Do you guys get astonished by the chocolate wonders of chef Amaury Guichon? Have you gotten confused by seeing his chocolate works?

It looks so real, and everyone will fail to find the difference between the real objects and his chocolates.

Thus, his artwork helped him to gain global attention; we guess no Instagram feed fails to load his pastry works because it is everywhere on social media.

But there is one person who is behind the work of chef Amaury Guichon, and that is his supportive wife Fiona Bergson.

And this article is all about his supportive wife, Fiona Bergson; let us see their lovely and exciting relationship details in the next section.

Who is Fiona Bergson?

Fiona Bergson
source: Instagram

Fiona Bergson is the supportive celebrity wife of chef Amaury Guichon, a chef in the social media world. Amaury is a French-speaking Swiss chef who has been in the pastry field for decades.

And presently, he has his pastry academy, and even Amaury has appeared in the Netflix series “School of Chocolate.”.

In addition to that, Amaury is also a social media celebrity with 10 million followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Now, let us see the information related to our heading: who is the lady Fiona Bergson? She is the wife of Amaury, and she is the photographer behind the videos of her husband.

Moreover, she also loves baking; thus, Fiona became the manager of her husband’s pastry academy.

In addition to that, Fiona Bergson is a tattoo artist as well.

What is the age of Fiona Bergson?

Fiona Bergson--
source: Instagram

Fiona Bergson was born on April 1, 1995, in Canada. Fiona will be 28 years old in 2023.

What is the Ethnicity and Nationality of Fiona Bergson?

Fiona Bergson was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Thus, her ethnic roots are spread across the country, but Fiona spent her childhood in the United States, and she is currently residing in the United States of America.

Thus, her nationality is American.

Who are the Parents of Fiona Bergson?

We don’t have the details about her parents because Fiona is more of a professional person who spends her fame on her work. She used to limit how she shared her details with the public.

What does chef Amaury Guichon wife do for a living?

Fiona Bergson is a skilled tattoo artist, and currently, she owns a tattoo center called Imperial Tattoo Connection; thus, she is an entrepreneur.

In addition to that, Fiona is also a freelancing photographer so we can see lots of her photography skills.

And her photography skills helped her with her social media work.

Presently, she is the manager and director of the international operations of the pastry academy of her husband in the USA.

Fiona and her husband co-founded a sweet shop as well.

Thus, Fiona Bergson is an all-rounder indeed!

Fiona Bergson Wife

Fiona Bergson image
source: Instagram

Fiona Bergson married her husband Amaury Guichon in December 2020, after dating together for a good span of time.

Fiona Bergson met the celebrity chef Amaury Guichon via social media; they started messaging each other, then both became good friends and then their friendship turned into love.

Both of them got married in December 2020; since it was the COVID period, they held their wedding more privately.

Does Fiona Bergson have children?

No, Fiona Bergson and Amaury couple do not have any children, so we must continue to wait for happy updates. Furthermore, Fiona is also career-oriented, so she has postponed her pregnancy.

But Fiona is the person who strongly believes that being a woman and being a mother are completely different things, and being a mother is entirely the choice of a woman.

What is the Net Worth of Amaury Guichon’s wife?

Fiona Bergson’s net worth is estimated at around $800,000 as of 2023. She is an entrepreneur, artist, manager, and photographer. Thus, she is able to earn many more thousands of dollars with her hard work.

How tall is Fiona Bergson?

Fiona Bergson is tall, at about 5 feet 7 inches, and weighs around 55 kg or 121 lbs.

Bottom Line

Behind every successful man stands a successful lady who uplifts herself and her husband, and Fiona is the perfect example.

Don’t you guys think so? Comment on it.

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