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Dori Bridge Profile Summary
NameDori Bridge
Net Worth$12 Million
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenMarjorie Bridge

Who is Dori Bridges?

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Dori Bridges is a well-known American actress, who is best recognized for Big Ball’n (2007). Building Bridges (2000), and Black Ball (2003).

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Early Life of Dori Bridges

Dori Bridges was born in Los Angeles, United States. and her ‘ father’s name and mother’s name are N/A.

Similarly, Doris Bridges is an American celebrity mother. She is better known as the mother of Marjorie Elaine Harvey and for being a celebrity.

The American fashion designer. Besides, she is prominent as the wife of popular TV presenter Steve Harvey.
and the celebrity mother, Boris, is confidential about her early life.

Furthermore, She holds American citizenship and belongs to a White racial background.

Let’s explore more about her private life.

However, She has also chosen to keep her early years and childhood and her educational background private. She has also expended time away from the limelight.

Dori Bridges Age

Dori Bridges Age is not available on the internet, but This lady hails from Los Angeles, United States.

Doris Bridges Career

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The career of Doris Bridges is not yet realized. She is only famous because of her daughter Marjorie.

Marjorie Harvey is prominent since she is the spouse of the television temperament even Harvey. She previously launched The Lady Loves Couture, a website with lots of beauty advice.

Additionally, it provides a nomination of lifestyle goods.

He has helped as a mailman, an autoworker, and an insurance salesperson in the past.

And, He was executed on October 8, 1985, at Hilarities Comedy Club. Also, He delayed participating in the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search in 1990.

Though He also hosted the music television program It’s Showtime at the Apollo.

He ultimately played the head in the 1994 ABC television series Me and the Boys. In the same way, he began illustrating his autograph program, The Steve Harvey Show, in 1996.

The program continued until 2002. Besides, he kept accomplishing stand-up comedy. He also shared the stage with other stand-up comedians.

One of the major role

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man was another book she later wrote. The movie Think Like a Man was published after the best-selling book.

He attended as the host of the Disney Dreamers Academy in 2008. And He then served as the Family Feud television show’s host. He ultimately attended as Celebrity Family Feud’s host in 2020.

And He made his final impression as a stand-up comedian at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in August 2012. Then he settles an end to his stand-up comedy career.

Doris Bridges Personal Life

Doris Bridges and her spouse of many years are blissfully wed. But the media has not yet published his name.

On July 17, 1961, they were unified in marriage, and they recently proclaimed their 60th wedding anniversary.

They have been honored with two children—Marjorie and an unnamed son—from their happy relationship. On October 10, 1964, Marjorie was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

The elderly couple is still dwelling in their previous Memphis house.

Additionally, they are often visible on their daughter’s Instagram page, where she posts photos of them together.

The Married Life of Marjorie and Steve

Marjorie Elaine, Dori’s daughter, and Steve Harvey, her son-in-law, They’ve been concurrently for more than 14 years.

In June 2007, the couple traded vows. They first met at a Memphis comedy club in 1990.

According to Harvey, it was love at first sight. She had two prior marriages before Steven.

In 1990, she wed Jim L. Townsend, a drug dealer. The celebrity separated Jim for almost five years not long after he accepted his sentence.

She later commenced seeing Darnell Woods, another man. One of Ronnie’s brothers,

Woods, who was her ex-boyfriend at the time, rose to fame for his investment in drug trafficking.

Both the date of their wedding and how it ended are unspecified.


Three grandchildren have been bestowed upon Bridges and her husband.

All three come from their daughter Marjorie and Donnell Woods, who was her first spouse.

Daughters Lori Harvey (born January 3, 1997), Morgan Harvey (born June 1, 1985), and Jason Harvey are Marjorie’s children; Steve ultimately accepted all three of them.

Jason, a grandson of Doris, is wed to Amanda Harvey. Jason and Amanda have been uniting since that day, August 26, 2013.

They have four children concurrently through their marriage: Rose Alora, Noah Ellington, Ezra Nehemiah, and Joey Iris Harvey.

Similarly, Doris’ granddaughter Morgan Harvey, with whom she dealt a daughter called Elle Hawthorne, is now wed to her husband Kareem Hawthorne.

And this is similar to how Steve has four stepgrandchildren from his relationships with Mary Lee Harvey (m. 1996-2005) and Marcia Harvey, and Doris has four stepgrandchildren from her son-in-law (m. 1980–1994).

Karli Harvey, Wynton Harvey, Brandi Harvey, and Broderick Harvey Jr. are their stepgrandchildren.

Doris Bridges Social media

She certainly doesn’t use any social media sites. The internet did not exist in her day.

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Doris Bridges Net Worth

Doris Bridges has an estimated net worth is $12 Million as of the year 2023.

And a major role of the income skin receives from her fame-based career. Furthermore, she didn’t share much about her resources

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Physical Appearances

However, there is no information shared by her about her height and weight, Though, according to some of

her pictures, we can conclude that she has Dark brown eyes and greyish-white hair characterize Doris

Bridges. She also has a fair complexion, and a round face, and these features together.

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