Ashley Judd is an actress and political activist from America.

She is one of the viral topics on the internet because of her looks which many believe have changed drastically over years making fans look for Ashley Judd Before and After.

Some other questions pop into her fans’ minds like did Ashley Judd do plastic surgery or even they want to know about things such as Ashley Judd’s face.

In this article, you will know all about Ashley Judd’s face, whether did Ashley do plastic surgery, and other interesting details about her.

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Who is Ashley Judd? 

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Ashley Judd is an actress and political activist from America. She was brought up in a family of performing artists.

She has appeared in films like Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy, and High Crimes.

In recent years, she has been outspoken about her battle with depression and her experience with plastic surgery.

In an interview with The Guardian, Judd opened up about her struggles with body dysmorphic disorder and how she turned to plastic surgery to try and fix her perceived flaws.

She had a nose job, a chin implant, and liposuction on her stomach and thighs. However, after seeing photos of herself post-surgery, Judd was horrified by what she saw and decided never to go under the knife again.

She is the daughter of country music singer Naomi Judd who was her mother. She had an acting career for more than three decades.

She appeared as Ensign Robin Lefler in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1991.  She acted as Reed, the daughter of Alex in the NBC drama Sisters.

Ashley Judd Face Today

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Ashley Judd is known not only for her roles in films but also for the scandal involving Harvey Weinstein. Her story was the trigger for the Harvey case in 2017. Ashley Judd is back in the spotlight today.

Now the actress is suspected to get plastic surgery. The face of the 54-year-old actress has changed a lot but not because of aging. There is much talk about Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

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Ashley Judd appeared with her new Hamster-cheeked appearance on The Marilyn Denis Show in Canada. She was present there to promote her new TV show Missing.

She was seen with some weight gain. The celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn had said that “Ashley Judd’s wrinkles are missing”.

Dr.Anthony suspects that she had used Botox injection in her forehead and fat injections into her cheeks. He added that she had the best cheekbones some ten years ago.

Ashley Judd Claims 

Ashley Judd has never claimed to have had plastic surgery.

For the first time, the actress was accused of getting plastic surgery in 2012.

Ashley Judd’s face looked puffy which is typical when installing fillers. Instead of excuses the actress wrote an article detailing her position.

She said that she feels the pressure of society that objectifies a woman. Appearance becomes the only value for a woman, and this is wrong.

“Why do you need to make excuses for a swollen face? Plastic is not always to blame, sometimes the face reflects the disease.”, she had said to trolls.

The actress also explained talking about appearance can be hurtful, but unfortunately, many girls put up with it every day. Finally, Judd called to stop “the insanity” by which she means “beauty standards.”

Ashley Judd Face 

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Ashley Judd denied having plastic surgery, however, her photos say otherwise. The actress is 57 years old, but there are no wrinkles on her face at all.

At the same time, the skin seems to be taut which is typical for a surgical facelift. The eyes also become narrower due to the tension of the skin in the temple area.

A motionless forehead speaks of Botox and enlarged cheeks of fillers. Most likely she also did a brow and eyelid lift.

Other surgical interventions are possible according to Dr. Anthony Youn, a renowned plastic surgeon.

At the same time, the actress is not ready to talk about changes in her appearance although they are obvious to anyone who sees her live or in a photo.

Ashley Judd Botox 

Ashley Judd in April 2019, revealed on Facebook that she had a certain type of migraine. The actress added that only Botox helps her with terrible headaches.

When she gave up Botox the migraines returned. But as soon as she started injecting Botox again the migraine magically disappeared.  It turns out that beauty injections can be used for medical purposes.

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Ashley Judd Accident

While travelling in Congo, the actress injured her leg and it required the intervention of a surgeon.

By the way, when they first started talking about Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery and her swollen face, she said that she had a nasal infection.

Although the puffiness remained the same indication of certain medical procedures most probably botox.

So this is all you need to know about Ashley Judd’s face and her facial surgeries. Thank you for reading this article. Do feel free to add your thoughts and comments below!

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