennett.

Dee Jay was also allowed to make her film debut with the help of her ex-husband James.

She played a minor character named “Broad” in the 1964 movie “The Passy.”

But the role was a very minor one. Thus, it doesn’t help to shine in the movie world.

In 1966, Dee Jay acted in the movie “Frankie and Johnny,” where she played the role of Earl Barton’s dancer. Still, the role went unnoticed.

And according to the sources, many shared that Dee Jay left the film industry after that.

Dee Jay Mathis Ex-Husband

Deejay Mathis’ former husband was James Caan. Both Deejay and James started their careers simultaneously, but James reached a significant position.

However, Deejay is nowhere to be found on the list.

James was an American actor who rose to prominence after playing the role of the Godfather in the film.

For that role, he won the Academy Award and Golden Globe award nominations for “Best Supporting Actor.”

Then again, he reprised his role in “The God Father Part 2”

But this was only the beginning of his career, which blossomed with numerous successes.

Then he started to act in many movies and television series. James has also been nominated for many prestigious awards, such as the Golden Globe, Emmy, etc.

On the whole, James’ movie and television projects often cross 100 and above.

But James Caan died of coronary artery disease at the age of 82.

Dee Jay Mathis Ex-Husband and his Children

James’s death may also reveal information about his children.

Because James Caan had four wives and Deejay Mathis was his first wife,

His Children:

  • Tara 57 is Deejay Mathis’s only child.
  • Scott, 45, son of Sheila Marie, James’s second wife
  • Alexander, 31, is the son of his third wife, Ingrid Hajek.
  • James Arthur, 26, and Jacob Nicolas, 23, are sons of his fourth wife, Linda Stokes.

Dee Jay Mathis Ex-Husband

Deejay Mathis was married to her ex-husband James Caan.

The couple met in a Los Angeles acting school in 1959 when James was at his lowest and worst career point.

He wasn’t a great actor at that time. Dee Jay and James Caan had become good friends by that point, and their friendship had blossomed into a sweet love.

Their wedding was held in a more informal setting in Los Angeles in 1961.

After getting married to Dee Jay, his career life got off to a successful start, and Dee Jay stood behind his every success and failure.

And Dee Jay has attended many red-carpet Golden Globe shows with her husband.

In the summer of 1964, they welcomed their first daughter, Tara Caan.

Then married life started to get strained by the busy schedules of James and Deejay. Then finally, the pair decided to separate their paths in 1966.

After that, James Caan remarried three times, but there was no information about Dee Jay Mathis’ dating life.

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Dee Jay Mathis Height and Weight

Dee Jay Mathis is tall, standing at about 5 feet 7 inches, 173 cm, and 1.73 m. And she weighs about 60 kg, which is about 132 lbs.

We can see the younger images of Dee Jay; indeed, she looks like a beautiful heroine, but she has reached 80 years old.

Thus, we can see the wrinkles on her skin. But she embraces that wholeheartedly.

End of the 1980s love story!

What is your opinion on their 80’s love and divorce story? Comment on it.

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    Knew Dee Jay as teen-agers in 1965/or so. We both performed at Christ the KIng RC church variety shows in Hillside, NJ – she danced and I sang. We liked each other. Her family lived in Union, NJ. Her Mother, Dorothy, operated a very successful dance studio in Elizabeth, NJ

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