Women are not behind in martial arts in today’s day and age. We have seen several artists, especially in films where a body double is needed.

Despite playing several roles in work and personal life, women can achieve anything when she taps into their masculine energy.

One such personality is Dorothea Hurley. She is a fierce and very talented Karate instructor and a restaurant owner.

She wears several hats in her life but she manages everything effortlessly. Her husband swears about her wife’s life-organizing skills.

In this article, we are going to familiarise ourselves with the life story of Dorothea Hurley including her career and net worth.

So without any further delay let’s get started with her biography.

Who is Dorothea Hurley?

Dorothea Hurley
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Dorothea Hurley is an American famous Karate Instructor and restaurant owner. She is the spouse of rock band Jon Bon Jovi’s singer-songwriter and frontman, John Francis Bongiovi Jr., also known as Jon Bon Jovi.

The Karate Instructor helps her husband in managing the restaurant.

They have endured some of the most trying times of their lives together, and Dorothea has always been a constant source of support for her rock-star husband.

Early Life of Dorothea Hurley

Dorothea Hurley was born on 29th September 1962 and is 60 years of age as of 2022. She was born in New Jersey, United States, and holds American nationality.

Talking about her parents, her mother is Dorothy Pawlyk and her father is Donald Hurley. In Parlin, New Jersey, she attended Sayreville War Memorial High School for her education.

When Bon Jovi tried to cheat by peeking at her paper during an exam, she bumped into Bon Jovi, who had previously transferred there.

Later on, Jon Bon Jovi said that the song “Bobby’s Girl” was written about her and that he had been in love with her since the first day.

She was involved with his closest friend Bobby at the time, so he decided not to pursue it. They eventually became close and began dating before splitting up once more.

Since she was in high school, Dorothea has been practicing karate and has won numerous junior championships.

Her ranking as the fourth-best greenbelt karate master in the United States of America was made public in 1999.

She had attained her fourth-degree black belt by the time her husband was featured in People Magazine’s 2002 issue.

Dorothea Hurley Career

Dorothea Hurley-image
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Junior karate champion in high school, Dorothea Hurley went on to teach karate in New Jersey. Hurley also provides management support for her husband’s chain of restaurants.

Outstanding karate teacher Dorothea Hurley is a native of New Jersey. Additionally, she and her husband are the proprietors of the JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurant chain.

Their customers are urged to “pay it forward” by in advance purchasing meals for the hungry.

Dorothea Hurley Personal Life

All of the Bon Jovi band members have turned down lucrative book agreements that would have chronicled their prior adventures throughout the years.

Even a multi-million dollar book contract was presented to the group as a whole. That was also rejected by them.

A book on his interactions with the band, “Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi,” was published in 2010 by their former manager Rich Bozzett. It sparked a lot of debate.

Bassett claims that during the early 1980s, when Bon Jovi was quickly rising to become one of the most well-known rock bands worldwide, Jon Bon Jovi was dating the actress Diane Lane.

But Lane also started dating Richie Sambora, another member of his band. Following the eventual split between Lane and Jon Bon Jovi, Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi quickly reunited.

Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi rekindled their relationship. He was participating in the 1989 New Jersey Syndicate Tour. When they stopped in Los Angeles, Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea eloped.

They traveled to Nevada, where they wed on April 29 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. It was just the two of us; no relatives or friends were there.

Even their wedding rings were missing. The band, Jon Bon Jovi’s parents, and their manager at the time, Doc McGhee, were furious when they learned the truth.

But Jon Bon Jovi realized he didn’t give a damn. Nothing else mattered to them; they just got married for themselves.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea are parents to four kids. Stephanie, their eldest child, was born on May 31, 1993. Jesse, her son, arrived on February 19, 1995.

Jacob, their second son and third child was born on May 7, 2002. Their youngest child, Romeo, was born in 2004.

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Dorothea Hurley’s Net Worth

Dorothea Hurley estimated net worth is $3 million approximately as of 2022. The majority of her income consists of her income as Certified Karate Instructor and a restaurant owner.

She leads a lavish life with her spouse Bon Jovi and her children in a comforting home.

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Physical Appearance

Dorothea Hurley has attractive physic and a gorgeous appearance. She has quite an academia demeanor with light brown hair and hazel brown eyes.

Dorothea Hurley is quite tall with a height of 5 feet 4 inches or 162 cm and weighs around 58 kg or 128 lbs.

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