Evodia Mogase (born on 17 November) is a famous African businesswoman also known for being the mother of Mercy Mogase. Her daughter has also established herself as a businesswoman and as a television personality.

She has gained millions of followers across the world through her amazing content. In this article, we will know her age, husband, net worth, business, daughter, and a lot of other things.

Evodia Mogase Profile Summary
NameEvodia Mogase
Birth Date17 November
Birth PlaceDiepkloof in Soweto, South Africa
AgeIn Her 50s
Height5''3' feet
Net Worth$4 Million
TV ShowThe Real Housewives of Johannesburg
SchoolA Local School at Diepkloof in Soweto
UniversityUniversity of Limpopo
EducationBA graduated
ProfessionaBusinesswoman, Motivational Speaker, and Television Personality
ParentsFather- Ruben
Mother- Louisa
Martial StatusDivorced and Married again
DaughterMercy Mogase and Princess Mogase
NationalitySouth African
ResidenceGauteng, South Africa

Who is Evodia Mogase?

Evodia Mogase photo
Evodia Mogase photo

Evodia Mogase is a South African businesswoman, producer, motivational speaker, and TV personality. She is widely famous for appearing in the reality series, The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

She was born into a poor family but later proved the ability of a common people.

Her biography is full of inspirations and motivations which you should really need to study.

Let you read below Evodia Mogase’s life story, including her education, career, age, net worth, husband, house, business, and daughter.

Early Life of Evodia Mogase

Evodia Mogase mother and father
Evodia Mogase parents

Evodia Mogase was born on 17 November in Diepkloof in Soweto, South Africa. Her father, Ruben was a salesman, and her mother, Louisa was a factory worker.

Their family was never stabilized financially during Evodia’s childhood. She grew up in Diepkloof in an average family.

Evodia’s childhood was full of troubles and faced a lot of rough phases. However, she defeated every obstacle in her life and went forward.

Evodia Mogase Age

Evodia Mogase (born on 17 November) is in her 50s as of 2023. In her long and successful life, she has achieved remarkable milestones in the world of business.

Over the years, she has gained extensive experience and wisdom in entrepreneurship, contributing significantly to the growth and development of various business ventures.

Her age reflects a lifetime of dedication and hard work, making her a respected figure in the business community.

Education of Evodia Mogase

Evodia Mogase began her education at a local school in her native place. She was a very studious girl from her childhood.

She never diverted her thoughts but focused on her goals only. She later joined the University of Limpopo to pursue her further education. There she achieved her BA degree.

Evodia had more curiosity to learn about businesses than doing the study. This also led her to become a businesswoman today.

Evodia Mogase Business Career

After being a graduated girl, Evodia debuts her career as a biology teacher in a college. She was keeping her full effort to complete his dreams.

However, she wasn’t satisfied with this job and left her teaching career in a short span of time.

All she was looking for was to become an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Following this dream, she began her catering business.

The business grew up far from her assumption. Even, her catering firm won a contract with the power company, Eskom for five years. After this, she worked as a vegetation manager for Eskom company.

Evodia is also a promoter and reseller of Herbalife products which is managed by the Herbalife multi-level management company.

The corporation has been also highlighted in the media after being involved in a controversy about the claims it makes about its products.

However, there is still no evidence against Evodia in terms of her promotion of Herbalife products.

Evodia Mogase daughter
Evodia Mogase Daughter

She has also appeared in the South African TV show, The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. Even her daughter also appeared with her in this show. But later, both mother and daughter left the show.

Evodia Mogase is a car enthusiast and loves keeping them. Following this passion, she plans to venture into the panel-beating business.

She is also like a motivational speaker and encourages women to get up on their own feet. While being a part of the TV show, she said that,

I want to show younger women that they can earn their own money and don’t have to date or marry a rich husband to get ahead in life.

This is one of the most inspirational and motivational lives for the women youth. Evodia Mogase is really a great person for the people of South Africa.

Evodia Mogase Husband

Mercy Mogase husband
Evodia Mogase Husband

Evodia Mogase was a married woman but following her spouse’s infidelity, she decided to get divorced in 2009. She left her husband and went away with nothing.

In fact, she has assisted her husband in the start-up of a thriving panel-beating company in Limpopo. But she also forgets it and comes from him.

After coming from there, she stayed in a caravan for the next two years because she did not want to go back to her parents. Unfortunately, her husband also died after a couple of years.

But once again in 2018, she found her second love and now living with him.

Evodia Mogase Daughter

Evodia Mogase birthed her first daughter during her first husband. They named her, Mercy Mogase. Although, we know she separated from her husband because of his infidelity.

Mercy grew up with her mother after their divorce. In fact, she is also a businesswoman and TV personality.

She welcomed her second child, a daughter named Princess Mogase. Currently, the whole family is living happily with them.

Evodia Mogase Net Worth

Evodia Mogase has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of the year 2023. Before this, the businesswoman and mother of Mercy Mogase had something around a $3.5 million fortune.

But now, she has added another $500,000 USD to her wealth with the help of her different earning sources.

And so far by this year, she is going to close her wealth somewhere around this figure.

Evodia Mogase has made most of her wealth through her businesses.

Being a businesswoman, she has also the opportunity to make a huge amount through brand sponsorships and paid advertisements.

Even besides this, the lady can make really huge amount through endorsement deals. As of 2022, Evodia Mogase’s annual salary is $500,000 USD and is supposed to grow in the coming years.

Evodia Mogase Plastic Surgery

Evodia Mogase has done some enhancement to her breasts through plastic surgery. She has already told me that she feels nothing wrong with the breast implants she got.

Evodia believes in being healthy and fit always. She likes doing daily exercise and yoga.

Even her daughter, Mercy is a professional fitness trainer, which led her family to become healthy and wealthy.

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Facts About Evodia Mogase

  • Evodia Mogase is a renowned South African businesswoman, TV personality, producer, and motivational speaker.
  • She is best known for her appearance on the reality series “The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.”
  • Evodia grew up in a financially unstable family but overcame challenges to achieve success.
  • She pursued her education at the University of Limpopo and earned a BA degree.
  • Evodia began her career as a biology teacher but transitioned into entrepreneurship.
  • Her catering business prospered and even secured a contract with Eskom, a power company.
  • She is also a promoter and reseller of Herbalife products.
  • Evodia appeared on “The Real Housewives of Johannesburg” alongside her daughter, Mercy Mogase.
  • Her estimated net worth is $4 million in 2023, primarily earned through her various business ventures.

The Bottom Line

Evodia Mogase is a great woman who has achieved a lot of success in her life. But before that, she was also a very common person.

Her childhood background was neither good nor financially stable. But she believes in fighting the troubles and leading her life.

Her everyday hard work and efforts blossomed after the start of her business. Anyway, every person needs to take inspiration from her life story.

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