Are you guys frequent listeners of motivational videos? Then have you watched Tony Robbins’ motivational videos and been inspired by his advice?

If yes, then have you heard of his personal life? It was indeed a roller coaster ride for him, but he has successfully overcome everything as a perfect husband and the greatest dad for his children.

Speaking of which of his children, there are so many rumours that have been spreading regarding Tony Robbins and Sage’s Baby.

Thus, in this section, we are going to bust out myths and reveal the facts for our beloved readers. So, let’s get started!

Who is Tony Robbins?

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Tony Robbins is a person who is highly recognised for his motivational videos and programs. Tony has emerged as a motivational brand, and he helps out thousands of people around the world.

He is an author, speaker and television personality, he didn’t limit his ability to one profession he used every opportunity he encounters before him. Let us see some of his career details.

Tony Robin’s books are Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within, and some of his programs are Unleash Her Power Within, Business Mastery, Unshakeable Challenge, etc.

And Tony hosted a show on the Breakthrough with Tony Robbins series, in which Tony used to share his advice with his audience live.

Then he costed a show named “Oprah’s Lifeclass” thus his career was always on a higher path.

Who is Tony Robbin Wife?

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Tony Robbins’ wife’s name is Bonnie Pearl Humphrey, and she is popularly known as Sage. Sage used to appear in some shows along with Tony.

And she is also a motivational speaker who used to host podcast shows along with Mary B.

Thus, the Tony and Sage pair is always a winning one and they have gathered lots of followers for themselves.

But there is confusion spreading regarding the children of Tony and Sage. Because Tony had four children before marrying Sage, he limited the sharing of his details with the media after that.

We are there for you, readers, and that secret will be revealed in the next section.

Did Tony Robbins and Sage have a kid together?

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Tony Robbins and Sage Sage welcomed their biological daughter on May 10, 2021. And they confirmed their baby’s arrival on their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

But Tony didn’t release the baby’s picture to the media; instead, they stated only the gender of the baby.

And that kid was born through surrogacy; Sage wasn’t naturally conceived with her daughter.

This is the message shared by Tony Robbins on his Facebook profile.

“It has been a beautiful journey for us to get to this moment. We were blessed to have our little bundle of joy lovingly brought into our lives through the gift of surrogacy with the help of a dear friend. “We are grateful to God and a team of incredible doctors and nurses along the way who made this possible for us.”

Who are Tony Robbins Kids?

Tony Robbins was in a relationship with Rebecca Jenkins in 1984, and during that period, they adopted three kids.

But later, after 16 years, the pair got separated.

Before that, Tony Robbins dated Liz Acosta, and during their relationship, the pair welcomed their biological son, Jairek Robbins.

How many children does Tony Robbins have?

Tony Robbins has five children, three of whom are adopted and two of whom are biological.

Tony and Sage welcomed their daughter recently at the age of 62.

Yes, Tony became a father at the age of 62!

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Bottom Line

Tony Robbins is one of the best motivational speakers in the United States, but he has still been the subject of lots of criticism and controversies like sexual abuse, the Me Too movement, etc.

But he is also a normal human being; despite his mistakes, Still, Tony Robbins is always the best father for his children.

Thus, let us congratulate him for becoming a new father again!

The end!

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