Gabriela Bee is a Canadian internet personality and YouTube star who rose to prominence as a member of the Bee Family and the creator of the YouTube channel that now has over 9.2 million subscribers.

Gabriela has her own YouTube channel, separate from the Bee Family.

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Who is Gabriela Bee?

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Gabriela Bee is a Canadian Youtuber and Social Media Star. She and her family are best known for their hilarious videos. ‘Eh Bee Family’ is the name of their combined YouTube channel. Their content is aimed at a family audience and has received millions of views.

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Early Life of Gabriela Bee

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Gabriela Bee was born on 9 September 2006 in Canada. She was raised and brought up in Canada.

Gabriela Bee Age

Gabriela Bee rose to prominence at a young age, as she is only 17 years old as of 2023. On September 9, 2006, she was born. As a result, Bee’s birthday is always September 9th.

Childhood and Parents

Gabriela Bee was born to Canadian parents as Gabriela Umika Burgos. She was born in Canada and later gained American citizenship.

Her father’s name is Andres Burgos, and her mother’s name is Rossana Burgos. They are also referred to as Papa and Mama Bee.

Both of Gabriela’s parents are vloggers. Her brother’s name is also Roberto Burgos. In terms of education, she has yet to complete her high school diploma and is homeschooled. The entire Bee family now resides in the United States.

Gabriela was only six years old when the family patriarch, Andre Burgos, or Papa Bee, launched the family’s Vine account.

They launched their YouTube channel after a few short videos, and the first video was a short comedy skit about Papa and Mama Bee’s short arguments, which has received over 890,000 views.

They continued with short videos, establishing themselves as the most amusing internet family. Their popularity grew gradually, and as Gabriela grew older, she began to appear more frequently in the videos.

As their fame grew, they began to appear in sponsored advertisements for companies such as Toyota, Regal Cinemas, and Johnson & Johnson.

A short bio of her father

Andres Burgos, better known as Papa Bee, was born in Chile on November 25, 1977. Before embarking on his career as an online personality alongside his family members, Andres worked in marketing and web development.

He worked as a call center interviewer for Consumer Contact, a digital media agency, and he also runs the auto enthusiast website, as well as, another successful website that offers custom-made auto decals and vinyl graphics.

Gabriela Bee Career

Gabriela Bee
source: Instagram

Gabriella Bee rose to prominence on YouTube thanks to her family’s parody videos. Her family began including her in the videos when she was only six years old.

Her family has a joint YouTube channel called Eh Bee Family.

Their channel currently has over 9 million subscribers.

They make amusing videos that encourage people to spend more time with their families. Gabriella Bee is also a fantastic singer.

Gabriela made her debut in the music industry through her first song which she named ‘Dancing By Myself’. She received positive feedback from the audience, which encouraged her to advance in her musical career.

She also has songs available on Spotify.

Gabriela Bee Personal Life

Gabriella Bee is currently single and does not have a boyfriend. She is still working to advance her career, so romantic relationships are not high on her priority list right now.

Bee, on the other hand, is maturing into a lovely lady and may have many dates in her future.

We’ll keep you updated on her dating life as soon as she reveals more information. She is not married because she is a minor.

More about her

Gabriela has little time for other activities in between singing, dancing, and making comedic videos, though she claims to sleepwalk frequently.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing basketball and has named it her favorite sport.

Gabriela claims to sleepwalk frequently and has little time for other activities in between singing, dancing, and making comedic videos.

She enjoys playing basketball in her spare time and has named it her favorite sport. She dreams of traveling to Miami someday.

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What is Gabriela Bee Net worth

Gabriela Bee’s net worth is $1.2 million as of 2023. Her monthly income exceeds $100,000. Bee makes a fortune from YouTube revenue.

She and her family create unique parodies and funny content that is viewed by a diverse global audience.

As a result, they earn so much that the family does not require any other sources of income to survive.

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Gabriela Bee height and weight

Gabriela Bee is still a child and has yet to reach her full height. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, which is a good height for her age. Her weight is also 54 kg.

Gabriela enjoys running, jumping rope, and swimming. She already has a slim build, and these activities help her maintain it. Aside from these, she has not disclosed her diet or nutrition.

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