Elvimar Silva (born in 1972) is a famous lady who is best known for being the long-time wife of famous American actor Esai Morales. The couple has been together for over 13 years now.

Elvimar is only known because of her husband, otherwise, she has no well-known profession. Let’s read her biography to learn about her age, height, wiki, net worth, children, and a lot of other things.

Elvimar Silva Bio, Wiki, Age, height, Net Worth, Wife of Esai Morales, Nationality & More
NameElvimar Silva
Birth Time1972
Birth PlaceUnited State of America
Age49 Years Old
Height5'6'' feet
Net Worth$300,000 US Dollars
Marital StatusMarried
Marriage Year2010
HusbandEsai Morales
ChildrenDaughter - Mariana Oliveira Morales
ResidenceNew York

Who is Elvimar Silva?

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Elvimar Silva is a famed woman of America who is immensely popular across the world for being the only partner of Esai Morales.

He is a renowned American Hollywood actor who has made notable roles in 1987’s La Bamba, the PBS drama American Family, and the Showtime series Resurrection Blvd.

For his amazing work in the film industry, he was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Arpa Foundation. Elvimar Silva is only famous because of her partner.

The couple is still unmarried but is in a loving relationship. They were even blessed with a daughter in 2010. Let you know everything about her in detail.

Early Life of Elvimar Silva

Elvimar Silva was born in 1972 in the United States of America. She has not revealed her past life and family members, including her father and mother.

Elvimar is such type of woman who mostly keeps her private life secret and is very far from public attention.

In fact, she keeps herself far from publicity and that’s why she is mostly unknown. Elvimar completed her elementary education at a local high school in her native place.

She further enrolled in a private university in America to pursue her higher education.

Elvimar is mostly known for being the partner of the very famous Hollywood actor, Esai Morales. Let’s see below how they all began and where they are in today’s time.

Elvimar Silva Age

Elvimar Silva is 51 years old as of 2023 as she was born on May 15, 1972. Despite being in her early 50s, she has managed to maintain a strong and enduring marriage with her husband, the famous American actor Esai Morales.

Their relationship has stood the test of time for over 13 years, showcasing their commitment and love for each other.

Elvimar’s age reflects her wisdom and experience in maintaining a successful marriage, which is a testament to her dedication and devotion.

Elvimar Silva Career

As we know Elvimar Silva is a type of woman who tries to keep her private life secret. And here again, she hasn’t revealed her profession and passion. However, some sources say that Elvimar is in modeling and appears as a model.

However, it is still a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed by her publicly. In fact, she isn’t publicly available on any social media platform, including Instagram.

The 49-year-old lady came into the limelight when she got attached to the famous Hollywood actor, Esai Morales. Before this, Elvimar was an average and simple person.

This was like an overnight achievement and thus she became popular all over the world. Now you might think about her relationship with Morales. Well! Below you will know about Elvimar and Morales’s relationship.

Elvimar Silva Husband and Daughter

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Elvimar Silva has been happily married to her husband Esai Morales for over a lot of years. They first met her husband Esai Morales around 2010. They eventually became close friends and later fell in love.

After that, the cute couple decided to hold their hands for a lifetime, and they are doing that so far. 

They were well-defined couples even before their marriage. Elvimar and Morales are blessed with a daughter on 24 September 2010 named Mariana Oliveira Morales.

She mostly presents with her parents when they appear at any event or program. The family is currently residing in New York and enjoying their life luxuriously.

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Elvimar Silva Net Worth

Elvimar Silva estimated net worth is $500,000 USD as of the year 2023. This is not an exact value as she has still hidden her financial details from the media and the public.

This amount of her net worth is estimated on her appearance and lifestyle.

However, she has a rich partner whose wealth is enough to live a happy and luxurious life with the whole family.

Elvimar Silva might earn through her secondary professions like modeling or brand advertising.

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Facts About Elvimar Silva

  • Elvimar Silva is famous for being the longtime wife of American actor Esai Morales.
  • They have been together for over 13 years.
  • Elvimar keeps her private life secret and is not well-known for any profession.
  • She was born in 1972 in the United States.
  • Elvimar completed her elementary education at a local high school and pursued higher education at a private university.
  • There are rumors that she might be a model, but it’s not confirmed.
  • She is not active on social media, including Instagram.
  • Elvimar and Esai Morales have been in a loving relationship but are not married.
  • They have a daughter named Mariana Oliveira Morales, born in 2010.
  • Elvimar Silva’s estimated net worth is around $500,000 as of 2023, although her financial details are private.

The Bottom Line

Finally, you came to the end of this amazing biography of Elvia Silva. Though she likes to keep her private life secret, we wouldn’t be able to cover her most important information.

But we will update it soon after she reveals her further details.

Anyway, this is an amazing and interesting story. We hope you enjoyed trading it and got entertained. Share your feedback below about her and about her story.

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