Elliana is a great dancer, social media personality, model, and YouTuber. She earns millions of dollars and has millions of fans and followers.

In this post, we will read Elliana Walmsley Brothers’ age, height, weight, family, education, career, net worth, and social media.

Who are the Elliana Walmsley Brothers?

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Elliana Walmsley is a social media star and television personality who rose to fame by participating in famous dance reality shows like Dance Moms, DWTS Juniors, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Chicken Girls, etc.

Currently, she has been trending in the social media world as well.

At the same time, the Elliana Walmsley brothers are becoming more popular. But why?

And that’s for two reasons.

  • Elliana Walmsley has two elder brothers, and both of them became popular by being a celebrity sibling
  • One of her brothers sexually assaulted Elliana!

Yes, you heard it right—Elliana is a victim of sexual harassment, and that, too, by her brother.

So, who are they?

Her brothers’ names are Luke and Jakob, Walmsley. Both of them were her elder brothers.

What Did Elliana Walmsley Brother Do?

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Ellian Walmsley revealed her childhood trauma: her big brother Luke sexually assaulted her when she was five years old.

As a very little kid, she didn’t know how to handle that situation, and Elliana remained so calm, but at age 10, Luke touched her inappropriately while taking his drugs.

Even then, she couldn’t explain her problems to her family because the family is a place of protection for every girl child.

If a family member does so, to whom will she go?

Elena also made an open statement about her brother Luke.

“My brother did something terrible to me when I was five years old and has continued to do it. For legal reasons, I actually can’t say what it is.

Later, Elliana shared that her brother had molested her.

According to online sources, Elliana’s parents filed a police report, but she lacks evidence to charge her brother.

Elliana Walmsley Brother Controversy

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This is the most important section of the article because his video sparked the Luke Walmsley molestation allegations and legal charges.

As we have already said, Luke is a TikTok with thousands of followers. One time, he shared a video accusing their mother, Yolanda Walmsley.

He said that Yolanda physically abused Elliana and him; she used to beat her children so badly with some objects, and he expressed his deep concern for his sister Elliana.

That video of Luke accusing his mother went viral, and millions of people came out to support Luke because everyone was impressed by Luke’s concern for protecting her sister.

Even that video reached many police officials, and they filed a case against Elliana’s mother, Yolanda.

But here comes the twist:

Elliana saved her mother from all of Luke’s accusations, and she boldly stated that her mother was her only protector, and she did not even touch Eillana, Luke, or Jakob.

And Elliana was forced to expose Luke’s true nature to save her mother. Elliana only spoke about her molestation incident at that time.

Elliana’s family is now divided, and she used to have a close relationship with everyone except Luke.

Elliana Walmsley Siblings

Elliana Walmsley was born on January 14, 2006, and is 17 years old. We hope Luke Walmsley is 4 years older than Elliana so he will be around 21 years old.

And her other brother, Jacob, will be around 19.

Elliana Walmsley And Her Brother Jakob

Elliana has another brother, Jakob, and people are curious about his behavior and profession.

Presently, there is no information about him, and Jakob is not involved in any controversy with Elena.

What Is the Instagram Handle of Elliana Walmsley Brothers?

We have searched Instagram for their accounts; unfortunately, we couldn’t find them either.

However, we could see her brother Jakob’s (nicknamed Jake) photo on Elliana Wlamsley’s Instagram account.

And she mentioned that her brother insisted that Elliana not tag him in her Instagram post.

Thus, we couldn’t find her brothers’ Instagram profiles.

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Bottom Line

Thus, details about Elliana Wlamsley and her brother have been thoroughly discussed.

It is great that she openly tried to expose her molestation incident to the media, even though her brother did it. It takes special courage to open up about childhood trauma, and Elliana had that.

We hope that Elliana Walmsley will recover from her trauma.

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