Fred Liu (born on 18 January 2002) is an American-born social media influencer whose ethnicity is Chinese. He is very popular for doing TikTok videos.

If yes, this article is about the handsome Chinese American-born Fred Liu. His handsome face makes us remember all the Chinese dramas on which we binged for the whole night.

Asian guys have become more famous for their looks and professional work, and our Fred Liu also comes under the category of talented and handsome social media stars. Huanying.

Fred Liu Profile Summary
NameFred Liu
Birth Date18 January 2002
Birth PlaceSeattle
Age22 Years old
Height5 Feet 8 Inches
Net Worth$1 million
ProfessionTik Toker, Influencer
Marital StatusSingle

Who is Fred Liu?

fred liu images
source: Instagram

Fred Liu is an American-born social media influencer whose ethnicity is Chinese. He is very popular for doing TikTok videos.

His smooth voice and English accent attracted many people. On TikTok, he used to post many funny videos and POV videos.

Fred Liu pleasantly presents the video, which looks like some relaxation video time because his contents are based on our real-life scenarios, so it helps the audience connect more with it.

And it helped him get 1.6 million followers on the TikTok. Subsequently, he posted his videos and vlogs on his YouTube channel.

Recently, Fed Liu’s videos with her best friend Evelyn are getting more popular, and these two people are emerging as friendship icons in social media.

Early Life of Fred Liu

Fred Liu was born on January 18, 2002, in Seattle. Freddie Liu is his full name.

Fred’s parents are Chinese, and they immigrated to Seattle. But as both of his parents were working, they could not find time to look after Fred.

So, Fred was again sent to China, and his grandparents took care of him for three years, during which time he learned the Chinese language. He seemed more attached to his grandparents.

But there aren’t many more details about his parents; he has posted images of them in his YouTube videos, but he hasn’t shared many details.

We will have to wait for his future videos to reveal all those facts.

Fred Liu completed his schooling at Lakeside School and is currently pursuing his graduate degree at the college.

In one of his videos, he shared that his parents forced him to make some decisions about his studies.

This is usual in Asian households where the parents decide their children’s studies and courses they have to pursue and even their job!

But he has a particular interest in sports and has participated in some marathons.

This shows that Fred Liu is from a conservative family, and there is no information about his siblings either.

Fred Liu Age

Fred Liu is 22 years old as of 2024, having been born on 18 January 2002.

Despite his young age, Fred’s influence on social media reflects his ability to connect with a wide audience and showcase his unique talents and creativity.

Fred Liu Career

fred liu image
source: Instagram

Fred Liu has become a professional social media content creator by sharing his humorous and POV videos on the TikTok platform under the ID name “asapilu.”

His way of presenting the content helps him shine in the monotonous content world. It helped get more than 15 million likes on the TikTok application alone.

In 2014, he joined the Instagram family, but he remained a passive user, and after these tik-tok videos went viral, he got more followers on Instagram, Twitter, and WeChat.

Then he started to collaborate with his fellow content creators and posted many duet videos.

Meanwhile, he is shining on his YouTube channel by posting his vlogs, funny content, Dogs videos, the Friend compatibility test, Birthday videos, and college videos.

Suppose we shift our focus to his YouTube videos.

In that case, it is pure bliss (try seeing it;) His voice, gestures, and video surroundings prove him as a professional video content creator.

Another person who helped him to uplift his career goals is Evelyn. The best friend duo videos are getting more and more views.

But Fred is not a person who entirely concentrates on his social media activities. He is equally spending his time on his studies.

Recently, in a video, he conveyed that Fred had just arrived in New York for his internship and that he was returning to his university.

Moreover, he is the type who uninstalls all social media apps before the examination.

So, his career is a blend of social media and university work.

Fred Liu Net Worth

Fred’s net worth is around $1 million as of 2024, and as a TikTok star, he earns a lot of money. And he is getting sponsorships from big companies. Recently, Grammarly sponsored his video.

Similarly, he has been doing many collaborations and brand endorsements, and the YouTube advertisement team will pay him monthly.

Everything adds up and results in around $1 million. Meanwhile, he has also done his internships. Even professional salaries get into his net worth.

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Fred Liu Personal Life

Red Liu is not currently dating anyone. There is no information about his previous relationships, either.

Moreover, his fans are waiting for him to get into a relationship with Evelyn. Because the best friend duo uplifts one another, they show their care more subtly and sweetly. They are the best friends that everyone is jealous of.

Evelyn gifted him a bracelet, which he continued to wear from the day he received it. Isn’t it super sweet to wear a friendship bracelet for your friend?

As of now, Fred and Evelyn are maintaining a healthy, friendly relationship. It may turn into love at any time.

Moreover, we can see the images of Evelyn on his Instagram account. Everlyn is also a YouTuber; even she posts about Fred on her Instagram and YouTube channels.

We will update you on this relationship status if we get any.

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Fred Liu Social Media Handles

  • Instagram: He has around 691k followers under the account name “asxpliu.”
  • YouTube: His channel name is Fred Liu, and he has around 564K subscribers.
  • Epidemic sound: He is a member of this community.

Fred Liu Height and Physical Measurements

Fred Liu has a Chinese face because both of his parents are Chinese, but he looks like a dashing Chinese drama hero with the perfect white skin tone and glossy skin with no mustache or beard.

And he has baby-pink lips. Sometimes it seems like he has on some makeup, but the truth is, even without makeup, he looks like a hero!

Fred Liu’s height is 172 cm or 5.8 inches, and he weighs around 53 kg or 116 lbs. He has attractive black eyes and a mixture of black and brown hair.

Fred Liu Facts to Know

  • Fred Liu, born on January 18, 2002, is a Chinese American social media influencer known for his TikTok videos.
  • He gained popularity for his humorous and POV (point of view) videos on TikTok, amassing 1.6 million followers.
  • Fred Liu’s real name is Freddie Liu, and he was born in Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • His parents are of Chinese ethnicity, and he spent some of his childhood years in China under the care of his grandparents, where he learned the Chinese language.
  • Fred Liu completed his schooling at Lakeside School and is currently pursuing a college degree.
  • He is passionate about sports and has participated in marathons.
  • Fred Liu’s content on TikTok is known for its relatable real-life scenarios, and he has collaborated with fellow creators, gaining over 15 million likes.
  • He also shares vlogs, funny content, and videos with his best friend, Evelyn, on his YouTube channel, where he has over 564K subscribers.
  • Fred Liu’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, earned through social media sponsorships, brand endorsements, YouTube advertisements, and internships.
  • He maintains a close friendship with Evelyn, which has sparked speculation about their relationship status, but as of now, they are best friends.

Thus, we have shared all the important points related to Fred Liu. Were you interested in this article? Let us know your thoughts.

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