Elizabeth Tabish (born on 26 May 1986) is a prominent American actress and filmmaker.

Her notable role as Mary Magdalene in the Angel Studios TV series, The Chosen, garnered her widespread recognition.

Additionally, she has showcased her talent in action-packed movies like Panic and Honor Among Thieves from 2021.

Who is Elizabeth Tabish?

Elizabeth- Tabish
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Elizabeth Tabish is an American actress and filmmaker.  As of 2022 she is 36 years old.

She gained most of her notoriety for her performance as Mary Magdalene in the Angel Studios television series The Chosen.

Similarly, Tabish has also been seen in the action-packed movies Panic and Honor Among Thieves from 2021.

Elizabeth is a co-founder of Maenad Productions and the Creative Director of the Austin Arthouse Film Festival in addition to being an actor.

She has also helmed many award-winning independent short films that feature feminine archetypes. You can find out everything about Elizabeth’s life and her amazing journey in the paragraph that follows.

Elizabeth is a Taurus. Taurus is a practical, grounded sign that enjoys the fruits of its labor. Because they feel the need to constantly be surrounded by love and beauty.

They are drawn to the world of things, hedonism, and sensual pleasures. Taurus people are tactile and sensual, placing a higher value on touch and taste than any other senses.

The steadfast and conservative Taurus, one of the zodiac’s most dependable signs, is willing to endure and stick with their choices until they find personal fulfillment.

Early Life of Elizabeth Tabish

Elizabeth Tabish was born on May 26, 1986, in the USA. She was raised and brought up in Texas.

She was loved a lot by her family, which is consist of her parents and 2 sisters. Her parents loved her on every step of life. They supported her in everything and gave unconditional love and support

Elizabeth, who belongs to the American nationality, practices Christianity.

Elizabeth attended private schools in Texas to complete her elementary education before moving to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma State University.

There, she completed her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Screen Studies. She later earned a master’s degree in theatre arts from the same college.

Elizabeth Tabish Age

Elizabeth Tabish is currently 37 years old as of 2023, born on May 26, 1986.

Being a Taurus, she embodies practicality and a love for sensory experiences, cherishing love, beauty, and the pleasures of life.

With her steadfast and committed nature, she has made a mark in the entertainment industry, showcasing her talent and dedication through her diverse roles and filmmaking ventures.

Elizabeth Tabish Career

Elizabeth Tabish
source: Instagram

Elizabeth Tabish was certain that she wanted to pursue a career in filmography.

Moreover, Elizabeth majored in arts-related fields for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees, and she actively participated in dramas and acting throughout her time in college.

But it was in the 2017 television series The Chosen, in which she played Mary Magdalene, that she received her big break.

Later, Elizabeth co-founded Maenad Productions, a production company that primarily produces short films about women.

Some of the independently produced films that Maenad has started include Verdurous, Like a Ghost, and Musa Malvada.

Elizabeth on “The Chosen”

The self-funded series was created and directed by Dallas Jenkins. When the project was made available for crowdfunding in 2017, it was able to raise $10 million in equity during its first season.

Many people referred to it as the largest crowdfunded film or television production in history. BYU TV eventually broadcast it.

The premise of the series focused on Jesus Christ’s chosen followers, which included a gifted accountant who was shunned by his family and coworkers, a neurotic woman who was struggling with her inner demons, and a debt-ridden fisherman.

Jonathan Roumie played Jesus, Nick Shakoour played Zebedee, Shahar Issac played Simon Peter, and Elizabeth played Mary Magdalene.

The series has a 9.7/10 rating on IMDb and received favorable reviews since its 2019 premiere. It gathered 50 million views worldwide.

The show raised an additional $10 million for its second season, which debuted in 2021. A crowdfunding effort for the third season was also started in 2021.

Elizabeth Tabish Personal life

Elizabeth- Tabish-
source: Instagram

Elizabeth Tabish is happily married in 2017 to Stan Meyer, who is also a dramatist and former Marine and served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The couple met with each other in Los Angeles, and presently lives in Texas, where both handles the group of theatre coin and ghost.

Social Media

Elizabeth uses social media a fair amount. The Arthouse Film Festival’s director currently has 53.4K followers and 487 posts. Her posts frequently discuss her filmography and distinctive artistic practices

In a similar vein, you can follow her on Twitter at @liztabish. She started using Twitter in July 2020 and has since amassed 2.7K followers.

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Elizabeth Tabish Net Worth

Elizabeth holds dual careers in acting and filmmaking/producing. We estimate that she has a net worth of about $1 million US dollars based on her activities and earnings even though she has not disclosed her financial information.

Her acting career, which came after her producing and directing careers, is the main source.

As of 2024, her net worth was around $1 million. So, judging by her financial status she can hit $2 million in 2-3 years.

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Physical Appearance

According to IMDb, the acclaimed producer Elizabeth is typically 5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm) tall. Likewise, she carries about 60 kilograms, or 132 pounds, in her frame.

Moreover, because her body stats are not online, we are unable to obtain more information about them.

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