Farad Mills (born on 19 February 2001) is the beloved son of the renowned singer and songwriter, Stephanie Mills.

Stephanie openly shared her personal life in 2019, disclosing that her son has Down syndrome.

She celebrates his presence with profound love and affection, expressing that he is the love of her life. In this article, we will read more information about Farad Mills.

Profile Summary
NameFarad Mills
Date of Birth19 February 2001
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
Age23 Years old
ParentsMother- Stephanie Mills

Who is Farad Mills?

Farad Mills
source: Instagram

Farad Mills is the only son of popular singer and songwriter Stephanie Mills. Stephanie revealed her personal life in 2019, revealing that she has a son with Down syndrome.

But Stephanie celebrates his presence and has been pouring out her unconditional love towards his son. Because, after all, mother love knows no bounds, right?

We’d also like to share some of Stephanie’s words about her son, Farad.

It is the caption on her Instagram post.

In addition, Stephanie doesn’t shower his son with love; instead, she motivates and encourages him to see the real world.

And Farad Mill began his career as a book author, taking a giant leap into the real world.

Farad Mills Birthday

Farad Mills-images
source: Twitter

Farad Mills was born on February 19, 2001, in the United States of America.

He was born under the sign of Aquarius, and Aquarians are intuitive and creative people who love to work hard for their passion.

But Farad Mills was born with many health issues besides Down syndrome.

And his personality traits correspond exactly to those of Farad Mills.

Because he currently has a dream and is working hard to achieve it in an inspiring manner, breaking through all of his physical body problems.

Farad Mills Age

Farad Mills is currently 23 years old as of 2024 because he was born on 19 February 2001.

Despite his young age, Farad brings immense joy and love to his mother, Stephanie Mills, who adores him wholeheartedly.

Farad Mills Family

Farad Mills ‘s mother’s name is Stephanie Mills, and she is a well-known singer in America, but little is known about his father.

Stephanie is not opening up about Farad’s father. However, when we consider Stephanie’s relationships over the years,

She married Michael Sanders in 1993 and divorced him in 2001. And Farad was born in 2001. Thus, Michael Sanders might be the father of Farad.

Have you guys heard of the quote, “It is easy to become a biological father for anyone, but it takes lots of time to become a real dad”?

In this way, there is a person in the life of Farad Mill who has shown the same love and care for farad Mill as he has for his father. And with him, Farad Mills never feels like he doesn’t get his father’s love. And the person is Stephanie Mills’ manager, Amp Harris.

Amp Harris is the father figure for Farad Mills.

Farad Mills with Down Syndrome

Farad Mills has had Down syndrome since he was born. There are different types and degrees of the syndrome, which can be determined by the translocation of the chromosome, caries risk, malocclusion, gingivitis, periodontitis, OHI, and many other factors.

As a result, there are mild, medium, and severe conditions, and we believe Farad Mills has the medium syndrome, which explains why he can do many of the same things as other people.

And, thanks to his mother, he has been treating him since childhood because people with Down syndrome require medical attention, and with proper treatment, we can help them become self-sufficient individuals.

Because bullies are now present everywhere in the school, most people with Down syndrome will be sent to a different school.

We hope that Farad Mills could have gone to one of these schools. However, we were unable to obtain accurate information.

Farad Mills Career

Farad Mills-image
source: Twitter

Farad Mills is a children’s book author, and his first book, “The Adventures of Farad J!” was just released. This book is about the journey of Farad, along with his friends Kevin, Shanice, and Emma.

It’s a cartoon-illustrated book, and Bobby Ray Ivory Jr. and Winfred Thorpe did an excellent job with their graphic illustrations.

There is an official website for buying this book; interested persons can buy it at faradjm.com.

And the price of the book is twenty dollars.

Farad Mills Other Interests

In addition to writing books, Farad Mills has a great interest in guitar playing. Yes, he can play the guitar.

One time, he appeared at one of his mother’s concerts and played some music for her song.

Didn’t we tell you that? People with Down syndrome could accomplish much in their lives if they received proper medical and emotional care.

What is Farad Mills’ Net Worth?

Farad Mills’ net worth is being investigated. Currently, he is selling his books, which have received positive feedback from buyers.

We will update this section with an accurate net worth breakdown value.

However, we must sometimes recognize and appreciate their efforts rather than quantify them.

Farad Mills is a confident and bold guy. He has successfully started exposing himself to the outer world and is standing on his own two feet.

These feelings of happiness and hard work are worth millions of dollars.

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Farad Mills Personal Life

Farad Mills is single, and currently, he is not dating anyone. And Down syndrome is not a bar to loving someone. If their love is true, the person will see his heart.

And we hope Farad Mills will find his love of life shortly. But as of now, Farad is concentrating on his career.

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Farad Mills Height and Weight

Farad Mills’ age is 23 as of 2024, and his accurate height and weight measurements are not yet released. As we have already stated, Farad’s mother mostly wants his details to be kept private.

But seeing his photos on Instagram, he is tall, about 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm or 1.6 meters, and weighs around 60 kg or 132 lbs.

Farad has black curly hair and black pupil eyes, and he always wears his glasses.

The end!

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