Edgardo Canales (born in 1987) is an American national recognized for being the husband of the renowned actress Adria Arjona.

He is widely known as a proficient lawyer, specializing in legal and business matters.

Let’s read this article to know more about him.

Edgardo Canales Profile Summary
NameEdgardo Canales
Birth Date1987
Age36 Years Old
Net Worth$1 Million
UniversityBoston College Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School Of Management, University Of Puerto Rico, Southwestern University
MotherSunny Guastella
Marital Status Married
WifeAdria Arjona
marriage date19 August
NationalityUnited State

Who is Edgardo Canales?


Edgardo Canales is an American nationwide who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as “Edgardo Rafael Canales Guastella.” He is best known for being the husband of the famous actress Adria Arjona.

For those who don’t know, the Nationality Act of 1940 announced Puerto Rico as a basis for United States citizenship.

As an outcome, anybody born in Puerto Rico on or after January 13, 1941, is a naturalized resident of the United States.

However, we can best know Edgardo as a well-known lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of lawful and business matters.

Canales Guastella is someone who carries a J.D. in academic property from the University of Puerto Rico Ph.D. scholar.

Canales Guastella is also quite famous as for celebrity husband of Adria Arjona.

Edgardo Canales Early life

Edgardo Canales was born in 1987 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He does not share his birthday date.

Edgardo completed his graduation from Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management with a bachelor’s degree in finance in 2009.

Later, Edgardo enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico, receiving his Juris Doctor (J.D.) in 2012.

Finally, in 2013, Edgardo paid a year at Southwestern University School of Law following his LLM in “Entertainment and Media Law.”

Edgardo Canales Age

Edgardo Canales is 35 years old as of 2022, given his birth year of 1987.

He holds a J.D. in intellectual property from the University of Puerto Rico and is pursuing a Ph.D.

He gained fame not only for his legal expertise but also for being the spouse of the popular actress Adria Arjona.

edgardo canales biography

Family and Relatives

Edgardo Canales got his love of magistrate from his lawyer father when it came to his home.

Sunny Guastella, his mother, was a retired Assistant Marketing Manager at Bodies.

The Exhibition and a “Level II Executive Consultant” at Rodan + Fields, an elegance and cosmetics firm (Science museum).

Edgardo’s niece was Anna, the daughter of his friend Annie Vaillant.

Sunny Guastella, his mother, was a “Level II Executive Consultant” at Rodan + Fields, a magnificence and makeup firm.

And a discarded Assistant Marketing Manager at Bodies The Exhibition (Science museum).

Anna, the daughter of his friend Annie Vaillant, was Edgardo’s niece.

Edgardo Canales Career

Edgardo, like Adria, got his start in the entertainment realm.

Edgardo was an industry lawyer who operated as a manager at STX Entertainment and dealt with International Production and Business & Legal Affairs.

Edgardo briefly assisted Philip Button at William Morris Endeavor before enlisting STX.

He also struggled at Movie Package Company, CA, Canales Law Offices, PR, in commercial and legal affairs.

Between September 2012 and September 2013, Edgardo acted as an attorney at Canales Law Officer for almost a year.

STX Entertainment: a turning point

For the last five years, the famous husband’s employment has been with STX Entertainment.

STX Entertainment is an entirely combined, global media business created to unlock value in the market,

and distribute talent-driven television, film, and digital media volume.

Since April 2018, Edgardo has served as the firm’s international production, business, and legal

difficulties and the same role in global production and management.

Edgardo Canales Personal Life

At the very least, Edgardo Canales started dating Adria Arjona in February 2016.

The couple united in August 2019 in La Antigua, Guatemala, at the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, after years of dating.

Adria reportedly grabbed that location for their marriage because she had a great connection to Guatemala, deeming that she was born in Puerto Rico and her family’s past there.

Adria also demonstrated her engagement ring on Instagram for a year after the union.

The marriage was a personal affair, and Edgardo and Adria asked that attendees refrain from bringing blessings.

The couple at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Instead, they asked their well-wishers to provide books or gifts, blessings, and all necessities for underprivileged youngsters.

Talk about being thoughtful. The couple wanted to spend their honeymoon in either Brazil or the Maldives.

The couple seemed to be more in love than ever in 2021, but they had no motives to start a family.

Adria frequently partook in photos of Edgardo on Instagram, whether they were chilling on a Puerto Rican beach, strolling in the desert, or visiting Santorini Island, Greece

They also gave attention to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles, California, in February 2020.

A kind gesture couple

Adria and Edgardo were showered with elegant presents from their various wedding guests.

Now, Edgardo and his wife inquired that their visitors purchased books and toys for underprivileged children.

The Puerto Rican couple made such a kind gesture.

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Edgardo Canales Net Worth

Edgardo Canales’s estimated net worth is $1 million as of 2023.

And he has been earning a substantial salary for holding a prominent post, which has improved his net worth.

An entertainment lawyer was said to make roughly $153 thousand per year at the time.

And his major source of income is his firm’s international production, business, and legal role in global production and management.

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Physical Appearance

Edgardo Canales stands at 183 cm or 1.83 m and weighs less than about 85 kg (187 lbs.).

Edgardo has solid brows with black color and his hair is also black which gives him a lovely grin, to name a few of his distinguishing traits.

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