Pet animals boost our strength and mood and are our constant companions in times of need, which doesn’t break our hearts.

But what about the person who fixes animals’ hearts and body parts and makes them live healthy life? There are our beloved veterinary doctors.

Can you remember the famous vets who used to appear in the shows and series? Yes, you got it right!

It is all about Dr. Jeff, who has captured the hearts of many animals and their owners because of his amazing medical skills. But there is a rumor spreading that Jeff has died. Is it true? Or is Dr. Jeff alive?

To know the answers, readers have to read the full article.

Who is Dr. Jeff?

Dr. Jeff.-
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Dr. Jeff is a celebrity veterinary doctor, and animal welfare activist whose love and care for animals have reached the global population.

He is not the person who takes care of the animals for his doctor fees, but Jeff is doing it as a service. Thus, he opened his animal care center for all animals, irrespective of their type.

In addition to that, Jeff has also established an organization named “Planned Pethood,” where he will create more talented veterinarians and provide all the skills they need.

Jeff’s unexpected service to the animals became the talk of the town.

Thus, the media person wanted to utilize this opportunity, so the channel “Animal Planet” televised a program named “Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet. ” That show was all about him.

The show has drawn a large audience, and Dr. Jeff’s popularity has skyrocketed.

Is Dr. Jeff Alive or Dead?

There is a rumor on the internet that Dr. Jeff is dead and not alive. But the real truth is that Dr. Jeff is alive, and it was a death hoax or a wild assumption.

Why did Jeff Death Rumor spread?

In 2016, everyone’s favorite vet announced a sad medical update: Jeff had B-cell lymphoma, which led him to develop an 8-cm cancerous lump within his body.

Jeff was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy, which caused him to lose all of his long hair strands. After the treatment, Jeff became a blad and a very weak person.

Seeing his sick body, the rumor spread that Jeff had died of cancer. But the real truth is that he is alive and strongly battling against cancer cells.

What is the Age of Dr. Jeff?

Dr. Jeff
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Dr. Jeff was born on April 14, 1956, in Indiana, United States. Thus, the age of the vet is 67 years old as of 2023.

Who are the Parents of Dr. Jeff?

Dr. Jeff’s mother’s name is Ester Stevens, and his biological father runs a ranch, but unfortunately, his parents got divorced, and his mother married a military man.

As Jeff’s stepfather was in the military, it gave him many chances to travel to many places.

What is the Nationality and Ethnicity of Jeff?

Dr. Jeff’s nationality and ethnicity belong to the American region.

Career Details of Dr. Jeff

When Dr. Jeff was a little boy, he had a pet dog, which was very effective with him, but the dog suddenly died from some medical problems.

Jeff felt terrible about not treating his dog, so he decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine so that he could save animals’ lives.

As a result, he enrolled at Colorado University and pursued veterinary science. And after graduation, his first job was as an animal welfare officer.

Then Jeff didn’t like the financial business of the hospital, so he opened a clinic for every animal. This clinic has gotten lots of support from people from all regions.

After a few years, Jeff opened “Planned Pethood,” where he taught his impeccable skills to his fellow students, creating great vets like him.

Meanwhile, Jeff got to appear in the television show animal planet.

Thus, Jeff’s career path was filled with many successes and services.

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Who is the Wife of Dr. Jeff?

Petra Young Mickova, Dr. Jeff’s wife, is from the Slovakia region.

Both of them met in college, and when Petra started to work in the “planned parenthood” clinic, Jeff was impressed by her medical skills and started to fall for her, and Petra reciprocated her feelings toward him.

And both of them got married in 2014.

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Who is the ex-wife of Dr. Jeff?

Dr. Jeff’s ex-wife’s name is Deb Burns, and she is the sweetheart of our vet. Both of them married after finishing their high school studies.

And the pair welcomed three biological kids for themselves. But after a certain time, their relationship got bitter, and they divorced.

What is the Net Worth of Dr. Jeff?

Jeff’s net worth is expected to be around $100,000 by 2023. He is a low-cost or no-cost vet for low-income families so he couldn’t earn much money for himself.

Instead, he earned lots of love from his friends and their pets.

Thus, the article has revealed the truth behind the death of Dr. Jeff, along with his biographical details. We hope everyone liked this article.

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