Dr. Umar Johnson is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and a Certified School Psychologist.

He specializes in working with the parents of African-American children who receive special education and/or are diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorders

He is famous for standing with the people of the black community.  Apart from school Psychologist, Dr. Umar is also an author, Doctor of clinical psychology, educator, and motivational speaker.

Let us take a closer look at the life of Dr. Johnson.

Who is Dr. Umar Johnson?

dr umar johnson photoUmar Johnson is one man who has shown dedication to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Umar Rashad Ibn Abdullah-Johnson is an American motivational speaker, psychologist, activist, and social media personality who focuses on Pan-Africanism.

Dr. Johnson is a renowned Pan-Africanist whose radical views on being Black have helped him make enemies and friends alike. He has written articles and authored books on Black consciousness.

Also, he champions some groups to unite African-American parents in Afrocentric principles.

Why is Dr. Umar Johnson Famous?

Umar Johnson, popularly referred to as the “Prince of Pan-Africanism,” is a doctor of clinical psychology and a certified school psychologist.

He is the author of Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys.

Where Is Dr. Umar Johnson From?

Dr. Umar Johnson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 21st, 1974.

He is an American by nationality and an African-American by ethnicity.

Early Life of Dr. Umar Johnson

dr umar johnson photoDr. Umar Johnson has achieved a lot of reputation in his life, he was born on 21 August 1974 in North Central, Philadelphia, United States.

Johnson was born to a wealthy family, and he grew up in his hometown. Johnson’s parents gave him an average upbringing that made him quite strong and brave.

His father, named Jamal Abdullah Johnson, has worked as a drill instructor in the U.S. Marine corps, and his mother’s name was Barbara Shoemake.

Dr. Umar holds American nationality, and his ethnicity is black; Dr. Umar’s zodiac sign is Leo.

However, Dr. Umar real name was Jermaine Shoemake given by his mother, but later his name was changed to Umar Rashad Ibn Abdullah-Johnson as his father belonged to a Muslim lineage.

 How Old Is Dr. Umar Johnson?

The Pan-Africanist is currently 49 years old as of 2023. He was born on the 21st of August, 1974, in North Central Philadelphia, United States of America.

Johnson was schooled in Philadelphia, USA.

He got his primary school education at a local school in the city and later in the defunct Scotland School for Veteran’s Children in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Umar Johnson’s degrees are numerous. He pursued his higher education at Millersville University and Hahnemann University, both in Philadelphia.

Where Does Dr. Umar Johnson Live?

Dr. Umar Johnson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 21st, 1974. He also lives in Philadelphia.

His name was originally Jermaine Shoemake but after his divorced father converted to Islam, he reportedly changed Johnson’s name.

Does Dr. Umar Johnson Have A School?

dr umar johnson photoIn June 2014, Johnson said he would raise $5 million to buy the former campus of Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia, which had closed down in 2013 due to financial struggles.

He said he will rename it to Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy, which he said would be a boarding school for Black boys.

Umar claimed to have sufficient funds to buy the Saint Paul’s site in 2014 but did not do so. In 2015, he claimed that he would open the school the following year.

Charing Ball, writing in the online magazine ‘MadameNoire’, discouraged donations for the project, citing Johnson’s “homophobic and misogynistic” commentary in YouTube videos.

In 2015, he opened a GoFundMe to raise money to “acquire and rehabilitate” either the former Saint Paul’s or at Chamberlain-Hunt Academy in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

In 2017, The Root criticized Johnson for failing to provide financial documentation demonstrating whether he actually used any of the funds for the school.

Although Johnson claimed to have applied for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit status in 2015, there was no record of an application with the IRS as of 2017.

In 2019, a Root commentator criticized Johnson for never providing a business plan, obtaining a license, publishing receipts, or taking other steps toward the construction of the school.

Despite Johnson’s claim in 2017 to have raised $400,000 or $700,000 for the school, it seems no adequate steps are taken toward its completion.

In April 2021, Johnson stated that the school had completed construction but was not ready for classes.

Where Is Dr. Umar Johnson School?

Dr. Umar’s school for Black boys is in Delaware. Construction on the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy has been completed, Johnson recently confirmed.

But it is still not open for use due to some persisting challenges, to be soon resolved.

What Happened To Dr. Umar Johnson School?

Speaking about the school he wants to open up in Delaware, Dr. Umar Johnson says they originally wanted $2 million for the building but after a few years of negotiation, they finally sold it to him for the USD 500,000 he originally offered.

Unfortunately, for the past three years, he’s been having a hard time finding honest contractors to fix up the building. He states this is why his long-promised school has yet to open its doors to the public.

“Contractors were not kind to us. They ripped us off, scammed us and they stole out of the building… The ‘con’ in a contractor is real.”

It wasn’t until he decided to go with white contractors that they got the school to “the finish line.”

Is Dr. Umar Johnson School Open?

The school is not open yet. Umar has cited various reasons for the same like insufficient funds, dishonest contractors, among other reasons.

Does Dr. Umar Johnson Have A Wife?

The Pan Africanist is a married man after he tied the knot with two women in a ceremony broadcast on Instagram Live.

If it weren’t for ‘Gossip In The City’ sharing the video of the nuptials, we wouldn’t have known it even happened.

In the video, two unnamed women he hilariously called “Afrikan vanilla and Afrikan lemonade” can be seen walking down the aisle. As a crowd looked on Johnson waited for his brides-to-be to meet him at the makeshift altar.

Johnson proceeded to give a speech promising to honor his two wives throughout their “marriage.”

Who Is Dr. Umar Johnson Wife?

The Pan Africanist is a married man after he tied the knot with two women. The ceremony was broadcast on Instagram Live.

His marriage was an intensely discussed matter among his fans and in the public domain.

When news of Johnson’s “marriage” hit Twitter, users were quick to point out that being married to two women was, in fact, of Johnson’s goals, and he has said as much during one of his video rants that now have become running gags.

How Much Is Dr. Umar Johnson Net Worth?

Dr. Umar has a different income source that helps him accumulate a lump sum amount of money.

However, his main source of income is the school that he has opened for the black community people.

He earns wealth by selling books, and he also teaches students which also helped him with his income.

According to the reports, the current net worth of Dr. Umar is USD 600,000 as of 2023.

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 What Is Dr. Umar Johnson Doing Now?

For the past few years, Johnson has been raising money to build his new school, The Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Boys in Philadelphia, PA.

He said the school will be the first residential academy for Black boys founded upon the principles of pan-Afrikanism and international economics.

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How Tall Is Dr. Umar Johnson?

Dr. Umar stands at a height of 6 inches 3 feet which is equal to 191 cm or 1.91 m.  His average weight is nearly 90 Kg which is equal to 198 lbs.

Apart from this, if we talk about his other physical attributes, Dr. Umar has black eyes with black hair.

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  1. I think his intentions & heart are in the right place. We have to be more transparent, ex. Raising 5 million. But spent 400,000 on the school. I’m from Wilmington, I must say the school is in a rough neighborhood… Time will tell

  2. There’s some errors in this report on Dr. Umar Johnson and allow me to clear it up:

    1) His mother’s name is Barbara Shoemake not Jermaine, which was Umar’s birth name before his dad decided to change it.
    2) Umar had a good childhood and was well fed, neat, and clean.

    How do I know? I went to middle school with him.

    • nextbiography editor Reply

      Thank You, Mr!
      We really appreciate your efforts in making this biography accurate. We would not regret it if you have more information about this man.

  3. AfroWitchery Reply

    I think Umar Johnson is a fraud. Where does he teach? All I see him doing is doing your guidance, seminar, and motivation speaking. Where is he in a classroom teaching? Where is his model family, and school? He has no money to get the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work completed? Embarrassing.

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